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Singaporean agrees with Alvin Tan that living in Malaysia beats Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on October 20, 2012

Upfront, I am a born here, bred here Singapore Chinese.

I totally agree with Alvin.

Firstly, we don’t even need compare living in Singapore with say Hong Kong, Australia, UK, US, Canada and even in good parts of China (e.g. Shanghai, Beijing) because hands down, these places beat Singapore when you weigh everything up. The favourite argument line Singapore government loves to take is “oh but you know you will pay loads more taxes in places like Australia, UK, US, Canada, etc”.

Well, that’s not true. I used to believe this crap that one of the biggest advantages of being Singaporean is we pay way lower taxes. But I have woken up and see the facts is not such. In places like US, Canada, Uk etc, while it may seem you are paying more taxes (say 40%), but don’t forget that much of these taxes collected goes to welfare benefits which you too will enjoy. However n Singapore, even if you pay say just 15%, all these money goes to the government, you are on your own for medical expenses, education, retirement etc. Our government says it subsidizes. Really? go do your numbers and you know it doesn’t add up. But this is a separate topic on its own.

In Singapore, they tax you front load, in other indirect forms such as COE, high HDB prices, regardless how much you earn and whether you even have a job or not.

I never really thought of comparing Singapore to Malaysia, because honestly, many Singaporeans do grow up thinking Malaysia as their poorer neighbour and you won’t even think of including Malaysia for comparisons especially in living standards and happiness. But Alvin has put forth a very strong and logical argument.

I used to think Singapore is great because it’s safe, etc. Well in a way, that’s true. But hey, if you get into legal trouble, you wish you were in Malaysia where you can just pay off and be done with it. I don’t think the government has time to waste on legal cases like Cecilia Sue, Teacher-Student sex.

I don’t wish to reiterate Alvin’s points of arguments here, I think he has already elaborated them well, self-explanatory.

Before you start getting nationalistic and lambast him for the article, please just take a moment to ask yourself whether are you really happy with your own living standard. If the FT overcrowding public transport and FT taking away local jobs doesn’t affect you, if you can well afford to buy 1-2 cars despite the ridiculous COE prices, and if the $1mln HDB and overall property prices doesn’t affect you, then yes, you are right that Alvin is talking shit and Singapore is indeed a great place to be in. Or if you are one of those 60% who voted for PAP and still blinded, then sure, go ahead the slam Alvin for talking shit.

But if you are those amongst us who are gradually living under impossible conditions, despite all the cosmetic front that our government put forth to impress outsiders, then you will see some truth in Alvin’s article.

So touch your heart, and see things objectively.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


74 Responses to “Singaporean agrees with Alvin Tan that living in Malaysia beats Singapore”

  1. heartland Ranger said


  2. Genghis khan said

    Hey asshole!u go n convert to a Malaysian melayun be a Babi like them !asshole brain!

  3. hercules said

    This guy is my hero! What he says would be so obvious to Singaporeans if only they will sit down and reflect. But Sporeons are so conditioned by the Stockholm syndrome that anything less than an earthquake or tsunmai will not wake up the 60%. I really think these 60% just feel good only when they are undergoing pain and torture. For me, a true blue 3rd gen Sporeon, i have seen the light. I have bought a beautiful house facing the golf course in Johore, a used Porche (both at a fraction of the costs here), work from home most off the time and having a great time in Malaysia.So I agree 100% with what Alvin says.Fxxx the Spore government and the greedy ministers. I’ve had enough of them! When are the rest gonna wake up?

    • Genghis khan said

      I pray u get rob or get chop or get rape by the melayu there u prick!!

      • mahbok tan said

        Wats wrong with the melayu there ? Racist comment , No ?

        I tot we Singaporean have improve on our racist sentiments…..guess we are wrong…..lets just stick to alvin issue.
        Whats wrong with disagreeing with the SGpore Govt and/or ministers? I tot we should learn , To agree and disagree , in our aim of a better Sgpore. Thats why we have opposition and proposition party….!!!

        Aiyo yo yo ….genghis khan please do not make kublai khan wake up from his grave and cunt you….!!!

