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8 reasons why living in Malaysia beats living in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on October 19, 2012

Having lived in Malaysia and Singapore for at least 7 years each, I thought that I would pen down some glaring differences between the two living environments:

1. Freedom and Lawlessness

Law enforcers are not only lax in Malaysia but also easily swayed with money, so you can avoid them most of the time and pay them off, should you get confronted with them. This situation basically means that the law does not apply to you, as long as you have enough money, which relegates the law to nothing more than a mere cost of living.

I value freedom a whole damn lot; there is no amount of security and comfort that I would trade for a high level of freedom: the freedom to speed, park illegally, litter, trespass, indulge in anti-social behaviour, etc. Freedom is crucial for happiness, period. Of course, the lack of law enforcement also means that your own rights may be compromised, but complaining about that is just being overly-dependent on the government to secure your own well-being.

Crimes and infringement of our rights in general only happen because we lack skills of self-perpetuation, such as negotiation, situational awareness, and street-smartness. The correct way to address the problem is to develop self-preservation skills, not cry to the government for protection. You will be a stronger person as well, and more like an independent, hardened adult, not like little children in a school who go reporting to authority anytime anything small happens. Take the law into your own hands.

2. Cost of Living

Relative to the average wages of both countries, the cost of living in both countries is high. However, given how strong the Singapore Dollar is compared to the Malaysian Ringgit, Malaysia works out to be much cheaper, if you can put yourself in a situation to earn foreign currency regardless of where you live. In other words, if you can earn US Dollars or Euros either in Malaysia or Singapore (e.g. by owning a software company serving international customers), Malaysia will feel like heaven for you. Malaysia has a lot of bullshit going on, but consider the fact that the cost of living in Singapore is not 20% or 30% higher; it is 200% or 300% higher than that in Malaysia.

There are also peculiar costs in Singapore that make no sense: S$500,000 99-year leasehold shoeboxes in the air and S$80,000 license to own a car (not the car itself), just to name a few. A very important fact of life is that you can truly own a house and car (no time limit whatsoever imposed by HDB or COEs) with literally less than RM100,000, or S$40,000. Anyone knows having a car at your disposal grants you an uncanny freedom that most public transport commuters can never understand.

3. Choice of Living Environments

The entire island of Singapore is the same shit over and over again: HDB flats, heartland hubs, private condominiums, shopping malls, office buildings, night spots, schools, and the occasional park/nature reserve/beach. If you hate that, tough luck, buddy. In Malaysia, if you are sick of the shitty traffic and rude people of Kuala Lumpur, move north or south to quieter suburban or outskirt areas. If you are sick of city life, move to one of the beach towns. If you are sick of the swelteringly-hot weather, go upwards and live in Fraser’s Hill or Cameron Highlands. Sometimes, the further you move away from your comfort zone, the more it feels like a different country altogether. Using the same logic, USA, Canada, and Australia should offer a greater choice of living environments than both Malaysia and Singapore combined.

4. Diversity

Diversity comes from within, but, if we define diversity as the observable differences among people and things, Malaysia is more diverse than Singapore, and it is the little things that make the most difference. For instance, Chinese, Malay, and Indian dialects actually survive in Malaysia (not just Mandarin, Standard Malay, and Tamil), depending on which part of Malaysia you go to. There are definitely more things to do than shopping, working/studying, and food-hunting in Malaysia. You can even send your children to different types of schools: vernacular schools, independent schools, private schools, home-schooling, real specialised technical schools (none of that “ITE” umbrella nonsense), or, hell, even the School of Hard Knocks, since Malaysia is not exactly a safe playground for kids.

Malaysia is more interesting, less monotonous, and interesting environments tend to produce interesting people. People who have lived in Malaysia and then went on to live in Singapore for an extended period of time eventually become more one-dimensional in their personalities over time, and vice-versa.

5. Living vs. Surviving

Both people in Malaysia and Singapore live hectic, fast-paced lives, at least if you compare the urban areas of both countries. In Singapore, almost everything is done for the money: doing well in school, doing well in the workplace, not driving out during certain hours of the day, and even marriage and child birth (since you get to buy HDB flats and get baby bonuses for getting married and having children, respectively). You know something is wrong with a country when the government has to pay its people to have sex and bang each other. People in Singapore are too busy surviving to actually live. It takes a lot of effort to even have a low standard of living in Singapore.

