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ESM Goh praises PAP govt: We have ‘far-sighted’ and ‘competent’ leaders

Posted by temasektimes on October 16, 2012

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has heaped generous self-praise on the PAP government in a lecture given at Harvard University Asia Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Monday.

Sharing his views on how Singapore manage to survive and thrive as a small state, ESM Goh, who was invited to speak as an Ezra F. Vogel Distinguished Visitor said the perennial challenge for small states is to preserve their independence and remain relevant and competitive.

He said governance must be outstanding and there must be a national consensus on where the country is heading and how problems are to be solved.

“Unless we are respected as a successful country, we cannot expect to exercise any international influence. Why should others listen to us or deal with us if our house is in disarray and we cannot even solve our own problems?” he asked.

He then declared that Singapore was able to navigate changes in the international environment because of its ‘First World’ leaders:

“We had far-sighted, competent and decisive leaders since independence and has succeeded in building a prosperous society.”

ESM Goh was the Prime Minister of Singapore from 1990 to 2004. During his tenure, he promised Singaporeans a ‘Swiss standard’ of living.

While that target remains as elusive as ever, Singaporeans are now burdened with the ‘Swiss cost of living’ minus its quality of life.


44 Responses to “ESM Goh praises PAP govt: We have ‘far-sighted’ and ‘competent’ leaders”

  1. mahbok tan said

    NO swiss standard of living some want to talk cork…KNNBCCB…!!!!

    • NBCCD said


      • compatriot said

        Goh Chok Tong is myopic and has betrayed the trusts of Singaporeans by importing hoards of foreign thrashes when he was PM for he is the man that brought unnecessary problems to our families and our homes

        This man cannot be trusted

  2. fpc said

    it is a tacit acknowledgement that the current leaders of pap are shitty because they cannot manage transport/ft/housing prices well.

  3. Jack said

    I believe he is referring to the first generation leaders like Dr. Toh Chin Chye

    • Yenny Chong said

      Let’s Talk with James Minchin

      This is a video that every Singaporean must see to understand the history of Singapore from a first hand perspective.

      • you get what you give said

        Thanks for putting this up. You are doing more to promote SDP than TT claims to be. Father Minchin speaks the plain truth, yet Papayas have eyes but cannot see and ears that cannot hear.

  4. Singkaypoh said

    It amazes me how some people can bend over backwards to kiss their own ass. Nice CONversation!

  5. Kenny Fong said

    “We had far-sighted, competent and decisive leaders since independence and has succeeded in building a prosperous society.”

    Hahaha. It would seem that a growing number of Singaporeans will strongly disagree with this.

    The only things those clueless politicians are good at is praising themselves and giving themselves big fat salaries and bonuses.

    • Kenny Fong said

      Foreign manpower “helps local firms maintain competitiveness”
      By Lynda Hong | Posted: 25 September 2012

      Foreign talent has also helped establish new sectors in Singapore such as aerospace and commodity trading.

      Minister Lim said: “If you train Singaporeans to fill up the sector before you can launch the sector, you may lose the opportunity…So our strategy is always that we bring the sector in, allow the companies to hire foreign talent, foreign workers and meanwhile we train Singaporean workers to fill the jobs.”

      Far-sighted? This is laughable.

      If they were far-sighted, they would have trained Singaporeans to meet the manpower demands of new sectors like aerospace and commodity trading.

      Presently, they admit they have failed miserable and need to import foreigners while they train Singaporeans to fill the jobs.

      How pathetic!

      3rd world countries have trained their workers, who are now coming here to work in these sectors while our “far-sighted leaders” failed to see this.