      • ST said

        genghis khan…..u are no better than him, the curse will fall back on you,
        what is wrong for telling the truth? everyone had their own opinion and view. And only intelligents one dare to speak their instead of just obey & agree to their master

      • nationalist said

        Genghis Cunt, you sound like a wank. Crimes happen everywhere in the world. Oh yes, do you know that in the Chinese Revolution, the Chinese Government killed more of its own than died in the whole of World War I? And I don’t see any difference between you and the communist regime.

      • Virgorian said

        Eh nationalist dick face , what’s that got to do with the Chinese communist now?i m talking about singapore and Malaysia u prick babi brain !

      • wong said

        your comments is not welcome here !

      • Virgorian said

        Wong why?you mum n sis got rape pectin in that shit hole country ?!not welcome is not for u to reply u prick head !

      • confucius said

        Genhis Khan another racist bastard…..

      • Anthony Ho said

        It’s very clear Genhis khan is probably a Malaysian or ex-Malaysian who have an axe to grind with the Malay. He is either a Malaysian Chinese or Malaysian Indian. The P$P govt have allow 7000,000 Malaysians to work or live here and mostly are Chinese with many Indians too. This group suits the DIVIDE AND RULE govt here. True-Blue Singaporean Chinese will never make such racist comment. Evidence can be found here with so many true-blue supporting Alvin Tan against the racist.

    • GaanMaro said

      Dear Hercules, good to know that you have finally done what you have always wanted to do. It must have cost you some money to uproot youself from Singapore and settle in Johor. On the other hand, i am of the opinion that it is cheaper to change the government than to change your country. Once every 4 years the opportunity comes along for us to exercise your voting options. Let 2016 be a year of change.

      • Hercules said

        Actually it was not difficult at all. I spent about 6 months looking around driving in over the weekends, reading blogs on living in malaysia (Sammyboy Forum has very good discussions by Sporeons) .Sometimes i stayed over to get a feel and to save the hassle of driving in. Than talked to people etc. . Once I decided where i wanted to buy the property, it was all systems go from there and no turning back.. It took me about 6 months to settle in after i moved over and with every day i get more and more comfortable and at home and ask myself why I did not do it earlier. Yes its a bit of hassle at the beginning because even though its just next door , its a new environment, you don’t know your way around, the Chinese don’t speak English( more mandarin and malay), where to buy a car, which renovation contractor to use etec. This is normal and one must expect this teething problems But after that its a great place. The sense of freedom is really exhilarating. Whenever i cross the causeway back to Spore i can already feel the tension and stifling atmosphere and when i go back home to Johore, i feel so relieved!

      • Zam said

        I think its hard to change them in GE2016 if you see the way how fast they are converting all the PR’s to new citizens to get their votes

        Mod’s note:

        And not to forget the fake opposition ‘Wayang Party’ has aligned itself with the PAP rather than the other opposition parties:

        ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next election, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it (to keep it in power)’

        – PAP’s ‘B’ team MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

      • AngrySingaporean said

        this is a reply to bro GaanMaro.

        Johore has the advantage of being very accessible to Singapore. The Straits Times reported that there are many ang mo expats now live in Johore and come to work in Singapore everyday; they don’t think the daily commute between Johore and Singapore is such a big deal because back in where they come from, an hour’s drive is common. Besides, you won’t even need an hour drive between Singapore and Johore. Straits Times also reported that these expats said with SGD 6000, they at most get a 3 room condo in Singapore, but they get to rent a bungalow with pool in Johore.

        If for any reason, you don’t think Johore is as sophisticated and cosmopolitan as Singapore for living, then go KL. There is no difference between Singapore and KL. Excellent restaurants, drinking places, clubs, shopping malls in KL are at least as good as Singapore. And there’s many Chinese there as well, so you will find the ethic mix very familiar too. And yes, they ALL speak English in KL / Malaysia. And yes, the Malaysians dress as well, and not any less sophisticated than Singaporeans.

        In short, Malaysia is no longer the poor neighbour that we used to think. And they have already caught up many years ago, so it is not even a recent thing.

        If you haven’t been to KL for a while, just take a budget flight there or coach ride up. Stay for the weekend, and explore.

