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Singaporean lady proposes female-only carriages in MRT trains

Posted by temasektimes on October 17, 2012

A Singaporean lady Pek Hui Xian has written to the Straits Times Forum proposing that the train operators introduce female-only carriages in MRT trains to protect the modesty of women.

She shared a scene she witnessed in a MRT train on the way to work:

“I was taking a train on the East-West Line on my way to work at 8.20am on Monday, and as usual, the train carriages were packed. I was disturbed by the sight of a middle-aged man who had pushed his way into the crowded train, and whose body was pressed against the chest of a pubescent schoolgirl who looked to be about 12 years old.”

Ms Pek said the incident highlights the harassment that crowded trains pose to females:

I am concerned that other females, including myself, will one day be caught in the same predicament.”

She urged the train authorities to emulate the example of Japan to introduce female-only carriages to prevent such incidents from happening.


46 Responses to “Singaporean lady proposes female-only carriages in MRT trains”

  1. Play fair said

    It is timely that one carriage for women be given during peak hours.

  2. Singkaypoh said

    Yeah right, while you’re at it, why not suggest female-only marriages, nightclubs, streets, and buildings? Why not segregate carriages by race or FT/citizens? Then we all go back to the bad old days of caste system & no women’s rights. Way to go.

    • compatriot said

      This woman must be a LESBIAN and a predator
      A train that carries only female passengers is highly dangerous and is asking for more trouble

      Hypothetically speaking lets ponder on a scenario

      Singapore is problematic with population shortages and a train fully fills with locals and what more with over imported foreigners,carries in its carriages only female passengers of all ages,fertile or unfertilised what can become of the mothers and mothers to be if that train meet up with a misfortune through its run of schedule

      • G said

        That’s shortsighted and implying that the lives of non-female humans are somehow less worth less.

        I’m a woman so don’t think i’m belittling women. Your comment just doesn’t make sense.

  3. Daft Peasant said

    Ms Pek Hui Xian, female-only carriages?

    Can…….but you must wait……wait for SMRT’s special arrangement……wait long long……

  4. Sad to be Singaporean said

    100% agree

  5. Pink Panty Loong said

    How about Local-only carriages in MRT trains?

  6. Ho yue weng said

    Manila have women only carriage in their metro

  7. Penn said

    train already so packed. u want to isolate a cabin for female commuters ONLY? that shows how selfish you are.

    unless the situation is so bad that such action is needed. but most of the time i see commuters refuse to move to the centre of the cabin resulting in boarding commuters forcing their way into the carraige

  8. dannik said

    seems like a good idea, but considering the general behavior and attitude of the female Singaporean population, i highly doubt that having a female-only cabin will result in females being more willing to pack themselves into a carriage. on the contrary, i think the females will become more territorial about the space that they’re ‘entitled’ to…

  9. Passer said

    Agree. I saw a bangala swipe his hand across a woman’s butt by taking advantage of the crowd while moving out of the cabin. It’s just gross.

  10. Lao Ti Ko said

    Wait a minute. You can’t do that.
    It’ll be hell of a journey with no women to ogle and lust.
    Love to see parting legs and guess their color.

  11. Henry said

    What about male-only carriages … we need to be safe too …

    • Steve Lee said

      Especially from the Women’s Charter. OMG what are we laughing about. With the Women’s Charter, they probably will get their women’s only carriages. SMRT will have no choice but to give it to them or their directors will face criminal prosecution for violating their rights.

  12. Singapore Cock said

    Pls look at the mrt capacity and use your brain la…Where got space for woman only carriage.. Siao!

    • Steve Lee said

      On the roof of course. We can charge them extra for the thrill ride. It’s especially good for blow drying hair. Lol.

    • said

      that is why Sillypore is going down the drain…lots of silly stinkaporeans who don’t use their brains before they talk…

      This is a goner nation

  13. True BLUE Sinkie said

    We should have separate carriages reserved for the FTs (including FT PRs) and True Blue Singaporeans. For FTs, the carriages will be marked FTs on the outside. For Singaporeans it will be marked TBS (True Blue Sinkies)

    • Steve Lee said

      I like your thinking but looking at current government policy, the government will probably use your idea and make US hang on for dear life outside instead.

  14. firstclasscamper said

    Those ah Kua dont need to take MRT liao loh.

