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WP NCMP: We want ‘positive engagement’ with the government

Posted by temasektimes on October 18, 2012

The Workers Party believes in ‘positive engagement’ with the government for the ‘general good’ of Singapore, said Workers Party Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) Yee Jenn Jong.

Sharing his views during a forum organization by NUS Political Association on the ongoing ‘Singapore Conversation’, Mr Yee said:

“We all have our different ways of engaging in our own conversation so, there is a government’s initiated national conversation going on right now and the Workers’ Party has always believed in positive engagement, in whatever we can to contribute towards the general good of Singapore.”

Mr Yee has earlier lavished generous praise on the initiative by the PAP government:

“It’d be good when something is really done, that the voices are heard. Like I said, there are a lot of voices that are already heard. I don’t think there (will be) any new views that will be surfaced.”

The Workers Party has been indulging in ‘positive engagement’ with the PAP in parliament for the past one year by amusing it with completely irrelevant, frivolous and ridiculous questions on PSLE textbooks, overseas voting, use of tempered glass and BIRD DROPPINGS.

In the aftermath of the General Election last year, WP MP Pritam Singh declared the intention of the Workers Party to work with the PAP rather than the other opposition parties:

“If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next election, the Workers Party will form a coalition government with it (to keep it in power)”

Singaporeans voting for the Workers Party are in fact voting for the PAP since its MPs are so closely aligned to it that even the PAP backbenchers are more independent, vocal and critical than them.


16 Responses to “WP NCMP: We want ‘positive engagement’ with the government”

  1. skponggol said

    The Vichy WP is incredibly and inexplicably silent on housing problem in the recent parliament sitting despite HDB houses cracking the $1 million mark. Instead it were the PAP backbenchers who rose up to speak one after another.

    Even more incredible, the WP eunuchs, one after another in parliament, rushed to speak up for the rich people in Bukit Timah who did not stay in their constituencies: voicing out that their house value will drop due to flooding. So Yaw Shin Leong was not alone when he spoke up those fat cats property agents.

    The Vichy WP have totally forgotten and ignored the plight of everyday ordinary working-class people. They only concerned for the rich. Not only happy with co-driving, the WP eunuchs are also co-drinking and co-sleeping with the PAP regime.

    Mod’s note:

    The ‘Wayang Party’ is even more pro-foreigner and pro-rich than the PAP. The real opposition parties must contest in Aljunied and Hougang in 2016 to boot these non-performing leeches out of parliament once and for all! A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Boycott the useless, shameless, worthless, hopeless and spineless ‘Wayang Party’ now!

  2. Michael Ang said

    I sometimes wonder whether Temasek Times is indeed “pro-PAP” by sometimes deliberately taking shots at PAP for smokescreen to make Temasek Times look not quite “pro-establishment”, but spend most of its spaces publishing anti Workers Party materials (as WP is now the strongest Opposition party by the number of MP representation).

    I have to emphasize that I am NOT pro-Workers Party. I am an angry Singaporean, who’s life has been made very difficult by the current policies. So whether it is PAP, WP, SDP or whoever can improve my life and most Singaporeans lives, then I am pro that party.

    I feel we already have too many mouth piece media platform by PAP (the mainstream media, etc), we do need to have alternative media platforms that helps to advance Opposition interests. So what if Temasek Times deemed to be anti-PAP outright. It is not shameless, as media on its own is bias, it is never neutral. No media house in the world can claim it is completely neutral without bias. Nobody will believe that crap anyway.

    Mod’s note:

    The fake opposition ‘Wayang Party’ is even worse than the PAP. Low Thia Kiang ranted at the PAP for restricting the inflow of work permit holders earlier this year. If you vote for WP, you are actually voting for the PAP. So boycott the ‘Wayang Party’ and switch your support to the real opposition parties like SDP and RP as WP is on the SAME side as the PAP. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP = A vote for more and more foreigners!

    • Henry said

      In the Brave New Social Media World, we have to behave like the “Tarsier” … have big eyes, big ears, but small mouth … See a lot, hear a lot … speak little in order to survie in in the wild jungles … friendly advice.

  3. SianzSG said

    Hey mod, More on WP -less


  4. denzuko1 said

    Positive engagement? Like this WP might as well disband and join PAP.

    Mod’s note:

    Why disband when it is already PART of the PAP to split and weaken the opposition?

    • denzuko1 said

      Disband as WP and have the name removed from registry altogether. If not disband it will look more like hanging goat’s had and selling dog meat.