        My office is next to KLCC, so hotels, KLCC malls, banks, everything I need is all within walking distance. I also stay in rented condo within walking distance to KLCC. So i don’t even need public transport. I just walk 5 mins to office from “home”, shopping mall, etc. It’s even better than living in Singapore where I have to fucking drive and get caught in morning traffic jams to and fro office. It takes me 45 mins to drive from my Singapore home to office in Raffles Place due to traffic jam (the actual distance is only just 15 min drive without the jams, so it also makes me wonder what has all the COE, ERP that was supposed to solve traffic problems done for us, other than is additional revenue stream for government)

        I just want to ask fellow Singaporeans to just take a moment and reflect on their living standard, and find ways to improve or circumvent it like author Hercules has done too.

        Waiting for change of government is a waste of time. How many 4-5 years do we have to keep waiting and hoping?
        And hoping government to change its policies is also a waste of time. Whatever policies the government implemented, I am sure they have deliberated over it before acting; it ain’t going to change just because 5 million people go online and rant about it. Singaporeans have waited at least the past 10 years for some changes, but nothing has changed for the better. Instead it got worse.

        Do you have another 10 years to wait and hope? I wish to live well and fullest for the next 10 years and more years to come, i don’t wish to waste on waiting and hoping for things to happen. That’s me, you get to make your own life choice. You can continue to wait till 2016 with hopes, or you can join the 60% who voted for PAP by sticking the head into the mud and say things are not as bad as the other 40% of the people think.

  4. Mike Zeng said

    Despite the rampant crimes in the urban cities? I have relatives in KL, PEN, JB and even Seramban who told me they have a self-imposed night curfew to stay indoors after 7pm. ….still better than S’pore?

    • bodyguards n assassins said

      Better in a sense when their cities are not over crowded at night. no problems with traffic jams, parking, long queues for food outlets, entertainment outlets, etc.

      Good for private security companies that provide protection…..using off duty policemen,,,giving them a chance to earn extra money.
      The rich who come out to play will need even more protection, again good for security companies. LOL

    • JohorMali said

      But heck, where do those people thronging the pasar malam, night uptown markets, late supper stalls, cineplexes in those towns/ cities mentioned come from?

    • Steve Lee said

      Have you noticed the many foreign faces in Singapore nowadays? FT, foreign workers, manual labourers etc. People who pick on law abiding Singaporeans are getting away with it too.

  5. spotlessleopard said

    the cost of living and standard of living in any major ASEAN city puts Singapore PAP to shame….Singapore’s standard is low and cost is high….that is undeniable……Singapore has the most effective Tax Collection in the whole of Asean…

  6. Steve Lee said

    There are pros and cons in living in Singapore or Malaysia really. Most people would admit this if they took a step back and analysed the situation with honesty and with both eyes wide open. Today’s Singapore is not the Singapore of the 1980’s and the surrounding countries are progressing by leaps and bounds. Do your homework please.

  7. Oh man said

    It is always greener pasture on the other side(s). Compare and complain too much lah….

  8. Ron said

    You are most welcome to Malaysia…Selamat Datang. Yes move there quickly and give us regular reports on violent crimes:

    – A young man was slashed on his face from forehead to chin. He is now very depressed and may go to Korea for plastic surgery

    – Five friends of my relative in Petaling Jaya reported forcible entry and thefts in their homes.

    – Car parks are hazardous zones… get in quickly and lock the doors. There is pervasive fear. Even cars have windows smashed in daylight.

    – Tourists have their bags snatched on Jalan Ampang close to the KLCC.

    Enough of first-hand report which I heard in KL recently. Good luck and selamat datang to Malaysia.

    • malaysia bagus said

      To Ron,
      I can arrange for a selamat datang specially for you.
      If you feel so strongly that Malaysia is crime infested, then have the guts to show your face and make a statement on Malaysia and Spore MSM.

      The Malaysians will prove you wrong by inviting you over as guest of honour and show you what wonderful hosts they can be. What say you ?

    • Genghis khan said

      Ron, I think seorang and Hercules will give a report soon. Since they love Malaysia so much

    • confucius said

      anywhere you go there sure to be crime even in Singapore bro…..

  9. Ren said

    Why dont you show all of us here, you give up singapore citizenship? Go to any of those countries you mentioned. Period.

    • Aussie Bogan said

      At least we have the choice to take up another first world country citzenship what choice do you have? Ha

    • Or, you know, we could do something that would really show them… by making life in Singapore better enough for the 95% of us who aren’t filthy rich living off other people’s money that nobody would feel the need to post testimonials like this?

