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VIDEO: NUS Law student Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee answer questions from the public and media

Posted by temasektimes on October 18, 2012

Controversial NUS Law student and ASEAN scholar Alvin Tan made a video together with his girlfriend Vivian Lee to answer queries from the public and media after causing a storm in Malaysia and Singapore by posting photos and videos of them making love online.

Watch the video below:


36 Responses to “VIDEO: NUS Law student Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee answer questions from the public and media”

  1. Cool said

    OMG, his gf look like shit on this video !

    • Oscari said

      someone ask her to put a mask on.

      • mask maker said

        mask that looks like Ho Jinx or Saw P Hwa ? if Alvin can still keep it standing, then he’s concentration is good. what do you think ?

    • elaangang said

      I think both look like shit everywhere

    • Singkaypoh said

      Well he & Pinky can swap partners, who knows, they may both enjoy it!

      • chin pai than said

        Not sure about Alvin enjoying the arrangement, becos pinky may bend over and insist he gets shafted as well. Tough deal considering HoJinx is waiting in turn,

    • skintoskin said

      Not only they need golden showers but should eat each other shits too.
      hope they get married or els the girl gonna end up in geylang or desker road….

      • stupid said

        Fucking bastards both male and female are damned shameful. A disgrace to themselves, the society and their families both from Malaysia and Singapore. What he did not know is his career and business will be ruined for his indisciplined and care less attitude with no shame or responsibility at all. The Govt and NUS should take serious action and expel him from Singapore and the University to show an example to others not to mess around in Singapore and taking advantage of the taxpayers monies. The Govt should spend more energy and time for its own Singaporean citizens than to invest in these rodents and scrums of society. They though that they are very proud and smart. Govt should jailed them for indecent exposure and defiant attitude to teach them a lesson. Warnings does not help. They are still smiling dirty at Govt and NUS. What can you do, they commented defiantly.
        Hey the relevant authorities that allowed these rodents to erode the Singaporean society need to be punished. Scared to do it and and good reputation created for the past so many years will be down the drain. The younger generation will be looking at you …what you can do to them. Non fear or favour ….just executive action immediately before others follow.
        By a Proud and civic Singaporean.

  2. P Koh said

    Sick. It comes from the parentage line if they condone such behaviour.

  3. NationalUniversityofSex(NUS) said

    “She bleeds every month” (LMAO), “As you can see, there’s a picture of a pad”. “a soiled pad, you know”.
    “How can I be a transsexual when I have my menses every month?!?”

    its been confirmed that “Vivian Lee” is not a Changi Village tranny, but a fugly Malaysian ‘Mak Nyah’ (male-to-female transsexual) from Melaka. having a bloodied sanitary pad (‘red herring’/decoy) doesn’t mean anything, its just a sex prop for the P0rnTube generation.

    NUS *sign*, Law undergrads *sign*, ASEAN scholar *sign*, uses a tranny to make a statement.
    Asia’s top University, warping young minds since 1905.

  4. JOSHOA Mutalib said

    Alvin Tan gf vs Amy Cheong face-off!

    • tiger show sponsor said

      My partners and I will try to get the 3 women together, Vivian, Amy and Cecilia.
      We will audition the men to star in a foursome. You are most welcome if you
      have the assets and ability, what do u think ?

  5. Jefferson Kong said

    Undergrad charged in HK over assault on girlfriend
    Published on Aug 2, 2011

    A SINGAPOREAN law student has been charged in Hong Kong with assaulting his girlfriend.

    Brandon Tee Zhi Yi, 24, from the National University of Singapore, met Ms Ju Benhua while on a year-long student exchange at Hong Kong University.

    If you follow the news closely, NUS law school seems to be plagued with one scandal after another.

    Probably have to wait for a couple of months before another scandal strikes again.

    I’m sure many Singaporean students will have second thoughts about studying law in NUS.

  6. Hang Tuah said

    Attention seekers _|_

  7. NBCCD said

    Shameless !

  8. Cheong said

    this is not opening minded, it is thick skin, I doubt the Ang Moh have skins as thick as them. (Shake Head)

    • sex and SinCity said

      i don’t view it as thickskin, more like pure guts to me.
      i don’t see anything wrong as long as the gf is not under age and it’s mutual.
      i am glad they experiment with sex rather than drugs, crime or some mind boggling sadistic activity.

