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Malaysian NUS scholar Alvin Tan screws PAP: They are greedy politicians

Posted by temasektimes on October 20, 2012

Despite getting 10 years of FREE education in Singapore thanks to the PAP government, NUS Law student and ASEAN scholar from Malaysia Alvin Tan Jye Yee does not seem to think too highly of them.

Alvin Tan caused a stir recently by posting explicit photos and videos of him having sex with his girlfriend on his blog, prompting NUS to issue him a summon to attend a disciplinary hearing end of the month.

In a lengthy article on the merits of living in Malaysia as compared to Singapore, Alvin wrote:

“Both people in Malaysia and Singapore have to put with an awful amount of bullshit. In Singapore, you have semi-competent yet greedy politicians in charge, making life a living hell for everyone with price hikes, non-sensible immigration policies, and even more new laws to curb personal freedoms or scare people into voluntarily surrendering their freedoms (CPF withdrawal age, anyone?).”

Alvin added that he value personal freedom more than anything else:

“I value freedom a whole damn lot; there is no amount of security and comfort that I would trade for a high level of freedom: the freedom to speed, park illegally, litter, trespass, indulge in anti-social behaviour, etc. Freedom is crucial for happiness, period.” 

According to US NGO Freedom House’s report in 2011, Singapore is classified as ‘partly free’ with a score of 4 out of 10 for ‘civil liberties’.

Though Singapore is a ‘parliamentary democracy’ modeled after the United Kingdom’s Westminister system, the ruling PAP holds ALL 87 seats in parliament, including 6 seats from its subsidiary party.


110 Responses to “Malaysian NUS scholar Alvin Tan screws PAP: They are greedy politicians”

  1. Daft Peasant said

    Alvin, you live in Sinkapore for 10 years and you can see things so clearly……i don understand why some 60% living in Sinkapore for more than 2 decades…maybe some 4/5 decades still got blur vision……

    • ovetseas singspore said

      I agree with you!

      • Benny Wong said

        “Both people in Malaysia and Singapore have to put with an awful amount of bullshit. In Singapore, you have semi-competent yet greedy politicians in charge, making life a living hell for everyone with price hikes, non-sensible immigration policies, and even more new laws to curb personal freedoms or scare people into voluntarily surrendering their freedoms (CPF withdrawal age, anyone?).”

        This guy is smart. Although he is a foreigner, he knows exactly what is happening in Singapore.

        Given his views, it is unlikely he would have been tricked into accepting Singapore citizenship.

        Sad that there are still so many Malaysians willing to give up their citizenship to become Singaporeans.

        They can’t be very bright if they are daft enough to do so.

      • True BLUE Sinkie said

        PAP trick Malaysians into giving up their malaysian citizenship. Once done, bye bye to the CPF cos they cant withdraw anymore.

    • corrupted said

      ya loor

    • Putty said

      Even though I’m reluctant to admit, he has raised some pretty valid points…

    • mahbok tan said

      Agree fully agree …… !!!

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      Agree! Alvin has put our blind 60.1% daft Singaporeans to shame! Hahahahaa…

    • StupidmiwUseWarmFaceToStickToIngrate'sColdBackside said

      Those 60% are blinded by dirty politics…

    • Angry Bird said

      its not blur vision, they are simply BO LAM PA – no balls, and Kia See – afraid to die. period.

    • Ron said

      When some Singaporeans can never express appreciation and gratitude for what Spore has achieved and continues to excel, they will always be mired in frustration.

      Just go around the HDB estates and see the improvements…covered walkways, landscaped gardens, cleanliness. Travel the MRT but take the time to look at the quality construction and the design. Go to the new Malls and see the layout. Go to Marina Bay Sands and it is among the very best in the world, in fact the best in my opinion. It has MRT integrated with Mall, Convention Centre, Hotel and casino. No where in the world is there one like this.

      Yes, we can always complain and complain. You are the ones who will be unhappy. I find plenty to be happy about in Spore. And Spore gave me the opportunity to thrive and to prosper. I did have godfathers nor help from the PAP. And yet I could prosper.

      So look within yourself. Why are you so unhappy?

      Spore provided me the means to travel and enjoy many overseas places and yet I can return to a place I call Home: Singapore.