    • Sashaqueenie said

      You are the freaking Ah Kua, pussy licker.
      Such a freakin bigot!! In this day and age too! Eat shit and just die.

  15. passerby said

    Some foreign workers are decent, but some are really barbarians. In their home country (let’s call it country B), it is understood among males that they must take advantage of women and grope anything they can get away with.

    Our government needs to fix the overcrowded problem on our trains, then we won’t need this women-only carriage. You bring in so many foreigner, you jolly well increase the capacity of our transport system accordingly.

    • Naivety said

      What is the use of expanding the capacity of the trains when the Pro Alien Party had brought in 2.5 Millions of FTs & Foreigners but they do not have enough jobs in tiny Sinkie Land to satisfy everyone so these people are constantly on the move searching for jobs!

    • nb la said

      they bring in faster than we can build. most MRT lines 2015 onwards. ask u endure hor we are building. just like HDB, u let people in then tell us we are building and expect us to be grateful.

      try going to your neighbour house, shit at doorstep and stink up the whole unit then say eh don’t worry, give me some time i go supermarket buy toilet paper and detergent. endure first the problem will be solved. be grateful to me ok?

      well, who put the shit there in the first place?

  16. Robin hood said

    OK! Eve only coach paint pink. Adam only paint blue. Aqua one paint purple. So everybody is safe and happy. Except the Tom boys.

    I think we’re going to go nuts.

  17. wilson said

    It is only logical that there be female only trains, to prevent molestations. It is also only logical that only women of a certain level of attractiveness get molested. Thus there should be a train for attractive women only and the latter can join the common train because no way in hell they would get molested. Let’s see what women would think about this.

  18. Sashaqueenie said

    I agree with the lady’s proposal.
    I am a guy but I think the way men are standing so close to the fairer sex in these packed carriages, I think it’s just terrible. Very uncivilised.

    • Zam said

      Get out of Singapore. Go and live in some third world countries. I guess you are from one of the 3rd world shit.

    • why said

      Sometimes it’s the ladies who squeezed in and sandwich the guys, making them nowhere to stand to avoid touching them, so dont always blame the guys.

  19. Anthony said

    While it may seem like a rather good idea at the outset, I believe it has the potential to bring about greater harm than good. The assumption is that most women will prefer to board the carriages reserved for females. As a result, the other carriages will inevitably have a greater population of male commuters. So what happens if the women-only carriages are packed? That would mean that the remaining women will have little option but to squeeze into a carriage which is packed with a much greater number of men (unless they are willing to wait for the next carriage, which is not always feasible especially if one is in a hurry or when it is during peak hours). Wouldn’t that even be worse than being in a normal carriage?!

  20. Putty said

    I don’t think the situation is bad enough to warrant for such an action. Like some have pointed out, the MRT is already congested enough as it is. What worries me is not the existence of such middle-aged men, but the inaction of this lady to protect the 12-year-old. Why being such a hypocrite and act as if you are concern for other females, when you keep quiet while witnessing someone being victimized? If you are afraid of being caught in the same predicament one day, then take the lead and voice out when the crime is taking place! Don’t expect others to help you when you are not willing to help others. Furthermore you are just avoiding the problem by having a female only cabin, and this will not cause it to go away. What’s next? Female only bus? Female only plane? What needs to be changed is not the environment, but your attitude! At the end of the day, it’s not an issue with safety but just a bad case of being extremely selfish and at the same time Androphobic.

  21. Zam said

    Why dont this ugly slut Pek Hui Xian go and live in a female only World?

  22. True BLUE Sinkie said

    The trains are so crowded and packed till 11.00pm on weekdays. Hard to get into the train even at this time. Govt should have foresight. Could have built double-decker trains, just like the double decker buses. Pay Ministers million-dollar salaries. Though they do think they think out of the box, problem is that they are so boxed up mentally that they cant even see the box

  23. szewee96 said

    i think what the woman said imply that she is pushing her women rights too far,be realistic,it will result in ‘the battle of the sexes’. Based on what she said,she likely thinks that women are superior when both are equal. If the train is too full, take it during off peak,if not simple, taxi lah. According to what others said abt ministers,PAP etc, i dont think its right to blame them,suck it up,our land is a little red dote,well at least they tried rather then not doing anything. But then again,they do sometimes did quite a bad job at managing things,well i’m neutral,if i’m not happy,i can always migrate overseas.

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