  9. Ah Loot said

    chinky trash. chinaman with blonde hair. she looks like a village girl. must be from dsyfunctional families in Malaysia.

  10. dude said

    she has a moustache! did she used to be a man?

    • randy dude said

      are you aware women have cb hair, armpit hair, anal hair ?
      no big deal, all can be removed. more importantly cb must be nice and tight, and not smelly, right or not dude ?

  11. Wong said

    He is just a scum without Chinese value and humanity at all ! someone like him just not worth it , i am proud of my children’s although they are not so highly educated as him ! If Malaysia is so great , why should he spend so many years studying in Singapore ? Vivian is definitely not a girl friend but just a plaything !

    • taxpayers' money said

      Won’t you accept monetary benefits too, if you were still a student?
      Take note that Sporean taxpayers have no say how the PAP govt spend their money.
      It is good that Alvin’s case surface to awaken PAP voters.

  12. Robin Hood said

    Looks like no end to media reports on sex.

  13. lsvop said

    Never talk to you about it from a moral slung…that makes them very good parents…huh?

  14. Bean said

    mindless people without proper understanding of art and shame to condemn their own behaviour.

  15. yan dao said

    Fucking insane …

  16. BeObjective said

    not interested in hearing about the details of yet another two narcissists in this world..

    please filter these out in the future..

  17. AngrySinkie said

    I support what he does. Look at Malaysia, their Minister said in the news that they have no intention to pursue, and he said “the blog is already taken down, so what’s the issue?”.

    But look at Singapore. Lawyers started talking about breaching laws. NUS want him to “answer”. I bet if he is Singaporean, the police would have called him in by now, and possible charge him with something.

    That’s the problem with small island like Singapore, it constantly has to make a big deal out of something just to manufacture news and sell newspapers. Why? simple. We don’t have a strong Opposition in parliament, and our state controlled media don’t report much about Opposition, so there’s hardly exciting news on political front. And it also cannot report much about our gripes on living standard issues to avoid fanning further anti-PAP sentiments. Then what else to report? well, you can flame up things like Cecilia Sue saga, Amy Cheong issue, flame up Alvin Vivian thing, etc to manufacture news. I bet ALL such news are probably nothing excitable in foreign press. Why? because without the state control, the foreign press is free to report on whole range of stuff, and there’s so much spice in the politics front alone.

    Our state controlled newspapers are basically just tabloids. Yes, that includes Straits Times.

  18. Main Bola said

    wow she’s a dumb slut enjoying her 15 mins of fame. It’s clearly she’s not from the same league as him…

  19. Pat Loh said

    Yahooo….our own Sex in the City……But done in a bad taste…maybe next time, hire a professional to tape the acts…The maybe, just maybe you guys might have a shot at your own reality channel..

  20. Amy Yu Pin said

    Alvin Tan is a smart guy that make full used of media to force NUS board of discipline to expel him, anyway he had did the best school result for his parent to see and move forward to his next life in next career…

  21. derreck said

    yeah alvin thanks for all the bullshit, you where just using her as a gimmick to show off. thanks to you vivian i hope you both are able to materialize, or else I would say you should feel sorry for yourself, as only fuckers will wanna date you for again just for free sex and fames.

  22. Lady said

    She is not like a lady anymore, behaving more like a bitch now.

  23. Emerson said

    Impressive courage you got there . (;

  24. Vivian lee, you will end up like Singapore born porn actress Felicia Tang real name Felicia Lee who was found dead in a Las Vegas apartment in 2009. Her preacher boyfriend was charged for murder but got scot free. She died of rough sex. Go on the web .
    She would have been 35 years on October 22, 2012 which is today

  25. John Smith said

    It’s good to see young Asians breaking out of the restricted sexual hypocrisy of previous generations. Asians actually love sex, but don’t like to admit it in public. Instead, all these respectable, middle class executives and politicians are out having all kinds of sex with prostitutes and girlfriends behind their wives backs then railing about the immorality of these young, honest people who are so in love..

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