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Lawrence Wong: Singaporeans want a kinder and more gracious society

Posted by temasektimes on October 21, 2012

Singaporeans want a kinder and a more gracious society, said Senior Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts, Lawrence Wong, having attended several dialogue sessions of Our Singapore ‘Conversation’ so far.

The initiative was launched last month by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to ‘engage’ Singaporeans and is now gaining traction among the youth.

About 60 of them, mostly university, polytechnic and ITE students – participated in the Social Narratives, a series of youth engagement dialogues that is part of the national conversation.

Speaking to queries from the state media after gracing the event, Mr Wong commended the ideas mooted by young Singaporeans to make Singapore a better place to live in and urge them to materialize their ideas.

Mr Wong commended the ideas, and urged the youths to materialise their ideas.

He also noted that many Singaporeans are talking about the kind of values they would like to have for the future.

“In all the conversations I’ve attended, the issue of values comes out quite a lot…Many Singaporeans do talk about them, desiring to have a society that’s anchored by values… people (want) a kinder (and) a more gracious society.”

Unlike other democratic countries, there is no real opposition in parliament to check on the ruling party, making the ‘Singapore Conversation’ important as a sort of feedback channel for the government.


14 Responses to “Lawrence Wong: Singaporeans want a kinder and more gracious society”

  1. Lim said

    Kinder and more gracious society is difficult to achieve when the citizens have to fight for space, survival, jobs and work till they drop. The compassion and kindness from top is lacking in implementing harsh money-faced policies, levies, taxes, licence fees, marked up market subsidies in every aspect of our lives – in a jungle where they let in predators you still want us to be kind and more gracious to be eaten by them?

  2. Pink Panty Loong said

    Lawrence, Singaporeans want a stronger and more effective government. You just never get it, right?

  3. Pink Panty Loong said

    Singaporeans want a less crowded society and more efficient transport system. You missed it again, don’t you?

  4. Pink Panty Loong said

    Singaporeans want a lower cost of living and more affordable public housing. You pretend not listen again, don’t you?

  5. Sarah said

    Bullshit! Singaporeans want an open, tranparent and accountable Government. Kindness and graciousness are irrelevant in a police state like Singapore. Singaporeans need to be more opinionated, contentious, confrontational and competitive when dealing with arrogant, autocratic, incompetent and pro-alien PAP.

    • afraid to use my name said

      WOW you are better than WP (wacky party, wayang party, worst party, wriggling party, whore party, weakling party, whispering party, wasted party, wicked party…)

  6. fpc said

    this wayang wanted to legitimise the black market price of politicians overseas into his pay. where is the value?

  7. Alamak said

    Gahmen ‘Engage engage Singaporean’ for long long no use lah. More importent when going marry and have kiddys. Oso no one-way street,got two side, we all ony
    on one of the side..

    No need lecture we ‘be kinder’. Most Singaporean kind awreddy, but some one-kind.
    The attendent mostly U, Poly and ITE student, so got education. Go ask some not so
    high educate one and oso ask them what they want, see if same.

  8. Jack said

    not sure if those students who attended are representative of Singaporeans, after looking all those who were selected to attend the TV series, one would wonder if these are special selected students and gone through training by the schools before attending the conversation with Lawrence

  9. dragon said


  10. why encourage complaint system? said

    Why government authority like LTA is encouraging “complaint system”?

  11. Santi said

    Can he tell us, is govt kind to their own people more than being kind to foreigners? Is the police treating own citizens like human beings and provide services to them instead of controlling them? Is our welfare better than other countries? Why they don’t return all our CPF money when we retire? So please don’t avoid those things and only look at those good thing. Not everybody are getting benefits like some RC or CCC members did. Don’ yoursrlf with many less previleage citizens.

  12. Ron said

    I think Spore is becoming more gracious already. I see young people giving up the seat to the elderly in the trains or not occuping the reserved seats. People queue and do give way in crowded walkways leading to the MRT stations.

    Bashing of family members, unruly behaviour in public and vandalism are rare. In part, the punishment is a deterrent but people have learnt to cooperate rather than vent their frustrations with petty acts.

    Grace does not come to Singaporeans easily. However, when travelling to Western countries or to Japan, Singaporeans do behave more graciously as that is part of the culture. There are always the exceptions in every society and there are the really unreasonable elements in every Western society too.

    • Jack said

      Ron, well said, I wonder if Minister Wong is from which land, seems not connected to the ground at all? Of course, I do understand we are peasants, high society people Like Minister Wong has not been taking MRT enough to understand the ground at all

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