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Malaysian scholar Alvin Tan: I will not pay a SINGLE cent to NUS if I am expelled

Posted by temasektimes on October 19, 2012

Singapore may have nurtured him painstakingly for FREE in the last ten years to enable him to study in NUS Faculty of Law, reportedly one of the top ten Law schools in the world, but ASEAN scholar from Malaysia Alvin Tan Jye Yee doesn’t seem to appreciate what Singapore has done for him, or at least Singaporean taxpayers who financed his studies.

Alvin Tan disgraced and embarrassed NUS by putting up photos and videos of him having sex with a girlfriend (or sex buddy?) on his personal blog which sparked a massive outcry in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Born to a relatively wealthy family in Malaysia, Alvin Tan came to Singapore at 14 years of age on an ASEAN scholarship to study in Sin Ming Secondary School. He subsequently went on to study in Raffles Junior College before being accepted into NUS Law when countless of native Singaporeans were unable to obtain a place.

In an interview with the Malaysian media, Alvin Tan said nonchalantly that he doesn’t really care a hoot about what NUS think as his tuition fees and living expenses in Singapore are all ENTIRELY paid for by Singapore taxpayers:

“My scholarship saved me $50,000 in tuition fees and $6,000 in living expenses yearly. I do not have to pay a single cent in Singapore,” he proclaimed.

When asked if he is worried he may get expelled from NUS for his ‘exploits’, Alvin Tan said:

“I don’t really care if NUS take action against me. I am prepared to be expelled. Anyway, I have set up my own company here (in Malaysia) and is financially secure.”

When told that he will need to pay back his tuition fees if he is expelled, Alvin Tan retorted in a callous manner:

“I will NOT pay a SINGLE CENT to NUS if I am expelled and what can they do to me?”

Alvin Tan is currently in Singapore and will be attending a disciplinary hearing convened by NUS on 31 October. Going by the past example of NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu who hurt the feelings of Singaporeans by calling them ‘dogs’, the pro-foreigner NUS is unlikely to expel Alvin Tan other than to give him the usual ‘counseling session’ to ‘wayang’ to the public.

In the meantime, Alvin Tan can continue to laugh all his way to the bank with the FREE education he received over ten years here before leaving Singapore for good upon graduation.


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57 Responses to “Malaysian scholar Alvin Tan: I will not pay a SINGLE cent to NUS if I am expelled”

  1. Pink Panty Loong said

    Wonderful. I like the way you slapped our money-face pro-aliens government. I like the way you reminded our daft 60.1% WHAT THEY HAVE MISSED OUT when you get free tuition and free living expenses while they struggle for a place in Uni and got to pay through their nose to complete it.

    • ST said

      good for our govt, they think by supporting them and they will take up citizenship and vote them. I pity our NS man, they have to complete NS and allowance is the same as the pay of a maid here. LHL think he owe something to NS man and still thinking? where is the action PAP ? A stand for Action or ASS?

  2. i5htar said

    Wake up NUS and PAP……………..

  3. Watcanwedo said

    “I don’t really care if NUS take action against me. I am prepared to be expelled. Anyway, I have set up my own company here (in Malaysia) and is financially secure.”

    Either the Alvin is lying to the reporter or the reporter got it wrong… His business, Fezzl pte ltd, holding for zuupy crowdeals, is a SINGAPORE COMPANY!!

    • Jimmy Kong said

      i do not give a damn.”but since you are a scholar, FU. Do not let me see you in th realitics world. i know what to do to.

      • Youtube user/jemdude22 a MALE singaporean who, like fellow MALE compatriot larry medina, will be as subjected to as much conscription and lifelong reservist liability as MALE compatriot robert viswanathan chandran said

        Fezzl Pte Ltd
        8 Prince George’s Park
        Singapore 118407

        or +65-90380368

        Email: info @ zuupy . com

        More contact information:

        alvin tan jye yee (that’s me !)

        Telephone: +60(0)3-62723870
        Handphone: +60(0)12-6780170


        ICQ: 68839523, 72830282

      • ST said

        all the best to you & fight for your right, NUS & PAP govt desered it.
        show them you are better than them… Cheers! & ‘Jia yu”

  4. Wtf said

    Wow so quiet and not a sound from MIW

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      You are right! Thanks for highlighting! Where are all the monkeys that condemn Amy Cheong with such high moral grounds?

    • ST said

      MIW is thinking but I doubt they care, they think is just an ‘isolated’ case and dont forget they this policies started 20 years ago…so u can imagine hundred of thousand study for free

      • True Blue Singaporean said

        This is not an isolated case and rarely this is brought up in the open. There may be some more cases of frustrated foreigners on scholareship but it was not brought up in the open otherwise it was embarrassed the MIW more. He really has the guts to pour out his frustrations on the ongoings here. He really voice out on behalf of the frustrations of Sporeans on the CPF matter. We need more of Alvin Tan to embarass the MIW on its immigration policies. He has not appreciated what the MIW has given him but he was grateful for the taxpayers who have financed his studies and well-being here. Afterall he not that ungrateful at all.