In Malaysia, if you are lucky enough to inherit a small home and pay off a motorcycle early on in your life, you can literally grow your own crops, hunt, or fish and survive day by day. A lot of villagers do just that. In Singapore, if you ask people to name two things that they do regularly outside of work/school that they consider hobbies, you would get a lot of blank faces. They are too busy working and studying to have free time to even pamper themselves by doing things they like or even think about their actual dreams (that would be too audacious). The sad irony is that a lot of people in Malaysia work less and play more and still make way more money or do better in their academic pursuits.

6. Empirical Happiness

Both people in Malaysia and Singapore have to put with an awful amount of bullshit. In Singapore, you have semi-competent yet greedy politicians in charge, making life a living hell for everyone with price hikes, non-sensible immigration policies, and even more new laws to curb personal freedoms or scare people into voluntarily surrendering their freedoms (CPF withdrawal age, anyone?). In Malaysia, we have lazy, blood-sucking, idiotic, racist politicians with no sense of good governance whatsoever, hopelessly-inefficient everything (bureaucracy, legal system, public transportation, education), and a lot of social crime. Empirically, however, people are complaining less and smiling/laughing/joking more in Malaysia.

People in Malaysia also commit suicide not as often as people in Singapore. People walk slower in Malaysia, and you can even see people sitting down in coffee shops for literally the whole day just chatting happily away in Malaysia. My personal experience also revealed that it is much easier building rapport with a stranger in Malaysia than in Singapore (in Malaysia, just call the other person “boss” or “bro” or “leng lui” for starters; you cannot do that to strangers in Singapore – they are too damn stuck-up). In short, people in Malaysia have not forgotten how to relax and take things easy. Try going out one day in Orchard Road and in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, look at the first 100 faces that you come across, and then compare the proportion of smiling faces, and you will feel what I feel.

7. Social Discrimination

Malaysia is known for its xenophobia and racism, no doubt, but so is Singapore – to a larger extent. In Singapore, you get discriminated for virtually anything: for being Malay/Indian (jobs with Mandarin literacy as a prerequisite), for being a neighbourhood school student (scholarship applications), for being an academically-weak student (Special/Express/Normal streams), for being a fat student (TAF Club), for being an able-bodied Singaporean male (National Service), for being a local tourist (Singaporean casinos), for being an MOE foreign scholar (the Sun Xu incident), etc. “Meritocracy” my ass.

8. The Focus on Numbers

Singapore is all about the numbers and only the numbers: GPA, CAP, L1R5, PSLE T-Score, GDP growth rate, GDP per capita, median income, net worth, crime rates, and even IPPT timings. People in Singapore are not bothered by anything that cannot be measured by a number: creativity, music/art, quality of life, and happiness (fuck the happiness index crap). It is a sick, toxic culture; people who do not perform well in these numbers are treated like dirt. I have personally received the better end of Singapore’s brand of favouritism in secondary school, and I felt sick to the core. If kindness from others to me is driven by admiration of my CAP/L1R5/whatever useless number, you can stick that kindness straight up your ass.

The only reason that Malaysians would choose to work and live in Singapore is the higher wages across the causeway. Their modus operandi has always been to work long enough there to save enough Singapore Dollars, and then come back to spend the money like a king. We already have our own clean, green, efficient, and economically-successful (and, hell, even Chinese-dominated) island-state; it is called Penang. What do you think about living in Malaysia as compared to living in Singapore?


The above is taken from a note from the author’s Facebook. A third year undergraduate in Law in NUS, Alvin Tan caused a stir lately by posting photos and videos of him having sex with his girlfriend on his personal blog.


59 Responses to “8 reasons why living in Malaysia beats living in Singapore”

  1. Singkaypoh said

    Can’t argue with that…hell, I even totally agree, but well, I’m stilll stuck here so can’t open my mouth like him 🙂

    • Jai said

      totally agreed with him as well…

    • Francischuanghli said

      We are riding at the TIGER’s backpack. No other way to go .

    • Sg Citizen said

      Alvin Tan for that piece of well-written article that has fully described the current pathetic state of Singaporeans, you fully deserve every single cent of the scholarship. 你为新加坡人争口气!You are million times better than that dog Sun Xu who only knows how to bark and whimpers in fear and doesn’t dare speak out against the flawed policies of our government when people seek him out. You got the balls.