  6. Karen said

    PAP gov’t “far-sighted and “competent”. Give a break! If these were true then how does ESM GCT explain the following:
    (1) low productivity of Singapore economy
    (2) low birth rate which started from LKY’s “Stop at 2” policy
    (3) depressed local wages
    (4) failing to plan for the many foreigners it allowed into Singapore
    (5) shortage, “shrinking” and high cost of public housing
    (6) shortage of public buses and MRT trains
    (7) shortage of hospitals, doctors and nursing homes
    (8) shortage of teachers and places in schools for Singaporeans
    (9) gave foreigners a big advantage over Singaporeans in job market
    (10) shortage of jobs for Singaporeans
    (11) foreigners taking jobs away from Singaporeans
    (12) frequent breakdowns of MRT trains
    (13) overcrowded public transport (buses and MRT trains)
    (14) bailout of public transport (failed privatisation)
    (15) frequent 50-year “ponding”
    (16) high inflation (Singapore more expensive than Hong Kong)
    (17) high cost of education and healthcare
    (18) high cost of electricity (failed privatisation)
    (19) poor air quality as per WHO Air Quality Guidelines
    (20) depleted CPF accounts after buying “affordable” HDB flats
    (21) many CPF accounts below CPF Minimum Sum
    (22) massive (billions) losses of taxpayers’ money by Temasek / GIC
    (23) wasteful purchases by Government agencies like NParks
    (24) made Singapore a “tuition nation”
    (25) real income likely to fall this year
    (26) failing to provide Singaporeans with Swiss Standard of Living

    • ST said

      (27) exploiting the lives of our national service man who allowance of S$480 per month is equivalent to a maid pay. In the early days their allowance is S$90/mth
      so over these donkeys years under PAP good governance their allowance increase by ?% shit govt

  7. Robin hood said

    The wide eyed audience at Harvard did not have a clue of the REAL situation in his country. Had there been one or two who had stayed and worked in Singapore and posed questions, he would wished he hadn’t made the speech at all.

  8. Ken Lee said

    far far cannot see ???

    • ST said

      our govt cannot see (its own singaporean talent) how can they had ‘far-sighted”
      look at the recent cases imported talent scholarship in singapore?

  9. ghost of Goh K S said

    Actually Goh CT should be more specific when praising the PAP govt.

    Goh should mention to his audience that it takes a far-sighted and competent govt to appoint LKY and HC to helm GIC and Temasek….not forgetting to include a far-sighted and competent PM to oversee this .

    And since Spore is doing so well, Goh should be magnanimous and share the secret with his audience………just run the country like a famiLee business.

  10. P Koh said

    Overall Singapore has performed well compared to many nations in the world but to say that we have “far-sighted, decisive and competent leaders” this statement leaves much to be desired if we are to look at the sad state of affairs regarding social problems, housing prices which have shot through the roof, transportation woes and higher education needs for our locals.

  11. Pink Panty Loong said

    What a pitiful attempt to save their grace in the eyes of the foreigners when they knew deep down they are losing their grounds at home. PATHETIC….

  12. Patriot said

    Worse than investment bankers before the crash

  13. Surprise said

    PAP is So competent until I am sitting at home for four months.

    F**ker PAP…

  14. 中国人要团结 ! said

    “ESM Goh praises PAP govt: We have ‘far-sighted’ and ‘competent’ leaders”

    Are you so sure ??? Nah…the current leader and party members are useless and lousy. I don’t really think that we should pay them millions dollare cos they just don’t fit the bill at all.

  15. Pink Panty Loong said

    Yah….FAR-SIGHTED in promising us some future dreams that never seems to realized….COMPETENT in squeezing every dollars out of their own citizens….if these are what you meant, I believe alot of Singaporeans will readily agree….

  16. Alamak said

    Dont so heavywait on the ESM lah. Swiss standard mean can buy Swiss knife, and oso look down from the mountain top on more common peeple downstair on
    grass level. Same like stay high-floor house. How many year before awreddy we all sing ‘we must be forword looking’ mean dontch ;look back. Who cannot march forword fall down their pasal. Who got money can tok-tok, Boh lui ,mai kong..

  17. Robin Monkey said

    Mod never come out and praise your masters?

  18. self praise is no praise, said

    self praise is no praise, that is the problem for a party in a government for too long, and they themself are “blinded” in making such a remark.

    • Alamak said

      Frend, you very wrong. Very offen ‘Self praise’ best recommendashun, very offen also the only one. If you not show your water colour, who else going
      do it ah?.

