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NUS Law student from Malaysia Alvin Tan: I will continue to share my sex videos with the public

Posted by temasektimes on October 18, 2012

Despite the massive storm he stirred by posting photos and videos of him having sex with his girlfriend on his blog, NUS Law student and ASEAN scholar from Malaysia Alvin Tan remains unfazed by the publicity and is adamant that he did nothing wrong.

In a self-recorded video clip which was uploaded to Youtube yesterday, Alvin Tan said he would continue to share videos of him having sex with his girlfriend with the public at a later date and explained that he took down his blog temporarily because of intense ‘family pressure’.

He also scoffed at suggestions that the police will take action against him for distributing obscene materials online:

“I don’t think the police is so free….As for the lawyers who warned that I may be charged, they are only doing so for cheap publicity.”

He added he and his girlfriend did not do anything around and therefore they see no need to apologize to the public before clarifying that his girlfriend is a ‘100% woman’ as she ‘bleeds every month.’

Alvin Tan came to Singapore when he was 14 years old and has received 10 years of FREE EDUCATION, thanks to the generosity of Singapore taxpayers.


27 Responses to “NUS Law student from Malaysia Alvin Tan: I will continue to share my sex videos with the public”

  1. Pink Panty Loong said

    Great, Alvin! Wonderful! The more you do it, the more you SLAP our money-face TRAITORS’ face! I like! Hahahahaa… But your video..hmm…not so nice leh….your cock very funny shape…your girlfriend’s pussy looks kinda messy too….don’t have the urge to masturbate along with your video…try harder, ok?

  2. BK said

    Alvin and Austin (the one that made a disparaging attack on ITE students) are part of the “elites” that are born out of the womb of the “meritocracy” that this Government had conceived. It is a corruption of Noblesse Oblige whereby the “elites” feel entitled to call the shots simply because they do academically better than others. They are somehow free to assert their individuality and values with no regard to the sensibilities of the rest of Singaporeans. They identify themselves through their schools, their wealth, they are recognized by their scholarships, and with the blessings of this Government, they are elevated to the pedestal of ‘meritocracy” that would streamline their careers and lives pathways.

    Several points I wish to share (1) foreign students (2) moral responsibility.

    I am familiar to a degree with regards to the retail sector of education. And although there are alot of angst about the number of scholarships given to foreigners, the fact is that we have about 90,000 plus foreign students in Singapore, and this sector is worth about SGD 3 billion to our economy. I know we have strong views with regards to the failure of our education system. It is certainly not perfect, but nonetheless we have a solid reputation in this area and that is one of our “core” competency globally, so to speak. And even as we strengthen our education system through robust debates and questions, our entrepreneurs should take this advantage and grow this sector and create jobs for Singaporeans. I maybe be crucified for saying this, but the money given to foreign scholars are benign compared to the impetus this will give to the education sector. However, I would agree strongly that a revamp is needed in terms of the responsibility that foreign students should have toward Singapore, and what is the balance of the ratio between foreign students and Singaporeans.

    I am not a Saint, and never will be one. I have nothing against Alvin’s kinky stuff. But I am also a father. And one of the first things you learn as a father is that your children should do what you say and not what you do. But that is impossible! They will tear your moral integrity to bits and eventually stop listening to you. The moment that happens you will cease to be a moral guide that a father should be. So, as the mirror says, and the lines are etching on an older man, I learn that I need to (1) dont ask your children to do what you cannot do, this makes you less of a hypocrite, (2) and if you do advise your child not to do what you did, you at least need to show some alternatives and humbly admit your failures. Both Alvin and Austin are young, and they are fooled by a system that gives priority to intelligence instead of the courage of a leader that sees his fellow men with a heart of empathy and a joy of friendship. So, while I have nothing against Alvin’s kinky stuff, what he had said since then, showed contempt for the responsibility that he was given; and I am afraid that this is not an isolated issue, rather a systemic one, whereby the narrative of the “elites” is self congratulatory and is innately feudalistic rather than democratic.

    So, in my opinion while there is nothing wrong with scholarships for foreign students, the entire concept of “meritocracy” that had diffused through our system, and even confused us for awhile, will inevitably throw up more cases such as Alvin and Austin.

    • Watcanwedo said

      Well said. Totally agree w u.

    • Thinking Harder said

      You are right, meritocracy takes over everything in Singapore. I mean it literally… everything. Take for example, what do students experience at school: competition, lack of comradeship, selfishness… these things spur students on to excel, but it doesn’t build the character and mindset that is required in the real world. Alvin’s actions and speech only testify this….. How sad!