      • Mikey said


        Well spoken and written.. already a bazillion times better than any of our ‘politicians’.

    • Commando Pants said

      This kid got talent, pretty well written and accurate..

      • Julie Ong said

        Hello, Commander Pants.

        Mr Alvin Tan – he’s controversial, but great fun! Yes, I agree with you. What strikes me is his ‘free spirit’ and his daring to be different. His comments about the ruling politicians in Singapore is spot on (refer to Item 6). Inspite of this we should give credit to Mr Lee Kuan Yew for his resolute determination and eventual success in enforcing law and order. Not him alone, though. His cabinet ministers and MPs as well. But we must press on and forge further ahead if we really want an island city state that is truly par excellence. Economic or financial gain is only one aspect. Our outlook in life, our attitudes towards our less fortunate citizens and our practical help to them, respect for one another as fellow citizens without regard to position, freedom of speech and association, etc., etc. – these are crucial towards a kinder and happier society. Whilst I’ll never envy or begrudge others who are rich, I’d reiterate again that we live in a society and not just an economy! Policies must be toward the benefit of the vast majority instead of the privileged few.

        Thanks, Mr Alvin Tan. A word of caution if you don’t mind: don’t speed and trespass as both of these are impermissible. The former can actually cause much damage or injury or both and in some instances even death. You are a talent that should be nurtured and harnessed to it’s fullest potential.

  2. Ron said

    Alvin is a cheap skate, third rate porn actor. His fxxking is boring. His dxxk is nothing fantastic either. And not sure why he even bother to shave down there. He is like a dog in heat and so proud to show others he can cum into his girlfriend’s mouth and cunt… you can find all that in another website.

    And he thinks he can write a good comparison between Malaysia and Spore. By all means stay in Malaysia. Both countries have their culture and differences. And life in Spore is not as stressful as he makes it out to be. A lawless country as he freely admits is not one to be admired. He may be lucky so far but a robber with a parang may slash at him. Such is the terror or robbery in and around KL these days.

    A dog is a always a dog. Or should I say a pig is a pig.

    • botak chin said

      Alamak Ron, why are you overreacting, calling him a pig, a dog. ?
      Did he screw your asshole, wife, sister, maid, girlfriend ?
      Since you consider him a 3rd rate porn star, how about you show us what is 1st rate lah !
      He is not exactly wrong in his views. The lawless part that makes a person stronger is very true. Those from such areas can survive in Sincity easily but not vice versa. I speak from personal experience.

    • AngrySingaporean said

      “life in Spore is not as stressful as he makes it out to be.”

      Oh really? Then all those complains you read on various forums and people raising the same issues during their meetings with Ministers, are just talking shit?

      If you are in the top 10% income bracket or you are a high income expat, then yeah, Singapore is really a perfect playground to be in.

      But most of us average Singaporeans, life is becoming a difficult struggle each day

      • no stress in SG said

        This bugger who calls himself ‘Ron’ has claimed that he is collecting a nice income from renting out his properties. Search all his posts on TT and repost the specific one here for all readers. It will prove he is well off, hence life in Spore is not stressful for him.

    • what the fish ! said

      Ron, as a much older and more experienced person than Alvin, you have disgraced yourself more than him by the way you post. Alvin’s post can be read by countless and so is yours. WTF !

    • compatriot said

      I think Singapore needs more the color of Alvin Tan Jye Yee around,He speaks and posted the salient truth and shame the devil.Elected governmental parliamentarians are GREDDY and Opposition elected parliamentarians comitted OBEISANCE

      And what are you Ron,A PARIAH DOG who eats shit and wont admit it has eaten shit and will always remain eating shit

      For you called a person a dog not realising that how do you know one’s a dog especially when you are one of the filthy dog yourself.’FOR IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ANOTHER’or even a pig

      I’m a local born Singaporen who has worked and lived in Peninsula and East Malaysia for a couple of years I enjoyed their beautiful scenic landscapes,They have a cultured population who shown friendliness,with smiling and approachability

      I wont be surprise when Singapore will return back to be a member state of Malaysia

      A pariah dog who eats shit will never admit he has eaten shit and will always remain eating shit

      It take a bigger one to know another

    • Singkaypoh said

      Ron sounds like Sun Xu talking about dogs, I wonder how long is Ron’s Rod?

  3. Daft Peasant said

    Alvin, don talk…..just fuck…..and give us more videos…..

