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ASEAN scholar and NUS Law student Alvin Tan: What can NUS do to me?

Posted by temasektimes on October 17, 2012

Controversial ASEAN scholar and NUS Law undergraduate Alvin Tan Jye Yee had scoffed at the possibility of him being expelled from NUS for posting sexually explicit videos and pictures of him and his girlfriend online.

Alvin Tan caused a stir by sharing photos and videos of him having sex with his girlfriend in several locations in Singapore and Malaysia on his blog and sending an invitation to interested parties to swap partners.

In one of the video, he was seen reenacting a rape scene with his girlfriend by stripping her clothes off and forcing himself onto her.

Alvin Tan claimed he was ‘encouraged’ to release the photos and videos by his girlfriend and he was very ‘impressed’ by her guts.

Speaking to queries from the Malaysian media, Alvin Tan he is not worried that NUS will take disciplinary action against him:

“What can NUS do to me?” he retorted.

Alvin Tan has taken one year of leave from NUS and has recently started his own company in Malaysia.

“Well, of course I am a bit concerned that I may get expelled, but I am prepared to face the consequences of my own actions.”

Alvin Tan came to Singapore to study on a ASEAN scholarship in Sin Ming secondary school before moving on to Raffles Junior College and NUS with his tuition fees and living expenses all paid for by Singapore taxpayers.


32 Responses to “ASEAN scholar and NUS Law student Alvin Tan: What can NUS do to me?”

  1. Daft Peasant said

    wah loh……wat can nus do??

    even the my & sg gahment also lan lan suck thumb ah…….

  2. Naivety said

    This is the type of Foreign Trash that the Pro Alien Party had brought in by container loads…wastage of Tax Payers’ money only!

  3. Jimmy Kong said

    it just shows that this scholarship is of no value and degrade us in the limelight.

  4. Pink Panty Loong said

    Yes, Alvin, rest assured. NUS can’t do anything to you. Our Singapore laws are meant for locals only.

    • Zzzz said

      HAHA!! Well said!!!

      • SianzSG said

        Agreed. Well said. And 60% still support this system. What an insult to the intelligence of the 40%.

        Mod’s note:

        The figure is actually 76% if you include supporters of the PAP’s ‘B’ team, aka the ‘Wayang Party’.

  5. Ken Lee said

    lau chwee nua only loo!!!

  6. denzuko1 said

    Errr… publishing porn is a crime in both Singapore and Malaysia. All one need to do is to lodge a police report and he will be apprehended. To think that Singapore government sponsoring people with such mentality for Asean scholarship, certainly they have dropped a lot in their standard.

    • hmmm said

      hmm but it’s only considered porn if it’s a business and he is generating profit from it?

      • denzuko1 said

        the law states that POSSESSION of porn is illegal and can be fined up to 2,500 per video/picture. If you are found to have more than 5 sets, you are considered a distributor (business) regardless your claim, and can be charged and jailed.

      • nb la said

        indonesian actor and actress sex video got exposed and sentenced to jail under muslim law. not required to make $$$.

        in future, the declaration for scholarship should have:

        do u engage in indecent exposure or activities?

        do u refer any mankind to animals (dogs etc)

        the list goes on…

  7. No Can Do said

    Why not simply scrap these scholarships and stick to local ones for our citizens?

  8. what is our screening system said

    Is this type of FT (Foreign Talent) that Singapore is looking for?

    What is our “screening system” in Asean scholar, shall we need to improve it or else let not taking some many problematic people into Singapore!

  9. Keith said

    Posting obscene photos and videos on his blog is akin to distribution. Last I checked, distributing porn is still a criminal offence… no different from the DVD peddlers on the street, who are punished severely when caught.

  10. Hsieh said

    Tan had received an Asean scholarship in 2004 and attended Xinmin Secondary School and Raffles Junior College before entering NUS on an Asean undergraduate scholarship.

    In accordance with the case, there are 2 short points that I wanted to point out here (I’m having a mind receptive to new ideas, arguments and being unprejudiced):

    1. Tan as saying: “What can (NUS) do? Terminate my scholarship or expel me? I can’t say I will be fine with it, but if it happens, I can accept it.” – The Malaysian Insider

    – What does it mean to be grateful? Not forgetting about Singapore and people have committed to providing financing education from secondary school to NUS.

    2. “I don’t think I am ready to go to Singapore… I’m not ready to be recognised on the streets.” – Mr Alvin Tan, a Malaysian – The Straits Times

    – Think Before You Act.

    NUS law students have recently involved with sex-related cases? It Is time to emphasize the issues…


  11. Ah Boy said

    Probably nothing will happen to him I guess. Last time the china man whom proclaim that Singaporeans are dog also never kena anything. Dunno why our govt like to take taxpayers money and sayang the foreigner.
    The issue of the army boy whom maid help to take the field pack is not really a HUGE ethical issue but then he kena charge + sign extra.. while all these foreigners seems to be invincible and protected by some sort of weird protection, for some reason can evade the law and scrutiny by the Singapore govt.
    If the government of Singapore is doing something about these issues, I do hope they can be more transparent in handling it, if not singaporean sure complain like we have always been..

  12. steven theo said

    THIS show the quality of the scout from SGP. Question:Are the scout an Ex-FT ? So easy to find one from their own country man?

  13. steven theo said

    Where is DeSouza ?

  14. steven theo said

    No police report, MIW no need to defend.
    ..SIANZ..SP……no show

  15. denzuko1 said

    It only proves that iPhone is not a good source as a camera.

  16. ez said

    Singapore govt is a SICKO. I saw on the MOE website THERE IS NO BOND for foreign student who is award with the scholarship. No wonder they take it so easy….. Sicko government spending our hard earn tax payer money on other nationality. Shame on them

  17. FreeTrolleySingapore said

    Alvin want NUS to take away his scholarship so that he can stay in Malaysia and develop his career.

    • Anthony said

      Does his scholarship even come with a bond period?

      Mod’s note:

      ASEAN scholarship has no bond.

      • The devils advocater said

        Target his daily deals business, (fezzl pte ltd)

        Make it fail. His partner will suffer collateral damage.

        The only reason he does not fear the consequences of his actions is because the business is doing well n he has generated sufficient savings to absorb the knocks.

        Take away the money generator… His pride will suffer if his business fails because of this sex blog.

        Too harsh a punishment? He is smart n no doubt will start another business but tat will mean time n effort.

        Spread the word……. Make his business fail!!

  18. Chee Kok Wing said

    Alvin knows the law and he chooses to break it. This guy studied law and all the loop holes so that he can get around it. This guy is dangerous.

  19. Ex Asean Scholar said

    I was also an ASEAN scholar, who went to the same schools as he did. Alvin Tan’s intellectual capacity, I dare say, is no more than chimpanzee who has yet to learn how to keep its clothes on. I wonder if he understands whether engaging a lawyer with nude photos online will increase a person’s chances of winning a case. My 10 year old youngest can answer that question, as do thousands of primary school kids.

    • coaching chimps said

      In case you failed to notice, there are 81 chimpanzees in the SG parliament.
      and they are supposedly chimps with intellectual capacity.
      perhaps you might want to get your 10 yr old to identify their leader for you.

  20. solaris8899 said

    why see no reply from NUS???

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