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NUS Law student from Malaysia Alvin Tan faces disciplinary hearing on 31 October

Posted by temasektimes on October 19, 2012

Controversial ASEAN scholar and third year NUS Law student Alvin Tan Jye Yee has been summoned by NUS to a disciplinary hearing on 31 October.

The news was revealed by Alvin Tan himself to the media. The scholar caused a stir lately for posting photos and videos of him having sex with his girlfriend Vivian Lee on his blog.

After maintaining a ‘noble’ silence for a day, NUS released a statement saying that it does not condone his behavior and will take disciplinary action against him.

Though the blog has been taken down, Alvin Tan released a new video two days ago maintaining that he did nothing wrong:

“What do we have to apologise for? For hurting your soft sensitive feelings? For what? For I don’t know, breaching some moral code that you hold dearly to yourself but I don’t necessarily hold them myself? So we will not make a public apology,” he said.

He added that he is prepared to be expelled from NUS and he is not worried about it as he has started a company in Malaysia.

The Faculty of Law in NUS has been dogged by a series of sex scandals lately. A NUS Law professor, also a Malaysian Tey Tsun Hang was charged last month for allegedly obtaining sexual gratification from his students in exchange for better grades.


8 Responses to “NUS Law student from Malaysia Alvin Tan faces disciplinary hearing on 31 October”

  1. Watcanwedo said

    Correction: His business in not in malaysia. Fezzl pte ltd is a singapore registered holding company, for Zuupy Crowdeals.

    Registration no: 201011312R
    8 Prince George’s Park, Singapore 118407
    Status : LIVE COMPANY

    Earned a lot of money he says… Someone should check if he has been paying his taxes… Perhaps he can be caught for tax evasion.

  2. Francischuanghli said

    He should be make to pay back cost for his privileges & remove from his accreditation . It is a shame for NUS to confirm him for a degree.

  3. Ron said

    I hope all his school certificates are also revoked. Obviously Alvin wanted to establish a career and that was why he went to law school. He is not going to be a hawker.

    He is not likely to turn up for the discplinary proceedings and then the wheels of justice will start turning. He is a nobody when it comes to challenging the powers of a Government. Even that Romanian ex-diplomat found that out. Expenses by the government is never an issue if they wish to pursue some body who needs to be brought to justice. Many years ago, the rogue trader Nick Leeson got arrested in Germany as he tried to flee back to UK.

    I also hope the government does not change its policies of granting scholarships to deserving students. Black sheeps (or dogs) are rare. I was the beneficiary of a scholarship by a foreign government. Without that my future would have been quite different. I am forever grateful as it opened the door to the World for me.

    It is a high honor to be a scholarship student. Hundreds and even thousands aspire to that status. For many it is also a way to a better life as their families may not be able to afford their university fees and living expenses.

    What Alvin is doing is insulting not just Spore but the scholars.

    • P M scholarship said

      Name me one scholar working for the PAP govt that is inspiring ?
      Otherwise, don’t claim a scholar in Spore is a fucking big deal.
      You give the impression of one who indulges in group masturbation and cocksucking.

  4. ying said

    There appears to be gap in how they choose scholars. Since its tax payers money, NUS should have been transparent in their selection process. All scholars details should be up for scurtiniy by the public and should anyone disagree, then NUS should then relook into the request. We are talking about taxpayers money being given so freely to foreigners. Why are scholarship given to the rich anyway? Even there should, it should be given to the poorer family. Singapore has enough of bright talents to waste it on foreigners. It is time to relook into our scholarship programme. It is true, in the past we may be lacking of talents, but Time has change now. We have enough local talents to look elsewhere. I hope the Ministry of Education will be wise and be proactive. Similarly, I hope NUS will act proactively, instead of using a disciplinary meeting as an excuse. Anyone who laugh and poken fun at Singapore shows seriously their lack of appreciation, there shouldnt be a 2nd chance. As the saying goes, you cant change a leopard. Now, why cant NUS / Ministry of Education realise this? I really hope to see real change and not just passive action.

  5. K said

    Just on Ying’s point, the point is really as well given the amount scandal the NUS has been associated itself, the question is whether the administration of the University is stepping up to be accountable as well . For instance, banks CEOs are forced to resign when stupid things like LIBOR rigging and sub-prime occur. When you have a situation when you have these students, apparently and ironically, all from the Faulty of Law, should someone step and take the responsibility? On the issue of the scholars, that has always been the issue for Singapore. You have a country comprising of large number of immigrants where the local citizens are asked to defend the country with their lives — doing NS etc etc — and whilst the foreign talent don’t have to and gallingly enough, for certain people, given more benefits than the locals. For sure, we locals have SOME benefits (like being able to buy landed property — but ironically enough, landed property is becoming out of reach from the average local due to the influx of foreign money on the general property market.

    How does this relate to the issue of our Alvin Tan from Malaysia? Well the point is really — at the risk of over-generalisation, he is just one of the faces of the many irresponsible and somewhat ungrateful foreign talent that comes to Singapore with an overwhelming sense of self-entitlement — who thinks that Singapore tax payers are really dumb and stupid to give them money and they can do whatever they want — including humiliating the country/moral values/cultural codes back. These are the people we in. For sure, the country requires talents — make no mistake, we need to maintain a constant flow of foreign talent to ensure our competitiveness on the international stage. However, one has to ask serious question on how and to who such benefits are doled out especially when it lands up to people like Mr Alvin Tan here.

    There should be greater accountability from the recipients of these awards (there should be a serious penalty against Alvin Tan). There should be greater accountability from the people who awarded these scholarships. And interestingly enough, on a side note, there does not seem to be any issue with the Law Faculty in their role in nuturing such a person in the first place — as well as, hiring a tutor that is not involved with an alleged sex for grades class? Where is the accountability from the leadership there?

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