  4. jay said

    well written. Singapore IS all about statistics. Human centred governance does not exist. I’d vote this piece for journalism of the year award

  5. For every Alvin Tan, we get many other Malaysians who live, work and raise families here; and loving every bit of it. I have met many brilliant ones too!

  6. Alan said

    i agree with him on the worthless yet greedy politicians

  7. Jf said

    So what will happen after this coming election duh! He is delaying to call call one. Why? Stupid that you should close fast this door to Singapore.

  8. Zam said

    Awesome write up….very well written.

  9. wah ka li kong said

    speaking about the truth………kind of agreed with him!
    And the truth is Truth Hurts!!! Ouch!…….and thank him for slapping our garment right on the face!!!!!!!!
    Ouch! Ouch!
    Maybe he should cont’ studied here get the scholarship going….., graduate , land a high post job super scale d or something, join PAP young, be an apple of somebody eye, get electd in GRC be a MP. , then be a PM and…………………………

    .CHANGE this fucking country!!!!!!!!!!

    what do you think?

  10. wylee said

    win some lose some – there are many who stays back n contribute to s’pore- n they’re sucessfuj too- CEOs, Ministers , MPs. the list goes on …..

    Mod’s note:

    Really? Can you compile a list to prove your point?

  11. Alvin’s evidently a very bright young chappee but sadly not with his feet firmly grounded. He’ll need a few hard knocks in life to get down to practical realities from his high horse of egoistic intellectual self-appraisal and self-esteem. The present backlash from netizens on his obscene postings shd awaken him 2 the realisation that thinking out of the box and acting on his thots r different things for their ramifications.

  12. junde said

    wow… this article looks good… gonna read at home all details … first glance … Being street smart… got to learn to take care of yourself. If the streets are too clean … It’s like a human body not exposed to germs … No immunity…

    Btw on the Alvin tan brouhaha … very mediocre… nobody would watch that here in JP…. sorry mr. tan

  13. Jeremy said

    @Living vs Surviving:

    There are many valid points made, but are you seriously trying to justify against something with a definition of what is Happiness and what is living life?!

    People who go out to fish, farm or hunt just to survive, do that out of survival like you said, no different from Singaporeans earning a living. It’s just a different concept of survival between 2 vastly different environment.

    You say like doing all these is just a vacation and way of life, but there is a high percentage of chance that many dislike the constant routine of planting crops and hunting for food. They do it for survival, not because they love to plant crops when they were borne into this world.

    Hobbies are the same, in fact I would disagree with you that simpler living folk are more likely to say they have a certain hobby. With technology and high quality of living life comes more hobbies. Obvious ones like paint ball, video games and movies. Chances are that kampong living folk might see playing soccer and such a way of passing time rather than out of passion in a hobby.

    Seriously, show the wonders or convenience of technology to a simple country living folk, and take it away from them forever. They will learn to lust after that same quality of living as well.

    Happiness is subjective heavily to an individual… It is a really invalid point to bring up between comparisons.

    P.S. Orchard vs Utama, is also a subjective and opinionated comparison…. I can smile safetly in Orchard yet stay extremely cautious of being robbed or killed in Utama.

    Crime rate matters to the level of Happiness and standard of living as well.

  14. AngrySingaporean said

    Upfront, I am a born here, bred here Singapore Chinese.

    I totally agree with Alvin.
    Firstly, we don’t even need compare living in Singapore with say Hong Kong, Australia, UK, US, Canada and even in good parts of China (e.g. Shanghai, Beijing) because hands down, these places beat Singapore when you weigh everything up. The favourite argument line Singapore government loves to take is “oh but you know you will pay loads more taxes in places like Australia, UK, US, Canada, etc”.

    Well, that’s not true. I used to believe this crap that one of the biggest advantages of being Singaporean is we pay way lower taxes. But I have woken up and see the facts is not such. In places like US, Canada, Uk etc, while it may seem you are paying more taxes (say 40%), but don’t forget that much of these taxes collected goes to welfare benefits which you too will enjoy. However n Singapore, even if you pay say just 15%, all these money goes to the government, you are on your own for medical expenses, education, retirement etc. Our government says it subsidizes. Really? go do your numbers and you know it doesn’t add up. But this is a separate topic on its own.

