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Depoliticize kindergartens run by PAP Community Foundation

Posted by temasektimes on October 17, 2012

Dear Minister Wong,

I read in the ST yesterday that you are the chairman of the PAP Community Foundation (PCF), which is Singapore’s largest pre-school operator running 330 kindergartens and child-care centres.

It struck me as strange that we have so many pre-schools affiliated to a political party.

It is akin to there being Labour Party kindergartens in the UK or Republican Party kindergartens in the US. Regardless of the history of the PCF, should we not remove any political affiliation it has?

Call it the SINGAPORE Community Foundation instead, and have it funded and run on a non partisan basis.


*The above was first posted as a comment on Mr Lawrence Wong’s Facebook page.


11 Responses to “Depoliticize kindergartens run by PAP Community Foundation”

  1. Santi said

    PAP kniderkarten has been existing for about 50 years. Why not licence granted to other political parties but only ruling party?

  2. Naivety said

    They need to brain-wash kids at a young & tender age otherwise how to maintain their power & authority to rule over Sinkie Land?

  3. Little Wings No More said

    My block downstairs has a kindergarden named ‘Little Wings’, no PAP logo. After a few months of operation, they took off the signage and put up a big PAP logo.

    The Govt is telling us not to politicize things but they are brainwashing the residents and the young with these ‘political’ kindergardens. How to trust their words??

  4. Gen X said

    I was from PAP kindergarten in late 1970s but I cannot recall voting for PAP in 2006 and 2011.

  5. There used to be kindergartens run by the Community Centers in the 80s. Do they count?

  6. Robin hood said

    Wonder what the PAP logo stands for. It’s open to many interpretations. I leave it to your imagination and assumption.

  7. nb la said

    try renting your void deck from HDB to setup childcare from HDB see what replies u get.

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