      • Be the change that you want or suffer the policies of the government and quit complaining. said

        Its retards like you that are so easily bought over by simple upgrading of life or a makeover of an estate etc. etc. that you so STUPIDLY and SIMPLY do not see a bigger picture. First off let me remind you, when you vote a MP for your district, your not voting for the person who will look after your district. Your ALSO VOTING FOR THE PERSON THAT SEATS IN PARLIAMENT AND MAKES THE DECISIONS OF YOUR COUNTRY.

        2nd point, i dare say i have been to more countries then you would ever travel in your miserable life. almost all other 1st world countries has better transport infrastructure including necessary redundancies for times where 1 line breaks, another is in place. This should have all been along the lines before they open the floodgates to FTs and not in the works AFTER the gate is opened and people are coming

        Why are you heaping praise on a old horse? Sure i give them the credit that they have taken us from 1 slump to a bustling city but their time has came, gone and passed. It is time for us as citizens to pick up a new “CEO” who can better lead our country then let it go on its wayward path with old politic scare tricks and wayang kulit that we all know they do.

        When will you 60% ever open up your eyes to see the big picture. Maybe Never. Which is why everyone is calling singaporeans HOPELESS.

  2. JeoJeo said

    maybe alvin tan should buy an island somewhere and initiate a free country where he can indulge in this own defined freedom.
    hope to see how well alvin tan’s ‘civilization’ fare after 10, 20 o& 30 years later.

    alvin’s free kingdom is likely to be a place of great freedom, where anyone can speed (and easily kill someone or being killed), to park anywhere not illegally (just remove the law will do), litter around (no problem), trespass and be trespassed, whatever…
    a kingdom of little security and no comfort

    does anyone look forward to this ‘new’ civilization?
    any well wishes for alvin?

    • Jimmy Chan said

      This arrogant young punk defines his own utopia! We should thank our government for producing this kind of new generation with absolutely no EQ and arrogantly selfish! YES…our government emphasized sooooo much on paper qualification but absolutely neglect character building and moral education! That’s how “successful” our education is!

      • Sim said

        You can’t tell one person what’s considered moral or otherwise. It is up to the person to judge. If the government proceeds with ‘moral education’, that is and will always remain as what the government perceives as moral.

        Every person should be left to judge on how they want their life to be. Not adhere to pre determined notions of morality and ‘good character’. Just like what they said about respecting our founding fathers because without them there will be no Singapore and we should be thankful about that. I beg to differ.

      • ST said

        grateful…..Lee Bee Wah (borned in malaysia) insulting singaporean as litter-bugs, her EQ is definitely very good. her salary not from taxpayer than from who?
        Moral …..govt increasing their salary by the million$ and when someone suggest to have min wage for worker, govt say is very ‘risky’….bus driver salary increased but from 5 days working change to 6 days!

    • Ottoro said

      Yes he should buy an island and set up his own free kingdom, and i’ll be happy to go there and give him a few good slash on his throat!

    • alvin's island said

      You mean an island no bigger than pulau bukom with round the clock mass orgy and foam party…so no problems with traffic, speedng, parking, etc..?

      International Tourists will bypass Spore island and flock to Alvin’s fantasy island to have their sex fantasies fulfilled and of course sporeans are the only ones paying $100 entrance fee to wank themselves. what do you think ?

      • JeoJeo said

        anything up to your imagination.
        can be a continent, or whatever, will check with alvin’s island after every decade, and see how this civilization progress.
        it’s like alvin who is somebody, like LKY in administration, and his ideology rule his kingdom

    • Cozy said

      before making your own assertions did you even verify the accuracy of the source and context of his comments? or just blindly shooting your mouth off? apparently the government hasn’t instilled much critical thinking in its populace. ironically, alvin, who has the gumption to express his own opinions and act within his own personal boundaries, may be much better than your atypical yes-men that the Singapore education system churns out systematically.

      • JeoJeo said

        well said, critical thinking…
        think carefully, if any of the society run like alvin’s island, it’s cozy’s desired place to live?
        poor blinded soul of cozy

      • Agree… the source of the comments made by “Alvin” is not verified; I haven’t seen any of those comments in the paper so far. Have seen enough iron-fist governmental control examples recently… there’s no freedom of expressing opinion in Singapore. Whatever you say, even though what u say may be something true or right, don’t offend the government or “disgrace” the name of Singapore. You will risk losing a scholarship, getting yourself being expelled from the university, or even from the country! Such a thing would not ever happen in a civilized nation elsewhere in the world, except Singapore. Anyone who uphold the basic human rights of freedom of speech and rights of reasoning, would agree with Alvin’s comments above, be it really Alvin’s comments or not. Pitiful “yes men”…

      • Calvin, you would have been correct had you said “Such a thing would not ever happen in a civilized nation elsewhere in the world.” Singapore’s Government has been enthusiastically adopting North Korean political mannerisms for at least the past two decades; any country whose Government declares that “the truth is no defence” has inarguably separated itself from modern civilised norms.