    • StupidmiwUseWarmFaceToStickToIngrate'sColdBackside said

      They lan lan bo pian when kenna this type of foreign motherfucking ingrate.

  5. FedUpSingaporean said

    Yes Alvin, don’t pay back to NUS! We support you.

    No, I am not Malaysian. I am a Singaporean fed up with our fuck up policies. So I am happy to see people like you take a ride out of our fuck up government, and still take a piss on them.

  6. Bai Hu said

    Haiz, another ungrateful asshole scholar from NUS again.

  7. RichyRichSGrean said

    So my money(taxed) go to people like him?

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      YES. They have been helping themselves very freely with our taxpayers’ money. No need to ask or seek consensus from citizens one. Just spend according to what they THINK is necessary FOR THEMSELVES.

  8. Tan Yan Ren said

    The Singapore Govt has been laughed at around the world…first in China our billions of investment fuck up, then the financial crisis f… up…the world investors run and take cover whilst we the idiots buy in to BA…then ..the swiss bank fu..up..and many others and finally,,,this asshole ASEAN scholar ..laughing at our Stupidity that even our pres…!!!!!!!!@!!!!!i am EMBARASSED to be a SINGAPOREANS…we mUST kick some of these policy makers OUT!!!before they flush our face into the toilet bowl…i am ducking for cover in shame..why must we be the SANTA CLAUS all the time and TREAT SINGAPOREANS like SHIT..I

  9. Robin hood said

    If this porn star is not expelled, another demerit point to the pro alien party to lose more votes in GE 2016.

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      Even if he is not expelled, there’s already a demerit point to the Pro-alien Party. How has this idiot proven himself to be harder-driving and harder-striving to get free education and living expenses from our stupid government?

  10. Francischuanghli said

    This is so call “NUS” means No Use Study & even completed it is Not Up to Standdard.
    When the Proud And Prospering Gov’t run this place, It sure to be folded-up.

    • Youtube user/jemdude22 a MALE singaporean who, like fellow MALE compatriot larry medina, will be as subjected to as much conscription and lifelong reservist liability as MALE compatriot robert viswanathan chandran said

      You may like to do a search on these terms:
      ” faculty arts sciences phone upskirt parade escalator harbourfront ”
      – little consolation it may be to you and the national you-never-study of stinkapore.

  11. ngpy said

    Only DOGS does all these acts in the open not caring about morals as they have none. Humans have Human Morals and should be able differenciate between the correct and the incorrect, it is so sad that the Singapore Authorities have rendered him support for the the past years, to this ungrateful, shameless brat. HE CAN CLAIM TO BE THE FIRST IN THE WORLD TO BE THE FIRST HUMAN TO ACT LIKE AN ANIMAL TO PERFORM IMMORAL ACTS IN THE OPEN.

    • Steve Lee said

      Yes but he is still laughing all the way to the bank after the government has spent all YOUR hard earned taxes on him. Hope you sons and daughters had free education to university too.

  12. Pink Panty Loong said

    Joker Yaacob, where’s your internet code of conduct? Please show us your FANGS. Hahahaaaa….

  13. psrlim07 said

    Sad thing, government is going to waste tax payer money again. Why they don’t spend money on singaporean, talent or gifted person might not be wise. They have nothing to lose, we are the stupid one to nurture them and end up being slap on the face. We rather spend more time and money to nurture the root and have the sense of belonging singaporean

  14. Your purview.....Mr Heng said

    Wonderful stuff, an Asean scholar thumbs his nose at the whole system and not a whimper from our goverment.By the way he is not bonded?Incredulous.There is some very serious explanation required, yes?Minister.

  15. Ron said

    Alvin can continue to mock and be spiteful. The wheels of justice will soon be turning and he will see. I expect that the government will make an example of him. He thinks he is safe from lawsuit and prosecution in Malaysia? Carry on and mock some more. An arrest warrant can be made out and he will be extradicted to Spore. This is happening to petty thieves. And it will happen to him.

    If Alvin has escaped to an ang-moh country he may get away. But Malaysia is not a safe haven for him.

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      Yes, Alvin will be free from lawsuit. Cos our government is TOOTHLESS against their beloved FTs. So many cases have happened and that’s why FTs are becoming more audacious. This is none other than our government own doing. GREAT JOB, Pro-Aliens Party.

    • $ Ah Lee Baba $ said

      What petty thieves are you talking about when we have Ah Lee Baba and his 80 thieves robbing taxpayers by the millions. Think about this Ron, it can happen too, the thieves in white will be extradicted to spore when they run road.

  16. Ron said

    Alwin is a law school student. He can look up Mareva Injunction.

  17. Go Go Alvin! said

    I wish more people like him come out and suan the govt so they can open their eyes! GJ Alvin!

  18. Babuseng said

    This scholar so stupid. He’s not expelled yet and he wants to burn the bridges with NUS. I doubt they would have expelled him, but now he leaves NUS with no choice.