    In Singapore, they tax you front load, in other indirect forms such as COE, high HDB prices, regardless how much you earn and whether you even have a job or not.

    I never really thought of comparing Singapore to Malaysia, because honestly, many Singaporeans do grow up thinking Malaysia as their poorer neighbour and you won’t even think of including Malaysia for comparisons especially in living standards and happiness. But Alvin has put forth a very strong and logical argument.

    I used to think Singapore is great because it’s safe, etc. Well in a way, that’s true. But hey, if you get into legal trouble, you wish you were in Malaysia where you can just pay off and be done with it. I don’t think the government has time to waste on legal cases like Cecilia Sue, Teacher-Student sex.

    I don’t wish to reiterate Alvin’s points of arguments here, I think he has already elaborated them well, self-explanatory.

    Before you start getting nationalistic and lambast him for the article, please just take a moment to ask yourself whether are you really happy with your own living standard. If the FT overcrowding public transport and FT taking away local jobs doesn’t affect you, if you can well afford to buy 1-2 cars despite the ridiculous COE prices, and if the $1mln HDB and overall property prices doesn’t affect you, then yes, you are right that Alvin is talking shit and Singapore is indeed a great place to be in. Or if you are one of those 60% who voted for PAP and still blinded, then sure, go ahead the slam Alvin for talking shit.

    But if you are those amongst us who are gradually living under impossible conditions, despite all the cosmetic front that our government put forth to impress outsiders, then you will see some truth in Alvin’s article.

    So touch your heart, and see things objectively.

  15. singaporean said

    Well i must say im pretty impressed by his command of english…quite well narrated as well..too bad his character is crappy.

  16. Ron said

    Alvin cannot afford to be smug and cynical for long. Singapore and Malaysia have strong poltical relationships. Spore is investing billions in the upcoming Iskander and S. Johor developments. So, go ahead and be spiteful and then try to be brilliant in your write-ups.

    It is easy to take out an Interpol arrest warrant and I will see whether you will still be as brave as you are now…No one can touch you.

    You posted those videos and pics while in Malaysia. So, is Malaysia that lawless that your wealth can shield you from the wrath of Spore or even from the Police in Malaysia?

    I am harsh in my comments about you because you are doing all this to spite Spore after years of living off the generousity of Spore.

    • horay said

      Screw you Ron,
      Alvin did not spite Sporeans and Spore, that is how I see it. He can spite the PAP govt for all I care. So you can shaft your harsh comments up your freaking ass.

      You do need to threaten him with interpol arrest because he is not even remotely close to being considered an international criminal. Don’t behave like an ignorant prick and disgrace yourself.
      Don’t talk so big, just show you have balls and reveal who you are.

    • DIY said

      @ Ron

      The way I see Alvin studying as a law student is visibly a promotional gimmick with plenty of superlatives. My D.I.Y. analysis of the symptom is easily diagnosed as high sugary intake for his dietary consumption. The hyper personality is an alter ego. Short on saying that Alvin is suffering a bipolar disorientation is preposterous because he has not graduated yet.

      In reference to GM (genetically modified) foods, Alvin intake on glucose are peripheral as compared to products that has undergone laboratory changes to the plants genes. His case is preventable. It’s all about testosterone or male hormone. The biological need is automatically goes for an estrogen; another compound of female hormone. That’s why the smooching is obvious. It is to neutralise the inner freedom. Product is a free pornographic show on the internet.

      But Alvin, be careful; too much on addictive gastronomy activity can lead to diabetes and kidney failure. Brain alteration consumption can also alter your behaviour. Heroin and alcohol are examples that social problems can manifest in later life. If the lurid show is taken for granted to be half pregnant, then unwanted pregnancy can developed.

      The student’s behaviour can be saved successfully. There was a test case happened 10 years ago in Texas. A woman consulted his family doctor that her husband’s vitality was very strong. The doctor prescribed a female hormone tablet to be taken with tea every morning during breakfast. The wife took on the initiative for three months. The discreet therapy went into effect and the husband did changed. The woman consulted his doctor again and explained that he had an infatuation for wearing women clothes.

      Scientifically if Alvin is treated early he can really change into the ‘blues’. This is synonymous with the current song for Malaysian Tourist Promotion Board ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’. The melody is very relax and melancholy.