    • Wicked Brain said

      Most importantly, everyone can walk nude on the streets.

  3. Jack said

    While he may be speaking the truth, Singapore does not such ungrateful foreign student here, I will be very disappointed if our govt do not terminate his scholarship and get back all tha was given to him.

    • sexyboy said

      Alvin is helping u dumb singaporeans to speak up where balless wimpy singaporeans dun dare to, i think he shldnt have have done that, coz those singaporeans are ungrateful dogs even if u help them, i never help them because of my last bad experience

  4. Pink Panty Loong said

    I love the way Alvin talk down our government. You truly make our government seems so helpless and useless as they can’t do anything to you. Somehow, you became my idol! Hahahahaaa…

    • Benny Wong said

      Yes, I’m beginning to change my views of him as well.

      This guy is really bright.

      Despite only spending 10 years in Singapore, mostly studying, he fully understands the reality of Singapore.

      The part where he mentions “greedy politicians” and “new laws to curb personal freedoms” will surely resonate with the majority of Singaporeans.

      • mahbok tan said

        Alvin have make some valid points but some does not agree with ….. i think its ok to disagree but the points that he brought up does make sense to some of us here. even we too disagree with our own GOVT policies.
        Try asking workers party to bring up this issue in parliament……guess we can tan ku ku and sing song rite…????

        On the other hand its not good for him to bite the hands that feed him…..thats not a good moral example…..further with his liberal views in life…..!!!! SGporean will love to hate him.

        My hope is more SGporean , especially those 60.1% , will opened their eyes and ears and think about it.

      • mark lim thiam seng said

        he must realized that he got nothing to lose..

  5. zane said

    if he wanna complain so much
    he come sg for fark

  6. Thinking Harder said

    What can I say, Singapore is too much of a pressure cooker. No wonder we produce a scholar who is interested in breaking all the laws (speeding, littering… etc).

  7. teo cheap buy said


  8. Mark Roche said

    Ungrateful bastard !

  9. Anonymouse said

    Dear PAP Government, although many Singaporeans do not agree with your policies of making Singapore a living hell with COE’s, housing prices that leave a typical citizen in debt for life etc … Please screw this ingrate hard for desiring anarchy here which he labels as “freedom”. Charge him for his pubic nuisance please, and show the rest that this privilege of a scholarship is not something to be abused.

  10. spotlessleopard said

    So, What do u think; I don’t know what to say’; I should not have happened….Let’s move on……all gems from PAP sayings

  11. lee david said

    The more educated they are, the more STUPID they sound. Park your car as you wish, and SPEED your car as if you are the ONLY left. Make LOVE in open ‘AIR’ , let your younger of your family LEARN the ‘ART’, brothers n sisters, mother n son, father n daughter! THESE ARE THE FREEDOM YOU DESIRE

    • dave said

      Alvin is really like a breath of fresh air! NUS should continue his scholarship for whatever other discipline he chooses….he will be an asset to the country precisely for whatever views he is not in line with….we can do with alternative lifestyle and outlook…not the same macine cogwheels we have plenty of! Hopefully he can contribute in ways many cannot see or even begin to comprehend, completely unbridled by the established way of doing things!

  12. matthew said

    you cannot blame alvin for anything.
    our govt gave the money to him without any obligation.
    this is our tax money that we have entrusted to the govt.
    while they screws us up daily, they give our money away on a silver platter.
    now you only hear silence from all our pappy leaders.
    none of them dare to utter a word on this issue.
    really no balls and only talk when it suits them.

    • ckcvincent said

      quite agreed. They only bully own citizens. Dare not touch foreigners. 吃里扒外。

    • Teresa said

      Matthew, if it’s only that they have no balls… that’s still the good news… because it means that our government still have some sort of moral standards.

      Judging from the recent Premier Lee’s speech on our casino and what it does to our society – horse-racing is now less exciting – I believe that our government has no morals left.

    • PC said

      aiyo, so what do you expect pappies to say? sorry la…honest mistake…isolated case…let’s move on!

    • Angry Bird said

      to hell with you PAP! morons.