  19. nocando said

    he is talking cheebyrish

  20. spotlessleopard said

    as usual self aggrandising…poor guy delusional as always.

  21. happy said

    for him and his peanut wife, talk is cheap

    with singapore tax payers having to foot his salary even after his retirement

    poor singaporeans

  22. Quitus Singus Emeritus said

    What a prick!

  23. Dragon said

    Make money from thier own ppl.Clever enough to be far sighted and sighted no where to be seen.Enough is enough.

  24. happy said

    the sad part about this silver hair monkey is that whatever we pay him, his monkey wife will think it is peanut

    what about this dream of his, the world cup football squad

  25. Lim said

    How far-sighted can our leaders be? Make and squeeze every cent from our people while lavishing our tax money on undeserving foreigners. Why are we giving scholarships and paying for education of porn stars wannabe or foreigners who scold us as dogs or scold profanities and make racist comments about void deck wedding noise?
    OUr own citizens who can’t pay their medical bills are chased by licensed debt collectors or have to sell their flats to pay for cancer treatment while foreigners – both Malaysian PRs are given 42 year interest-free loan for $130k medical bill.

  26. Realist said

    Headline says GCT praises PAP leaders but picture shows otherwise….. ha ha ha……..

  27. Fox said

    Ah Kuan, Ah Chok and Ah Hsien were on the train.
    Suddenly their train got stuck.
    Train crew worked frantically to resolve the issue without success.

    Ah Kuan got irritated with the commotion and locked up some unlucky crew who made too much noise.
    The unlucky crew were locked up without trial, but the train was still stuck.

    Ah Chok thought that they need more people with talent. So he start recruiting on lookers, passer by or anyone who stay in the vicinity.
    The whole train became crowded, but was still stuck.

    Not knowing what else to do, Ah Hsien put up the curtain and ask everyone to wayang that the train was still moving without issue.

    Go figure.

    • island of LKY and son said

      Nice analogy !

      Eventually the crowd onboard lost their patience with the wayang and threw Ah Kuan, Ah Chok and Ah Hsien off the train after setting them on fire.
      But the train was still stuck.

      Finally Ah Soon came forward and persuaded the foreigners onboard to push the train.

  28. izanamiii said

    Hyperopia, also known as farsightedness, longsightedness or hypermetropia, is a defect of vision caused by an imperfection in the eye (often when the eyeball is too short or the lens cannot become round enough), causing difficulty focusing on near objects, and in extreme cases causing a sufferer to be unable to focus on objects at any distance. As an object moves toward the eye, the eye must increase its optical power to keep the image in focus on the retina. If the power of the cornea and lens is insufficient, as in hyperopia, the image will appear blurred.

  29. SianzSG said

    You should be dead by now. Stop siphoning our $$$. Quick just go and DIE. Please take LKY with you too. TQVM.

  30. Daft Peasant said

    Far-sighted; aka lao hua yan ( 老花眼 ), means can see far away things clearly, but blur vision for things which are near to them….


  31. WTF!! said

    ah goh, how I wish you contest in single seat ward, so we singaporeans can show you directly what we think of you

  32. Naivety said

    This is the biggest joke of the century…hahaha & I couldn’t stop laughing eversince I read this article!

  33. denzuko1 said

    Fucking “first world” leader coming out with third world policies. A bunch of lazy ass that only talk and complaint.

  34. nocando said

    he did not read one bit which netizens had written. this guy is really think netizens are only making noises or why he still insists the govt was far-sighted and competent ? if it is so as he claimed, the govt would not have wayang so much to salvage their flaw policies. there is no consensus here alright. he is rubbing shoulder with his kind, traveling in a car, living in an ivory tower, all things surrounded him are gorgeous . what we see and feel is too distant for him to understand. i guess there will never be a consensus between the gov and the ppl. this GCT pretty much proved that gov still think they are doing the great job. this is not the kind of gesture we appreciate of. no matter how hard you wayang.

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