  17. Pass me some sng buay said

    Singapore has its own share of high aptitude exhibitionists, cases in point: Annabel Chong, A-star scholar and streaker Eng Kai Er. Annabel Chong was at least quite voluptuous and Kai Er, atheletic. These two are an affront to porn afficionadoes, then again they didn’t point a gun at us to view their home projects. Can TT mask their faces when posting their news– not to protect their IDs but us from revulsion.

  18. Jay said

    Every country in the world has good and bad points. As a spoilt individual with minimal emotional intelligence, Alvin has chosen to only highlight the elements he didn’t like about Singapore and none of the good. He is the little child who went to party (Singapore) and didn’t appreciate what the Host (Singapore, citizens, tax payers) generously provided him with. Instead of appreciating the lifetime opportunity and he turns around and says ‘yuck’. Ungrateful and immature (didn’t his parents ever tell him to say thank you for all ‘gifts’??). I truly feel sorry for this parents and how their child has turned out. They should be extremely embarrased and hopefully not continuing to support his naive lifestyle. Alvin needs to grow up. Maybe in 10 years time he’ll come back to Singapore, apologise for his behaviour and work to contribute something of value to the community to repay his debt.

    • a man said

      I’m sorry that you think that way. I’m Singaporean myself and feel that aside from the moralistic conundrum that Alvin unleashed, in no way did he ever imperviously disparage Singapore. If you read his critique carefully- without your preconceived biasses, conservative values and hypocritical morals- you’ll notice that points 6, 7 and 8 are absolutely spot-on. Our dear LKY likes to ruminate about hard truths; Alvin reciprocates with a succinct delivery of accurate and factual insights that is difficult to digest. If anything, Alvin just pointed every bit of failing that Singapore currently faces, such that it can (hopefully) correct its system to attain a better measure of success.

      I genuinely hope the PAP reads this.

  19. Michael Chang said

    I wish I could rebuts what he says about Singapore but i can’t as the truth sinks in….we really are not living a life as human beings but instead being trained since young to follow instruction n now works like a robot with no free time n quality life

  20. fnu lnu said

    This guy should be thought a lesson for turning his back on the system that gave him opportunity to be a learned person. Simply an ungrateful and think that he can hide and get away with this in Malaysia? Think again buddy…just wait for the full force of the law to straight and wake up his freaking mind….

    • Goddess said

      “the system that gave him an opportunity” …did it with strings attached. Singapore govt is very calculated, smart and opportunistic. They pick and choose the recipients with a long-term vision. How many schorlarships did they give out to bright malay students from malaysia or smart indian students from india. Well lets throw in Africa for argument sake. Compare that number with how many were awarded to chinese students from Malaysia, China, HK, Taiwan etc.

  21. Ron said

    Comparing Spore with Malaysia, UK, USA, Australia does not serve much purpose when the argument is slanted towards outdoor scenery, weather, etc.
    How about comparing on taxation, violent crimes by guns and parangs, level of drug trafficking, fear of the ordinary citizen etc.?

    Stress levels? Yeah, it is always nice to say the grass is greener on the other side. And for those who have worked overseas and liked it so much, why are you and your family still here?

    Singapore has its merits. As for stress, it is up to each individual to strive, to cope. Many are complaining as if all the cards are stacked against them in Spore. If only life is so pleasant in Malaysia and elsewhere when it comes to getting a job or doing a business and then paying taxes that are so much higher. I see friends hiding their investments in Spore from the Australian tax authorities. I do not need to hide in Spore. Investment income is tax free.

    When someone lives off the generosity of Spore and then do such things he is a Dog, a mongrel. And those who fail to defend Spore in the face of insults by a foreigner, where is your loyalty to Spore? If someone throws shit on your country, your government, you nod your head and smile?

    If you disagree with the PAP, then exercise your vote. And you can join the on-going government forums, write to the Ministers, etc. I write to them myself. Do not be a NATO (no action talk only).

    The decision is simple: Pull up your roots and join Alvin in Malaysia if you support what he is doing. And good luck.

    • horay said

      Eh Ron, don’t talk so much cock lah! Just show sporeans what you have written to the ministers and post their response to you. What you are doing is NATO.

      By the way it is better to make assholes like you uproot and board a one way trip to the south china sea. I will not disagree with sporeans who think it’s a good idea to sink the boat. what do you think ?

  22. BoostaBoots said

    So Singapore is the only place out of the two where there is a “system that gave him the opportunity to be a learned person”?