  13. Pink Panty Loong said

    We Singaporeans was TOLD to be pragmatic. There is NO FREE LUNCH. And it will be very dangerous to give us handouts as we will become lazy not willing to work. SO why the FARK are you GIVING OUT FREE LUNCH (free tuition and living expenses for Alvin’s case) to blardy foreigners? See how you have spoilt them to the extent they are no longer grateful and thankful for what they have at the EXPENSE OF SINGAPOREANS??? FARK THE PRO-ALIEN PARTY.

    • PC said

      this is not the 1st time scholarship that was given to foreign maggots who are ungrateful…anyway pappies need to take a good look at themselves in the mirror…y are they pro-foreign party???

    • Angry Bird said

      to hell with you PAP! and the 60% daft morons

  14. Cancer said

    Our Govt can consider to sue him for defamation and make him a bankrupt

    • Capricorn said

      Then your govt might as well sue half the population in SinCity for defamation. To process such a massive lawsuit, no doubt a world record feat , your govt will need to appoint more mischief judges……from the “Lawless Soc”…to ensure a ruling in favour of your govt.
      Actually it is like a goldmine for your govt, the amount of money collected.
      So go and get a team of govt scholars to calculate how much revenue is at stake. What say you ?

    • Zam said

      You are one of the 60.1% daft

  15. Looney Loong Hsien Tow said

    ” In Singapore, you have semi-competent yet greedy politicians in charge, making life a living hell for everyone with price hikes, non-sensible immigration policies, and even more new laws to curb personal freedoms or scare people into voluntarily surrendering their freedoms (CPF withdrawal age, anyone?).”

    So very true.

    This Alvin guy is one very observant smart ass.

    Gotta give credit where credit is due…

    • mahbok tan said

      AGREE with you . It takes someone from outside for their opinion where we try to study and understand whether it is true or not.
      so very true…… the 60.1% are DAFT SGporean.
      Not me ….will never be…!

  16. Sensible words from this guy?

  17. steven theo said

    Words coming out from a recipient of bad gov policy cannot be Lies. That’s a hard truth of our gov.

    • He isn’t a recipient of bad gov policy. He got 50k from the government while the local student have to pay their own bill.

    • Ron said

      How can this be bad government policy? Asean scholarship was decided by the Asean governments collectively and Spore sponsors its share of scholars. This incident will not lead to cancellation of the scholarship nor will it prevent the next nut from biting the hand that fed him or her.

      So easy for bloggers to expect the government to be God, to be able to see the entire future of the scholars and therefore select the perfect scholar that will not bite back, will not commit crimes and offences.

  18. steven theo said

    We love to see how you excite SGP sexually and politically. Keep up the good work for SGP.

  19. steven theo said

    Our PAP gov dare not do anything to him, or rather do not dare do anything to him. Otherwise they will be opening up a can of worms that they cannot handle. That’s politics. That’s why PAP is keeping so quiet for so long already even though this issue concern the gov.

  20. Doll Doll said

    He was right about SG politicians but he got himself messed up with the meaning of freedom.

    Yes, to be free from nonsense government policies and have all the freedom to do things you like to do is great happiness. Most importantly, have enough money to spend & save, do some investments, get to go to vacation twice a year and have sufficient time to spend with family and your loved ones. But, sadly, most of us are placed in the predicaments of paying bills and taxes out of 70% of our monthly salary. Some even have to do two or three jobs to feed their family.This is not life but a life created by policies makers who are blood suckers !

    Does it makes sense to anybody that you need to pay taxes to gov for food you eat ? Is like you have to ask the gov permission to eat, and when they authorised you to do so with a condition that you must pay them money. What a joke ! Are we still in the communism era ?

    Does it makes sense to anybody that you need to pay service charges for food you eat ? The meals are already priced at a marked up rates to cover costs of food, rental, headcount, operating costs etc. ! Why do we still need too pay for service charges ? Best to note, not only the politicians are greedy, the business men too.

    With such policies going around, soon we may need to pay rental fees to build a tent in some forest or jungle. Why do you think there’s a need for rental fees ? Oh man….it’s private property, ok.

    So, Singaporeans, my advise is if you think this is too much for your life to handle, quickly jump in the big sea because it is still free from GST & service charges. Otherwise, it is going to be very expensive to commit suicide as you may need to pay GST in future.

