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Shanghai babe claimed she was ‘impregnated’ and ‘abandoned’ by MediaCorp actor Cao Guohui

Posted by temasektimes on October 19, 2012

A 26 year old Shanghai lady claimed she had a baby with MediaCorp actor Cao Guohui after having a one night stand with him in Shanghai in 2010.

Known as Ms Shi, she said she met Cao at a party in Shanghai in May 2010 and had sex with him on the very same night. One month later, Cao invited her to visit him in Singapore where she lived at his place for two weeks.

Upon returning to Shanghai, Ms Shi discovered she was pregnant in July, but Cao allegedly asked her to go for an abortion. She delivered the daughter in March las year and has arrived in Singapore to look for Cao.

Ms Shi showed the media the messages she exchanged with Cao which was verified by a journalist. She added that she is willing to let her daughter undergo a DNA test to ascertain her paternity.

When contacted by the media, Cao denied that he fathered Ms Shi’s daughter.


27 Responses to “Shanghai babe claimed she was ‘impregnated’ and ‘abandoned’ by MediaCorp actor Cao Guohui”

  1. sporeoboriginal said

    Do the DNA test and all will be settled.

    • ministry of adoption said

      About time PM Lee initiate a ministry of adoption, MOA, to take care of all abandoned children fathered by Sporeans outside Spore. This is one solution to solving the low birth rate in Spore itself.
      Grace, Josephine, Sim Ann can jointly run this new ministry with a KPI in mind.

  2. Francischuanghli said

    Another scam Loh !

  3. teo cheap buy said

    Another version of jack noe…

  4. Pink Panty Loong said

    Hahahhaaaaaa…that Cao is a gay la!!! Wah biang!

  5. Robin hood said

    Oh NO! Not another one. How many more scandals are coming out in the open in Singapore ?

  6. tintin said

    every week we have good new .. next is who ??

  7. NaBey said

    I am willing to wait for ur daughter to grow up and 1 nite stand with her.

  8. Edmund said

    A few minutes of pleasure will certainly lead to a lifetime of sorrow/worries.

  9. Daft Peasant said

    Ms Shi, when one night stand in Shanghai, you got charge Ah Cao money??

    Subsequently when you stay in Cao’s house in Sinkapore, you charge him money again?

    If you got take his money, and have sex and pregnant, that is a whole different story liao…..

  10. mickey moose said

    a tale of many screws!

  11. wong said

    if she can have sex with the man on the first night they met , which man with the right mind will want to married a woman like her as a wife ?

    • sex at first sight said

      likewise, if a man wants sex on the first night, which woman with the right mind will want him as a husband ?
      just ask pee m loong and ho jinx whether this is also true ?

  12. A G Young said

    That is what we called it “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT”

  13. Ken Lee said

    wow! thanks!

  14. Common said

    A lady from from Shanghai doe not mean she is a Shanghaiese! A night stand in Shanghai or other nightspot is common. The difference is who is your one night partner and how she want to cling on you? If she think you are potential suplier (not hush and), she will not mind to become a wife with supplies (money)

  15. confucius said

    dun play play with china women….still no learn

  16. so this is the way we populate singapore…….

  17. Peter Koh said

    If he really fathered the child, it is only right that he has to take full responsibility of raising this child for it is unfair for her to be fatherless upon birth. Want to anyhow f..k must somehow take responsibility.

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