    Fuck off.

  23. you are really right said

    you are really right

  24. Ken said

    Great arguments, gangnam-style. Very creative & interesting. I agreed that Malaysia is too corrupted and Singapore… a fast-paced & city of fines.

  25. YP said


  26. YP said

    Well if you look at it from Alvin’s perspective he is not wrong. If that kind of life he leads in Malaysia makes him happy so be it. Why argue? Perhaps he will be the next Gates or Jobs and make a lot of money from his online business.

    I was born in Perak (Malaysia) but my parents chose to migrate to Singapore during the colonial era. So I grew up here, was only an average guy not particularly outstanding (only a general degree) and not ambitious either. Got married bought a terrace house and had 2 daughters. Along the way used CPF to invest in a condo which got enbloc returning me $1.45 mil. My terrace house is worth at least $1.8 mil and still appreciating. Both my wife and I still have a fat CPF balance which will be more than sufficient to outlast us.

    Both daughters are graduates and married to graduates with their own houses fully paid for. One here and the other in UK. We had 2 cars but scraped one since we are both retired and traveling by bus and MRT or even taxi is a better option. Recently we saw and fell in love with a period SD house with 5-bedrooms and 6,000 sq ft of beautiful matured English garden and bought it for less that S$800,000 and we can well afford either a Jag XF or MB240 for about S$60,000. We intend to live in style with my daughter there during the warmer months and be back in Singapore the rest of the time when we are not traveling.

    Yes, we have been to most countries which Singapore tourists have been to, including S America and we are going to Africa and other lesser known places in the future.

    So what is the point I am trying to make? Singapore is not as bad a place as Alvin and many others have made it out to be at least for my generation and my children’s generation. Singapore is competitive but which developed country isn’t? Singapore is expensive but so are many other places and we have the advantage of a strong S$ to spend lavishly in Malaysia as well as in many oversea countries.

    Have lived and worked here has afforded us the opportunity to have a fulfilling life, traveled the world and even leave a generous legacy to our children. We didn’t feel confined by any lack of freedom of speech or action. Each time we step off the plane and walked to the immigration counters at Changi we felt good to be back! So far no other airport has given us a better feeling!

    Yup you can live in the kampongs or seaside in Malaysia and live from hand to mouth and be happy. But sad isn’t it that your world will only be confined to that little place. If Alvin can lead that kind of life and reach his retirement and still come back to tell us he was happy and had a fulfilling existence then my apologies to him to have contradicted him.

  27. Andy said

    NBeh… I never like people like Alvin enjoying free accommodation in Singapore, but wait….. he has earned through his well written piece about SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT and their 60.1% DOGGIES. So Give Alvin what he deserved in Singapore and a BEER. Cheers to Alvin!

  28. bongkinchen said

    He is more street-wise than any nerd I know. He is equally book-smart and could easily probably be more book-smart in his career ambition if he constrains very wisely some of his smouldering street-brawn to let his fledging life blossom to the fullest. He is certainly no PRUDE.

  29. BadAngel said

    Firstly, Alvin, your rant is as original as your dinky tattoo..and you’re an ugly little twat aren’t you..go put a shirt on for fucksake. far as I’m concerned both countries are about the same..full of retards and materialistic wankers..Malaysia is hopeless really..need I say more? And Singapore..well, slightly better, only just..but soulless. Those people who don’t smile, they’re losers, that’s why.
    I despise people who judge others by their material success or lack of..Singaporeans are born with that trait..its the extra kiasu DNA that does chains and permed hair..all bling but no personality. So Sing peeps, go get some therapy! You know your culture is fucked up when you have paper cars and fake money accompany dead people!

    I’ve never lived in Singapore and never wish to..mainly because you people speak funny. Enjoyed numerous visits there though.

    DIY..what the fuck are you on about??

    Oh..YP, I think you’re lying about all those properties and fancy cars..I think you live in a shithole shack, and you sell ais-kacang for a living, don’t you.

    Ron..calm down you fuckwit..why get your knickers all in a twist over this..and whats with the parang robberies sound like a paranoid skitzo!

    Back to Alvin. You are wrong my son. Both Malaysia and Singapore are crap places to live..but if you squeeze my balls and force me to choose..i’d have to go with least I can resort to hunting and gathering and live with some dignity.

  30. Taufique said

    i may not agree with his very public escapades, but this write up is quite accurate.