  21. anonymous said

    yes, we may have semi-competent yet greedy politicians in charge(if u insist), numbes of law to “controlled” our “freedom”. But u cant expected all country to be the same, so wat type of stupid feedom u wan? Park ur car anywhere u like? u are making urself a do u expect to drive off when i park my car just infront of ur car where u park? as for litter, without the fine/punishment u think we have a clean country to live in? if u like to live in a rubbish place u should.move urslef to a.junk or country where rubbish are all.over . singapore isnt like in ur country of origin, where u can use rm10 to buy off ur offence. you can try it in singapore n see wat u get. althogh our country isnt as clean n green as japan. why dont u post out tt japan are nusiune as well? oh, i should ask u a question did u.lock ur house? if yes, for fcuk. you want to have a feeedom for trepass y cant u let ppl walk in n out as they like. lucky tt our gov remove u, or else i cant imagine how our safe singapore will b like wif u around “downholding” the law.

  22. uea said

    Well said!!

  23. ST said

    Alvin….I agreed with you on this point about singapore govt.

  24. ST said

    I dont blame Alvin, just blame our stupid PAP govt.

  25. Anti-Singaporean sentiments in Malaysia have been in existence since the separation. Many Malaysians have blamed our island for the situation today. Many violent muggings against Singaporeans in Malaysia in the past usually end in murder. There is a very good chance that those were politically motivated.

    • Wow, I like your conspiracy theory very much~ …You know what? You sound just like the Malaysian government — whenever a shit that they can’t handle turns up, the pig-brained politicians would always relate the issue to politics by yelling, “Do not politicalize this issue!”

      Since u sound so much like the pig-brains, now I really suspect that you are a double-spy from Malaysia sent to Singapore to do dirty jobs in Singapore, such as murdering innocent Singaporeans… (just kidding~)

      • Goh Tong Seng said

        I am born a Singapore Citizen.
        My comments were made from years of observation.
        And yes, I am a conspiracy theorist.

  26. heartland Ranger said


  27. heartland Ranger said

    Total failure of our education system.

    Failure system that even allow a Malaysian porn star to condemn us.

  28. Chloe said

    Well Alvin, judging from what you’ve said, I guess it will be all right for someone to run you down while speeding or trespass into your house. After all, your ‘private space’ is open to all! I personally think he’s been repressed and forced into conformity by the government for too long and channels his frustrations into highly controversial outlets to express his anti-pap sentiments. I don’t advocate for any parties(pro or anti ___ sentiments) but from an objective viewpoint this guy is an extremist.

    • cleopatra said

      Hello, it is merely virtual space and not the physical world lah!
      so your analogy is not appropriate. Are you implying that since Alvin has invited you to his blog, he has also invited you into his house ?

      His private space in cyberworld is open to all, that is true, but did Alvin invite you for a threesome, foursome for real physical contact ?

      • Chloe said

        He did express his desire to trespass into anywhere he likes and speed with no regards to the safety of others. So I am just granting him his wish. Nothing inappropriate about that since he deems what he seems fit.

  29. Ron said

    Alvin lived and got educated in Spore on taxpayers money. Now he is spitting on the face of Singaporeans and I see some here wiping off his spittle and grinning.

    Alvin is doing a lot things to spite Singapore. Ungrateful dog that he is.

    If Singaporeans are unhappy with Spore, they can express their feelings. No need for a foreigner to crap on Spore and Singaporeans applaud.

    • dog whisperer said

      Only Lapdogs of the PAP govt should share in their master’s humiliation.
      Don’t twist the story to say it has to do with Sporeans.

    • if you invite foreigners to come to your country but don’t allow them freedom of speech and thought, u might as well just cancel the scholarship scheme and ban foreigners from entering singapore, then no one would ever “spit on your face” again. applaud

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      Ron, some corrections to your comment:

      (1) Alvin is spitting on the Singapore Government that has brought him in. We Singaporeans didn’t give our consent to that. We are not even aware he was given free tuition and living expenses to study in Singapore!

      (2) Singaporeans are unhappy with PAP fucked up pro-foreigners policy. PAP is NOT SINGAPORE. You are the one mixing up the whole thing. We are unhappy with PAP policies. NOT Singapore. We LOVE Singapore.

      (3) “No need for a foreigner to crap on Singapore and Singaporeans applaud” – We Singaporeans did not ask him to crap? We don’t even know him. But it’s a fact that he has pointed out that we do have greedy politicians! Hahahaaa…

    • just a taxpayer said

      You just don’t get it, do you ? He is Not crapping on the Sin Govt. but calling a spade a spade. This has nothing to do with spitting on Sporeans.

