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32 year old former teacher pleads guilty to having sex with 15 year old boy

Posted by temasektimes on October 17, 2012

A 32 year old former secondary school teacher pleaded guilty to two charges of having sex with a student.

A married mother of two, she taught at a famous boy’s school in Singapore and became ‘close’ to the student after they, together with some students, attended a camp and was involved in a boating accident overseas last October.

Traumatised, the victim began to confide in the accused through text messages and counselling sessions which eventually led to them having sex in the school.

The teacher was charged with one count of having sex with the boy and another count of ‘digital penetration’.

The incident came to light after the boy confided what he did with the teacher to his parents who then lodged a police report.

As he is a minor, a gag order is imposed on the identity of the teacher.

 *Illustrated pic


15 Responses to “32 year old former teacher pleads guilty to having sex with 15 year old boy”

  1. P Koh said

    Isn’t this an old case. Why is it being posted here.?

  2. Mike Zeng said

    Enough is enough! There’s just too many illicit sex going on here in staid S’pore!
    The Govt must do something pronto to ameriolate the sex situation! First form a Cttee of high-powered professionals to investigate why these scandals are happening. For starters, could it be due to our newater processed from waste water and sewage which may contain excessive testosterone from urine etc?

  3. Robin hood said

    The lad must be from a gifted school for he is truly gifted. Having a tryst at such a young age is every man’s dream.

    There’s a story about a schoolboy who sketches a penis on the blackboard when the lady teacher wasn’t around. The teacher quickly rubbed the sketch off t moment she entered the class. The next day the boy again drew the organ and this tie a little bigger. Same thing, the teacher rubbed off the drawing blushing away as the class giggled. One the third dat, that boy drew the penis again bigger. The teacher had enough and yelled out , “who did that!”. The boy raised his hand the teacher asked “WHY?” the boy smiled and said , “the more you rubbed, the bigger it gets” . The whole class laughed.

    Maybe this teacher got an inspiration from this story. …..

  4. kannina utama said

    Stupid boy !! Next time u make love with ur gf oso must tell ur parent? Crazy !!!
    How I wish I got such teacher 20 years ago lor!
    People nowadays so scared! Everything go tell parent!

  5. Ahmad said

    It really is not a very surprising thing. What with all the culture based around sex and a slowly encompassing normality about it all, such a forbidden sex is not really that improbable. As we grow, we also realise that such situations are not that difficult to come by. I do not approve of such things, but such things really are getting harder to control.
    Anyway, who chose that picture? I do not think that it is very appropriate haha… Not saying that I don’t appreciate it though 😛

  6. Chin Tee Kor said

    Feel sad that I never have such luxuries during my schooling years
    My grades will definitely shoot up with such extra ‘ motivations ‘ 😦

  7. Naivety said

    Hey TT!

    What do you mean by “digital penetration”?

    • Mike Zeng said

      In case u really dunno….use the finger to poke the hole lah! Most females enjoy the act, esp when the tip of the finger rubs the G spot situated above.

  8. Ah Piah said

    At long last Cecilia Sue has a competitor for Blow Job

  9. P Koh said

    Is there love or lust.? Husband compared to young boy? She has made a choice perhaps a bad one and now has to face the consequences.

  10. The problem with consensual sex involving minors is that the current laws usually absolves the minor.
    This is unfair.
    There should be greater legal responsibility placed on the minor‘s part

  11. skintoskin said

    give me that teacher anytime……

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