    • Steve Lee said

      He is not stupid. With the credits he has earned, he can get into any other university quite easily. Furthermore, you and I have paid for his education and living expenses for the last what was it, 10 years? I hope your son’s educatiion to university was also paid for.

  19. Budget said

    I was paid 90 dollar to serve NATIONAL SERVICE.

  20. Senior said

    There is something very amissed about our screening policies for these overseas scholars. Perhaps we had been too naive in basing our criterias on grades and as a result miss out on the character assessment of these group of people. I find it hard to believe that our tax paying money goes to supporting people like these who had neither had the need nor the grattiude for it. Our selection criteria should be examined.

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      We shouldn’t be even PAYING them to come to Singapore to study in the first place! If they wanted to tap on our education, they jolly well pay their own tuition fees and living expenses! When we Singaproeans go overseas to study, WHICH foreign government will pay for our education and LIVING EXPENSES HUH????

    • ghost of Goh K S said

      dear fellow senior,
      it is a systemic problem that began the day Dr Goh and all the PAP old guards were made to retire. Just examine all the current PAP MPs and ask ourselves whether they serve the PAP or serve Sporeans ?

  21. Adam Tan Beng Phoon said

    That Alvin screwed his ugly girlfriend and posted on the web….Anything to do with anyone? He didn’t scold or insult any Singaporean, the only thing is Singaporean is old minded regarding this issue…and broad over the money spent ‘unwisely’ to grant scholarship to other countries students instead of local citizens….I am unhappy about the money….other than that…no comment on that idiot sex life…

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      I think the majority are angry with him being paid free tuition and living expenses by our government to study here. Who bothers about his sex life? If he didn’t use a single cent from us, we couldn’t be bothered too! We’ll just snub his videos as damn amatuerish (certainly not masturbatory quality/materials), that’s all.

    • Adam Tan Beng Phoon said

      Yeah we paid so much money to get such low quality film….and the actress so damn ugly….Can we complain to CASE to get our money back?

    • Alan said

      Scholars, Asean or otherwise are look upon as future leaders of Singapore, they enjoy special privileges like university admission and free tuition fee, they are supposed to be the role models. If Alvin pay his own expenses, no one would give a damn, but he is a Asean, he supposed to make us proud. I cannot be proud of what he did.

  22. Daft Peasant said

    Alvin Tan, no need to pay de lah…….sin gahment beri good de loh, won ask you pay de…….li-porters just asking only, they not serious one…..

    Priest continue to humiliate and insult the pap…..i sappork you…..

  23. Pink Panty Loong said

    Few days have gone by liao. Still no sight no sound from our KOW-TOW-TO-FOREIGNER government and its bunch of ass-kissing MPs.

  24. Steve Lee said

    Something is seriously wrong in Singapore. You guys do realise don’t you that Alvin Tan and all the others like him are laughing all the way to the bank with YOUR money, the taxes paid by ALL OF US, the Singaporean tax payers. We must be prostitutes. We pay others to F*** us. If this doesn’t get you really angry and mad, nothing will.

  25. Ron said

    I anticipate the following events:

    – Alvin refuses to appear before the NUS committee and is therefore expelled and a claim is issued for the scholarship funds expended.

    – The Spore Police issues an arrest warrant and requests the Malaysian Police to extradite Alvin. This will be done as there is a history of close cooperation between Malaysian and Spore.

    – Alvin is given the opportunity to defend his actions and the Court will decide.

    – If he cannot pay back NUS, then the claim is pursued in Malaysia and he is made a bankrupt

    – Should Alvin decides to emigrate, he cannot get a Good Conduct certificate from the Malaysian Police.

    Good luck and good riddance.

    • PAP dog whisperer said

      likewise I anticipate you will have no guts to respond to your critiques now that one of your comments has made it to front page on TT.

      good luck and good riddance.

  26. blueskysg said

    Absolutely disappointing! Not because of the sex blog .I am curious about the Asean Scholar selection criteria. $50000 is not a huge amount but what we are more concerned is that should the opportunity to be given to a better candidate who is able to contribute to the society and serve the ppl.(at least showing a good example to young generation). we dont even have to waste single cent and our resources to ppl like him!

  27. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Where are all the MIW’s hiding? Why so quiet? As usual, the herd-mentality is waiting for the top men ( Lee Sian Loong & Old Fart ) to utter a few words first before the rest of the useless Ministers jump on the band wagon and follow suit. Useless bastard, these Ministers and PAP MPs. No bloody initiative, not proactive but reactive in nature. The entire Fcuking PAP Cabinet is reactive in nature. None of them has any cow brains. Keep their big mouth shut so as to safeguard their jobs and million-dollar salaries. I think this guy Alvin has more initiative and creativity than the combined brain-dead PAP cabinet ministers!

  28. Ken Lee said

    maybe NUS may want to come up new course! master in sex film or master in freelance sex??

  29. A Tax Payer said

    Everyone have enthusiasm to pursue their rights. Young guy you are marvelous, you should be brave enough and show no regrets to get expelled by NUS.

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