      Mod’s note:

      Please send your suggestion to

  5. Johnny Toh said

    Once awhile post bad things about WP to catch readers off guard and let them think WP is “really bad”. Nice move.

  6. Jaded said

    TT Mod working really hard for his pappies masters recently… bonus must be damn good for this year

  7. Kenneth Tan said

    Lol Temasek Times I think your blind hatred and prejudice towards WP is really risible and downright cowardly.

    Firstly, you like to pin all of PAP’s failings on THE MINORITY PARTY who has no real power to scupper any unpopular bills. Plus, have you really been following Parliament sessions? Well I have and I can tell you that WP has put the heat on PAP during the sessions. All downplayed or omitted in our mainstream media of course. So you are presenting yourself as alternative media and yet you believe everything our 154th media tells/omits to tell you?

    Let me ask you this also: if the WP wants to cut down the number of foreigners in Singapore and calls the Perm Sec of the National Population And Talent Division to give him a piece of their mind, do you think the Perm Sec will bother to entertain the call? Hello uncle, Mr Perm Sec takes orders from their political masters, the PAP only. Do you even have a basic understanding of how our political system works?

    Secondly, if you really find them performing dismally, why don’t you do a one-on-one interview with the leadership of Workers’ Party and tell them upfront; instead of creating an online blog to take anonymous cheap shots at them and blaming them for every single PAP blunder and gaffe? It’s like saying it’s my fault but your problem.

    Thirdly, you seem to have an obvious problem with the popularity and prominence WP has gained in recent times. Are you really Goh Meng Seng in disguise who seems to think he is the only one who can take the fight to PAP and be the sole unifying force behind all the opposition parties? Your posts smack of someone who seems jealous of the limelight that WP has found itself thrust into. If so, why not come forth and tell us who you are if you want a share of the limelight. WP has apparently also done some internal cleansing to do in light of the recent Yaw Shin Leong saga. Perhaps you are not GMS but one of those who have fallen prey to the “cleansing” because of questionable ethics?

  8. Naivety said

    Pro Alien Party should actually let the oppositions participate in the so-called “National ConTheNation” session(s) not just the Workers Party but open up to all other opposition parties as well such as SDP, RP, SPP, NSP, etc etc in order to obtain more constructive & creative ideas & feedback from them unless they are too afraid!!!

    Mod’s note:

    PAP must give ‘face’ to its most loyal ‘B’ team for its effort to indulge in ‘positive engagement’ with it. LOL.

  9. Buay Sian Meh? said

    Why are you guys always flaming the mod that he’s a PAPpy dog in disguise? Say so many times buay sian meh? Although I must also admit the mod is also way too persistent in his WP bashing. Anyway, we’re on an alternative media platform so I believe we’re all well-informed to a certain degree to not be easily swayed by opinions. Regardless of the mod’s intentions, it is a fact that WP is doing nothing since being elected. Build a credible argument to refute the mod’s opinions and actually engage in meaningful discussion, rather than accusing or flaming without basis. If your hollow brain can’t think of anything good to say besides mindlessly provoking individuals, go back to reading your Shit Times.

    Mod’s note:

    That’s the typical mindset of fanatical WP supporters. Anybody who criticizes their beloved party is a PAPpy dog. They didn’t realize that their party has been a ‘lapdog’ of the PAP all this while. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP = A vote for more foreigners!

  10. *sarcastically* So are they going to propose?

  11. Ron said

    The WP is a waste of time. Hardly anything worthwhile to talk about them. Gone are the days when they can concentrate on a single constitutency, keep their heads low and work for the next election. They do not have the guts to speak up on public issues.

    Spore will improve only when there are effective debates both in and out of Parliament. It is absurd to speculate that the PAP will lose big in 2016. They may even win back all seats when the public gets fed up with the Opposition…spineless and meek after they get into Parliament. Might as well stick to one Party and then conduct the People’s Parliament outside.

    We can see how the PAP is plotting to win big in 2016. Just watch the news and the major announcements. Punishing the wrongdoers especially senior officials will serve as a lesson to rank and file to behave.

    Mod’s note:

    The useless ‘Wayang Party’ leeches cannot open their platinum mouths without prior permission from the PAP HQ. That’s why there will be no difference if you replace them with dummies. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! The real opposition parties must contest in Aljunied and Hougang to boot out these non-performing clowns in 2016.

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