      But that’ll have to wait for a post-PAP Government, which could have a real small-c conversation with Singaporeans about how to fix these messes we’re in.

    • AngrySingaporean said

      Yes, I am already doing that. I am in the process of moving my business to China and Hong Kong. In fact, I have recently shut down our operation team here of 20 employees and move the backoffice operation to KL. So yes, I will be traveling between KL, China, Hong Kong. All these 3 places are mentioned in article.

      Will I give up my Singapore citizenship? No, whatever for. I think I can learn to take Singapore for a ride like many expats and FTs here, taking advantage of its low tax regime etc. So I would have best of both worlds. Live abroad, choose the cities that meets my requirements, and yet keep a foot in Singapore to enjoy what little benefits left for being a Singaporean.

      • Hercules said

        This is exactly what I am doing too. I live and play in Johore in my nice house and used Porsche. My house in Spore is rented out to a FT for an exhorbitant amount. My postal address in that of my relatives house in AMK so I can vote against Arse loong at the next election. When I feel like it I drive into Spore and its getting less and less often as I can do and get everything i want in Johore for a lot less. So why shd I not take advantage of Spore like the rest? And I will of course keep my citizenship too like Angry Singaporeon! There are very many smart Sporeons doing the same in Johore ad the numbers are growing..

      • Zam said


  10. FedUpSingaporean said

    I find it incomprehensible that PM Lee bothers to conduct such massive SG Conversation talking about what we want in the next 20 years.

    Whatever our wish list is, it’s be no concern to PM Lee and PAP, because I don’t think the people is going to keep them around for another 20 years anyway.

    So please, let Mr Chee Soon Juan and the Opposition drive the SG Conversation….. why? because they are more likely going to be the people fulfilling our wish list than PM Lee and the PAP!!

    I think PM Lee and PAP should just focus on what to deliver in remaining years before 2016 election. As my boss used to tell me “if you don’t deliver the short term, you won’t be around long enough to see the long term!”

  11. fair said

    I detect alot of sougrapes here. face the facts. a swallow does not make the summer. generally malaysia quality of life is lot better than singapore. you have murder and crimes and drug taking in australia and netehrlands but given a chance , if malaysia throws open their citizenships to all races, I sure 99% of singaporeans would apply overnight. what so great about the rat race in singapore? so what if you win the race? you are still a rat. at the end of the day the ST articles syas it that locals are most prone to burnout from job stress.

  12. Hell pap said

    Pap has dug itself into a shithole
    Every position taken by these unworthy pigs create new problems
    Even to the extent of granting scholarships it create a situation
    Of ungrateful ft calling them greedy and semi incompetent

    It is time the old man to go for the good of the nation

    Every minute he remain this nation is on the path of self destruction

    The sooner the better

    Sad but it is true, he has outlived his usefulness

    The nation is still helmed by dying patriarch unwilling to let go due

    To the incompetent son

  13. fair play said

    There are pros and cons to both system. Just ask any Malasysian SPR to give up their citizenship. Compared to 30 yrs ago, very few will do.
    Even with the high crime rate, there are now more Malaysian staying in JB and commuting to Singapore compared to say 10 yrs ago.
    We have a high GDP but are we having a good quality of life compare to say a similar profession in say Penang, KL, Bangalore, Taipei. ………

  14. jaded said

    go go go Alvin! stick it to the pappies!

  15. Chuister said

    Who wants to stay in Singapore, go ahead, it’s your born rights. But try telling the hundreds of SG cars lining up everyday at Woodlands & Tuas checkpoints which are trying to get into Malaysia. That number is NOT decreasing. I wish it was decreasing, but somehow human beings have a knack for survival, and sometimes the risks of being subject to crimes in Malaysia outweighs the disadvantages of being screwed by the SG government everyday.

    • Joget2948 said

      It feels better being mugged or robbed on the street of Malaysia, than being mugged or robbed by Singapore government – the people whom you voted in yourself.