      It is like LKY making insulting comments on neighbouring countries,our own Malays and stooges like you think it is Sporeans’ duty to defend him if he receives brickbats in return or should keep quiet about it like you.
      You simply want Sporeans to buy into the silly doctrine that PAP is Spore and Spore is PAP, or PAP is the Govt, and the Govt is PAP.

      Did the Sin Govt consult Sporean taxpayers before dishing out scholarships to foreigners ? Should’nt Sporean taxpayers have a say ? Like giving priority to fellow Sporeans first ? How about my CPF money ? How about blatant conflict of interest in running GIC and Temasek ? Do you need elaboration ?

      If the Sin Govt can do as it pleases with Sporeans’ money, then they shoud be the first to be shafted, not Alvin.

      • Exactly. As long as a permanent cabal of cronies has unfettered access to unlimited amounts of other people’s money, what’s to stop them from spending it like drunken sailors? “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” was a perfectly accurate observation when it was first made, and I dare you to identify any counterexamples, before or since. Certainly not this lot.

      • Ron said

        PAP doctrines? PAP brainwashing? Just open your eyes. Visit other Asean capitals and then compare.

        PAP, the government, the entire Spore have build Spore to what it is today. Open your eyes and tell me what you find in HK, Tokyo, New York, London, Paris that are superior in terms of new buildings. I am not saying Spore is ideal, the very best, but overall it excels and tries. For that I give the PAP top marks…without the corruption at high levels that we read of in other countries.

        There are major challenges but all can be overcome. The problem with many bloggers in TT is that they only complain, curse and swear. No need to migrate. Just move to Johor and stay for a few years and enjoy everything there. Just do not come back here to enjoy what Spore has. Then tell us you are so happy there you have decided to migrate for good. By honest, you will miss Spore.

        NATO – No action Talk only. Go and form your own political group and work to kick the PAP out. My approach is to constructively engage the government and Ihave had replies from various government Ministeries and even from the Ministers. This is what constructive dialogue is about.

      • just a taxpayer said

        to Ron,
        care to share with TT readers what you have written to govt ministers and their response to you. this is what i call walking the talk. TT will be delighted to publish them. Don’t be a NATO yourself and make unsubstantiated claims.

  30. ckcvincent said

    Reblogged this on ̵͇金·金重·言冓's space.

  31. blueskysg said

    “Making the living like hell for everyone”? why dont you go back to ur paradise ten years ago? Seek the free tuition fee and living expenses. ..i think i should use “begging “for that money. ..if u are so rich you dont even need to spend our resources!

  32. Ron said

    Look at this punk…. sitting there stark naked and trying to impress who? He might as well go to one of those Patpong lanes in BKK and try to make a living with his porn.

    He is not a scholar. A dog collar is more suitable for him.

    • tiger show promoter said

      Don’t talk so much cock Ron when a hypocrite like you will queue and pay money to watch live shows and probably fantasize being on stage.

      • Ron said

        People like you will use the nickname “Tiger Show Promoter” once and may never appear again. Why not stick to a regular nick so that we can read your thoughts? So who is the coward here? Why hid behind so many nicknames?

      • tiger show promoter said

        Why don’t you post your picture here and my partners and I can assess whether to give you an audition. You are so dumb to think it’s the same person when it is one group of us.
        We are of the opinion you are an attention seeker and wonder if you can perform live on stage.

  33. SPetang said

    Incidents and events like these give us a kick in the butt, and makes us think again about where we are and what we believe in. Alvin has been honest in expressing his opinions and we should respect that. Many will want us to go the way that he is promoting; but I suspect that many more will think otherwise. Will Alvin and those like-minded, respect our opinions and our votes?

  34. fnu lnu said

    No bloody country is perfect. Those Singaporeans kept egging that this guy is correct blah blah blah. Well, dont just complain, prepare to stand in the next GE. And dont forget that your taxpayers money also went to his scholarship.
    So, you too were screwed by him and you guys still behind him?

  35. wsy said

    silly twit… and all those people who agree with him (in whatever way), hmmm…need to do some deep soul seearching.

  36. True BLUE Sinkie said

    He hit the nail on the head of the PAP – Semi-competent (including incompetent) and greedy (and selfish) PAP-appointed politicians !

  37. dragon said

    Now I understand.why singapore became a company.

  38. Kelvin Lawrence said

    Perhaps he can join the opposition and be a change agent of the future

  39. Mr. Clean said

    There is no corruption in Singapore. Corruption is legalised

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