  31. Samo Ting said

    earn foreign currency in malaysia and feel like heaven? Thought everyone can do so? IF so easy, then won’t be so much crimes in malaysia already. Those only for those “upper tier” working ppl owning international companies. But singapore’s system might be the reason it can rise up much higher than malaysia internationally. Malaysia still busy fighting among themselves in politics while singapore working hard economically. Just my thought, maybe inaccurate i admit

  32. Splitnic said

    I’m a Malaysian who has been living in Singapore for the past 13 years and I have to say that Alvin is right. I miss the laid-back easy life back home. But I chose to focus on my career and Singapore is the place to do it. If i want a lil Livin’ and some soulful action i just hop across the border. In SG i switch off. In Malaysia i switch on. It has worked well for me and i simply learn to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    The thing i love about Singapore is the Safety factor. The thing I hate about Singapore is how they tend to blow things out of proportion esp about the crime rate. The crime rate in malaysia is the same as what you get in Sydney, New York and London. Singaporeans will pay thousands to fly there for holiday but squeal at the thought of driving across to JB. Seriously, if you keep reading Straits Times, then you will have been thoroughly brainswashed by the bullshit newspaper that scares the crap out of you about driving into Malaysia so that you will spend your money in SG and not in MY.

    Both countries have their good and bad. However, I will NEVER want to retire in Singapore simply because I wont be able to afford it and I don’t think i want to be surrounded by concrete jungle when I’m in my 60’s and 70’s.

  33. Ashdee said

    Well said man.. I was “surviving” in Singapore for 5 years before coming back to Malaysia, and it felt like a convict getting out of prison..

    What I’ve missed when being in Singapore was the outdoors. Sure, you got your Sentosa Island and your East Coast Park and MacRitchie Nature Park, but these are controlled environments.. Nothing beats letting loose in the jungle and letting your own survival skills kicking in.

    I do agree however with Splitnic. Safety factor in Singapore is at its finest, where you can walk or jog at night with little or no worry of muggers, snatch thieves or kidnappers. No local would dare pull that kind of stunt there. But as you said, no amount of security and comfort could replace a high level of freedom. Its just human nature.

  34. kk said

    The choice is yours. If you think the other side of the causeway is great, the doors are always open to you.

  35. Not a PRC, Not an Ang Moh, Not a Pinoy and Not a SGporeans either, just a humble PR. said

    Pros and cons everyone, just that. Not necessary to throw punches and get that bloody face. Forget not, Alvin wrote this in his FB not on the white board in your hallway. And everyone knows FB is just, virtually a private space confined to one’s own social circle, not really meant to be articulated!

    But for some people, e.g RON, he kind of open the toilet’s door wide while Alvin is doing his business sparingly (pass motion not anything else) and now Mr. Ron yelled disgustingly. Maybe he does not appreciate the view of Alvin with his pants down or he was disgusted by the sight of Alvin’s disposed. Well, who told you to trespassed into other people’s privacy, in the first place? I do not know who or what Alvin is trying to point at but i’ll leave it as his own unbiased opinion . . because it is in FB not in a public forum. So, why worked up?

    I can only agree with his good command of English and ability to look beyond politics, skin colors and a bit of that economics knowledge, given his age. He was not in economics or business study after all. Based on that, suffice to say SG’s NUS has educated him well, academically. Whatever else he did was not anyone’s to be blame. He made his choice, he flaunted it and ready to take the blow. Surely, the day will come for him one day. I do not condone what he did with the video and pictures. Having sound academic attributes, sporting/supportive parents or probably some friends who share the same light with him made him thinks he did no harm to the people around him. How right is that? Young and ignorant.

    But let’s get back to the right track. We see some of you SGporeans came in and throw you support for AT because he managed to balanced in his assessment in his comparisons between SG and MY. He gave you the bashing and then he clubbed himself on his head too.(oouch) So, naturally you are less riled. If he was writing on SG and SG only, i am sure he would be chopped, minced and diced, if not. That’s how he played his games.

    May i suggest, since you are not a SGporean who benefited from SGporeans in kind, Mr.Alvin . . be kind enough and tell SGporeans what are the good side in this Island. Of course, you may also tell everyone what’s good about your country. Let people decide whats really good for them. That would be the real balancing act. And finally, i am not here to judge you for i know you wouldn’t care, would you?

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