  16. Hell pap said

    I am a Canadian citizen
    Give up Singapore ages ago

    Life is so much meaningful here
    Food is cheaper
    Gas is cheaper but do my grocery I across the border in USA so I am paying
    3.80 dollar per gallon or about a dollar a liter
    Drives a bran new Volvo or 50k
    No road tax
    Insurance 2.7k/year
    No need to worry about health bill
    Covered by state with 60 dollar per month insurance
    Lower income do to have to pay for any insurance
    Prescription is 70% covered

    The sad story is that Singaporean pay taxes but got nothing back but goes into
    Pockets of pap leaders

  17. Ron said

    Spore is not blessed with a nice climate and great expanse of outdoor scenery but has done remarkably well given the circumstances:

    – Visit HK and see how closely packed are those apartments. And visit a typical average income apartment. They are more like shoebox units.

    – Spore escaped the worst of the 1997 Asian crises and the recent 2008 Financial crises. It has the means to buffer the economy with plenty of infrastructure projects and we are seeing another round of it now (roads, MRT lines, airport expansion, utilities expansion, etc.).

    – Spore is incredibly well managed financially and banks here are safer than in many countries.

    – I visited Lau Pak Sat hawker centre recently and noticed that prices are low i.e. few will price their dishes above $5. Even $2.50 can still get a plate of rice and chicken. Goes to show that competition is preventing price inflation.

    – More and more tourist attractions now e.g. Garden by the Bay. Spore has the money to build new projects now where previously privately owned attractions have failed e.g. Tang Village, Haw Par Villa, Big Splash. Now, it is more of a national effort. And have you visited Chinatown? It is one of the best Chinatown alleys in the world. The Buddha Tooth Temple is exquisite in its decor and gold plating.

    Yes there are plenty of challenges in Spore and part of that is due to attitude of Singaporeans. But I am optimistic as Spore has come this far and will continue to improve. All of us have to make our small contributions. This is our Home…safe, clean, green and relatively wealthy.

    No one asks you to buy that expensive car or Rolex and pay the taxes. No one asks you to chase after the property market. HDB is pledging a home for all newly weds and with public transport that is now so much more extensive, there is no HDB estate that is not accessible.

    It is up to each of us to make Spore a better place. It is not just the work of the Government.

  18. People Inaction PArty said

    Average sillyporeans pay 14X their annual salary for their small HDB pigeon hole and an old small car. Japanese pay 8X for a bigger house and a newer car. Americans and Canadians pay 4X for a big new 2-storey house and a brand new sports car.
    Sillyporeans are so blind becoz they believe whatever they read in the Shit Times and listen to whatever they have been told by the MIW. So silly!

  19. SLO said

    I can see that most of us are sold on the “good” life in singapore. There are truths in Alvin’s comments that we have chose to ignore. Yet i see many of us travelling to Malaysia on weekends and do their weekend trips and grocery shopping there. If there are no advantages, then I dont know how to interpret this

  20. fnu lnu said

    The author so brave, why dont you reveal your full name and IC number?

    The ICA can expedite your extraction to up north ASAP!

    Come on lah, you only read one side story only. Please go live in KL yourself then you judge please. I am sure most people with expat experience will disagree with you.

    No experience, just listen and learn….

    • AngrySingaporean said

      Yes, I am already doing that. I am in the process of moving my business to China and Hong Kong. In fact, I have recently shut down our operation team here of 20 employees and move the backoffice operation to KL. So yes, I will be traveling between KL, China, Hong Kong. All these 3 places are mentioned in article.

      Will I give up my Singapore citizenship? No, whatever for. I think I can learn to take Singapore for a ride like many expats and FTs here, taking advantage of its low tax regime etc. So I would have best of both worlds. Live abroad, choose the cities that meets my requirements, and yet keep a foot in Singapore to enjoy what little benefits left for being a Singaporean.

  21. Commando Pants said

    It is very expensive here as in property, cars and going out … but being a non Singaporean I don’t intend to purchase the 1st two… so sorry for Singapore as the locals are struggling – badly, I see it everyday. COE is bollocks, but people pay to show off and LV bags are so fake…

  22. mel chin said

    To Angry Singaporean: Go live in Malaysia for a 6 months. Then tell us how you fell again.

    • mel chin said


      • AngrySingaporean said

        I do have a business in KL for the past 4 years, and I do spend at least 1-2 weeks per month there. Frankly, I don’t think its unsafe living in Malaysia / KL, or anywhere else as the Straits Times would like to lead you to believe. There’s bound to be crimes everywhere you go. If you are at the wrong place wrong time in Singapore, you will get rob or raped too. There’s no such thing as “oh but there’s more crimes in Malaysia”. Of course there’s more crimes there simply because there’s more than 30 million people there. That’s 6 times more people than Singapore.