  3. Zhang Bei Bei said

    Doctors remove dildo from Chinese man’s intestines
    Published on Oct 18, 2012

    Maybe we need to see what our scholars from China are up to as well.

  4. Babuseng said

    To those people complaining, stop being a prude. There’s nothing wrong with what he did. Scholarship recipient or not, sex is normal and if he wants to share publicly, that’s his choice. He’s a law student, not a religious studies major.

  5. When you put something in quotation marks aren’t you quoting someone? Can you put quotation marks and then paraphrase?

  6. Sam Gunner said

    Good luck finding a job, stupid fuck

  7. Ren said

    Another obsessive monkey!

  8. Ah Loot said

    You will be hearing very shortly from the Home Ministry I can guess.Posting obsene materials is a criminal offence.
    A Malaysian passport is a previlege and the property of the goverment. It can be taken away from you. You and your family must be sick.
    You are an arrogant chinaman of the lowest form.

  9. ST said

    so PAP govt give free education to this ungrateful Malaysian and Singaporean had to slog to pay for education. ? Another ungrateful MP Lee Bee Wah (born in Malaysia) pointing 40% of singaporean are litter-bugs when she & MOE are incompetent to up keep Singapore image as a clean & green enviroment due to their flaw policies. Recently every Ministries is pointing fingers at Singaporean.????

  10. Lim said

    Is this a form of psychiatric condition where a person feels obssessed and compulsed to exhibit one’s body to the public and show off sexual acts, passing motions, display stained menstrual pads in the delusion of making the person feel great or attention-seek? Alvin says lawyers who warned that he may be charged `are only doing so for cheap publicity’ – by admitting he is enjoying the notoriety and public limelight – isn’t he doing the same thing. But then really mentally illl people loses all insight and their apparent contradiction?.

    • pen and penis said

      I doubt very much he has a mental condition, more like defiance and ego.
      He knows what he is doing, it has to do with testosterone, lots of it.
      At the end of the day, none of his actions have disadvantage sporeans, in fact he has done sporeans a BIG favour if you think more deeply about it and start to analyse Amy Cheong’s fiasco as well.

  11. Stevenadosan said

    Trying to get cheap publicity.Not only bring shame to their families but also their own children after married.Hopefully they will can show their children those cheapskate video.Asian value is asian value,don’t try to be “ang moh”.BY the way, not all westerner will agreed to your stupidity.The guy looks like Ah Beng and Ah Lian.Only sick people will view their video.Singapore goverment should ban them from entering.!

  12. Hugh Hefner said

    er…..Ms Vivian, don’t call me I’ll call you……

  13. Perverted said

    Try incest then dad maybe more understanding.

  14. Daft Peasant said

    YEAH !!!!!!!



    HA HA HA HA HA……..

  15. Oscari said

    the utterly sick PAP is so generous to give many foreign trash years of FREE EDUCATION!!!

    and tax payers are paying for it!!!!

  16. SoWhat said

    Alvin pls change ur gf before u showcase ur sex acts to the world. Vivien looks like a spastic for goodness sake. U might need a penis pump as well.

  17. True BLUE Sinkie said

    PAP tries to buy foreigners with money and education. The same way that PAP buys Singaporeans’ votes during election time. Just before the election, money is given out generously to all citizens with the left hand. After the election it is taken back with the right hand, much much more than what PAP gives out. Fcuk the PAP and fcuk their mentality. Same as our china PRCs, after winning gold medals abroad, collect their monetary rewards and they return to China.

  18. Ron said

    Alvin, thanks the videos and pictures. Keep publishing them. But not enough, please go to fountains in front of KLCC Mall and make love there with your girlfriend, stark naked. And do in the early evening when there are hundreds of sightseers milling around.

    You will be famous then. I dare you to do that.

    • proposal for Ron said

      As usual Ron, talking cock again, issuing a challenge without committing yourself. How about Alvin accepting the challenge provided you do your part by sucking his cock and get it up first ? This makes more sense if Alvin were to take you seriously. what say you Ron ?

  19. Commando Pants said

    If making a movie, at least pick a looker – whats with the hound your boning!

  20. Ron said

    The Police is not so free to arrest him? And he can post whatever sex vidoes he likes? In which part of the world is he living?

    Just wait and see when he has his day in Court. When they extradict Malaysians to Spore, they do not need to go to lenghty Court procedures. Just tangkap and hand them over to the Spore police. Save time and money.

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