        So don’t be so naive to think that other countries are so dangerous to live in, that you fret “oh its soooo dangerous in US, because I always read about crimes in US.” For christ sake, there’s 300 million people in US.

        And if you think Singapore is so great, sure, go on and stay here. Nobody is asking you to move. LOL!!
        Life is full of choices. You can choose to live well, or you can choose to suck the bullshit from the government. LOL!!!!!

    • jagan chakap besar said

      Think before opening your mouth to issue silly challenge to Angry Sporean..

      Why is the Spore Govt putting in $ Billions to promote the Iskandar project if they think Malaysia is a country without potential ? Do you know how many Billions the Spore govt has invested in malaysia ?

  23. Ron said

    There will be more Singaporeans settling down in south Johor in gated communities. The Iskander Project is a good cooperative effort by Malaysian and Spore and benefits both countries. It will not take much effort to improve security. It depends on who runs the State Government and whether they will have a special police force for the Iskander zone.

    Spore has tried to invest in Batam and Bintan and there is hardly any news now. Spore tried in China and Suzhou was a setback though that has not stopped similar efforts in Tianjin and Chongching. It shows that it is hard to ensure success. Without Mahathir, Malaysia seems more inviting now.

    • jagan chakap besar said

      aku chakap macham kepala butoh.

      without LKY and son, Singaporean malays will feel more at home in their own country. you can ask other local born how they feel as well.

      do you see mahathir maginalising his own people with silly policies ?
      immigration, cpf, housing, jobs, defence, isa, etc ?

      care to explain why spore has not been successful in China, Indonesia, Thailand, USA ?

  24. sky said

    fuck all of u people out there PAP supporters, go fuck ur mother and suck LKY cock, u don’t agree what he say is true than live with it, untill one day u will be the one complaining and still say PAP are doing the right thing, this is what we say,“let them play ur ass n still say yes play it harder”.

  25. Lim said

    More than 300 EC solds for above 1 million. S$1.6m penthouse priciest.

    there were 343 caveats of new sales above S$1 million. The boy is right!

  26. brokenspacebar said

    When i was working for someone in SG and needed a short getaway, i have to bring out my passport. All i need is a short getaway, say 1 full day and a nite at a beach resort. Not looking for the expensive ones, but just drive away to a quiet, wide open space, the sun, the beautiful sea, clean sand and with my loved ones. East Coast, Pasir Ris and Sentosa didn’t do the trick. A getaways. As to compare to my posting to Malaysia, Indonesia and US. I normally packed my weekend stuffs in the truck of my car, called my loved one at 4pm and off we go till Sunday. Made our choice when we met, Go North, South, East of West. Try that…

    what could you do in Singapore over the weekends? (52 weeks x 2 days)… Mall, Movie, clubbing, hangout, how many F1 in a year, sentosa???, food hunting again, window shopping, Flyers, do the Hippo ride, movie, zoo, garden by the bay… how many times are you doing those things in a year? and what’s your comment when someone chio you to go those places, do you remember? Siao lah, wah lao er…

    Spend some times abroad (more than 1 year). Then compare to what you have in SG. Again spend some times in another different place. Compare again.

    I encourage you guys to go out, jump out of the well, see the world, explore your options, get out of your comfort zone. If you don’t experience the cons of other countries, what are you making your judgement on the pros of SG, or vise versa. Your fate is in your hand, make it happen. And not wait for it to happen.

    With SG passport you could go to commonwealth nations and have lots of perks. Try them and then come back here to post your comments.

  27. All I can say is

  28. Whatever said

    Things in Malaysia is cheaper cause their wages are lower. Malays don’t have to irk but are still treated as first lass citizens cause the land “belong to them”. People can wonder the street at night, but go missing, raped, mugged and hat nots. Sure. Malaysia is better. Angry Singaporean please go to hat “better” place.

    Singapore is not the best, but its still better than Malaysia.

    • Virgorian said

      Hey whatever , so u know u r a stupid fart that don’t understand history ?!the land of Malaysia belong to the melayu pig ,?!please!!its belong to the ORANG ASLI!!!tjose Malay pig are just immigrant from Indonesia !!n those mother farkwr claim the land is theirs and thsts what they good at !now u understand !?

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