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PM Lee: NSmen will receive ‘hongbao’ this year in the form of vouchers

Posted by temasektimes on October 23, 2012

National Servicemen (NSmen) will be awarded for their contributions to the nation with a S$100m “hongbao” from the Singapore government to commemorate the 45th anniversary of National Service in the country, proclaimed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Speaking at the celebrations at The Float @ the Marina Bay, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said all NSmen will receive vouchers to enjoy a movie or meal with their family and friends.

In addition, Operationally Ready NSmen who are currently serving out their cycles, as well as those who have completed their cycles, will also receive a year’s free membership to SAFRA or HomeTeamNS.

“…the “hongbao” will cost the government S$100 million though the gestures will never fully compensate for their personal sacrifices,” PM Lee said.

All Singaporean born men have to ‘serve’ two years of compulsory National Service followed by 10 or more years of reservist as NSmen which put them at a disadvantage in the labor market as compared to foreigners who do not have such disruptions.



51 Responses to “PM Lee: NSmen will receive ‘hongbao’ this year in the form of vouchers”

  1. SgGuy said

    Whose money is he giving out?!?!??!?

    • Bai Hu said

      Exactly 🙂

    • SgGuy2 said

      not yours i think

    • Dude, it’s a voucher not cash. These are sunken cost provided by supporting organizations. Movie and meal voucher are redeem over a period of time and membership to Safra where facilities are already there with or without more members. In fact it will drive new customers to these outlets and this is their selling point and in return, these organizations provide or subsidise the voucher cost. Cash offer would have been more sincere and it should have channel to those who really need it. Sorry, I cannot be bought cheap by a cheap voucher for my years of service. Please pass them to those needed it most and please offer real cash!

      • Francischuanghli said

        Truely it is all gimmicks, just like working senior bonus. They Credit to your medisave acct. by adding S$200/= in number but in return ask U top up cash by thousands because of your work income .

    • SianzSG said

      Our money loh. This the very reason why 60% is voting him. Hoping for little freebies like this.
      And 40% will still fuck him and wish his dad to die asap. Period.

      • Daft Peasant said

        dad died or not really make not much difference……. the evil one is the son…..

      • Francischuanghli said

        Those 61%!PAP ( Picking A Peanut ) monkeys of cuz have to do the Monkey Stun. They have got some PEANUT anyway.

    • Wong said

      Good question !

    • Ours, of course. You think he’d be so free with his own money?

  2. Pink Panty Loong said

    I’ll rather not have the Hongbao, if given the choice not to serve NS.

    NS has lost its pride and meaning and pride ever since those monkeys-in-white have opened the gateway for foreigners to flood our beautiful country and entitled to our limited resources without any national obligation.

    • Naivety said

      As the saying goes, “Jobs for FTs/Foreigners & Full Time National Service for native Singaporean men never ring so true”!!!

    • Francischuanghli said

      NS. Had become a WAYANG only becuz without defense, we had already given in to the “Foreigners Occuppation” Those “Proud. And Prospering ” leaders had already surrender to the $$bulets of the foreign infiltration.

    • famiLee hongbao said

      I am pretty sure majority of native Sporean men rather give the useless PM $100 pm if they can have the choice not to serve. In fact he should introduce NS for women and give them the same option.

  3. Lim said

    Too little too late – after disadvantaging Singaporean males to suffer for being citizens – by making them less attractive to employers because of disruptions thru ICTs, mobilisations and behind their female colleagues in careers as well as foreigners – this wayang comes too little and too late.

  4. Ah Piah said

    Giving us peanuts when he is taking home millions from tax payers monies

  5. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Sure or not? I am not interested in Free SAFRA membership. Just give us the cash cos that’s what we need. $100,000,000.00 divided by 900,000 NS man. How much do I get? CAsh is important to us. Not all those fancy stuff and bullshit

  6. Pink Panty Loong said

    Wah, Mr Lee, you damn cheapo leh. You think your $100 million divided by 1 million (assuming there is only 1 million that are males) = $100 hongbao can buy our loyalty back after the blardy ways you have treated us in preference to your foreign trash?! Fat hope!

  7. Pink Panty Loong said

    Can I give you the hongbao instead so that I don’t have to serve NS?

  8. nb la said

    suddenly give 100m? need to seek approval in parliament?

    if not, then it should be SAF defense budget. if it can take out 100m just like that, it simply means the budget is too big and too much surplus in the first place.

    anyone who worked in or with government should know that if they cannot spend everything of the allocated budget, they will be given lesser next yr and have to explain why they requested so much and yet did not use it (in short, make themselves look bad). it is an enviable position to have to spend (not earned or save) everything u are given in order to hit your KPI.

    Just see how the ministries are burning at end of yr to ensure they hit KPI.

    Secondary school grad trips used to be Australia at its furthest. Now? I even seen Moscow… what shit

  9. heart landers said

    Ntuc vouchers?

  10. Steve said

    Hmm .. @ SgGuy, is our money, and this is a gimick of our Government, $50 voucher, what a waste, if you don’t utilized it it will be wasted and the oorganization selling the voucher are so happy. This is best our government can think of by giving tribute to NS men.

    Why don’t they come out with better idea by giving rebate to Utlilies and waiver of childcare fees for marry NS men. I dumb folded /

  11. Cher said

    Vouchers!!! Why can’t they dispense cash? Next time the will distribute rice, sugar and flour. Nonsensical exercise. The poor will not benefit, the rich will not feel it!

  12. Main Bola said

    I don’t understand why the word serve is in quotes. Does the TT moderator doubt National Service as service to the country?

  13. Tan Yan Ren said

    Dear Prime Minister,
    Wonderful gesture to do this!!!! BUT i think you should instead channel the money to better use. PLease consider channeling the 100 million dollars to a fund or organisation for active and reservist National servicemen so that the funds caqn be used for scholarship, hardship , or any humanitarian needs for these personnels intended for. Giving away the 100 million dollars to ALL is not a good idea because many dont need it and yet many others will laugh at it since the total sum they will receiveis too lttle to make any impact or difference…PLEASE reconsider the move to dish out 100 million to all …

  14. mark said

    peanut.. singaporean dont be fool ..
    FT comes here study for free, get our jobs and HDB/Condos
    We served the bloody NS, till today PAP cant justify the fairness..

  15. Daft Peasant said


  16. heartland Ranger said

    It still our $$$

  17. 60-100bucks paper vouchers to enjoy a movie or meal in selected place only hoh!
    Yah loh wat to do, garmeh thinks we sinky all yau gui beggar.

  18. NSmen Jin Cham said

    $100 vouchers to compensate for the 2 years of NS plus 10 years to ICT??? I think SG guys are damn pathetic. Heard there are news that foreigners are complaining that the Govt is giving out vouchers to NS serving males. Our Country is doomed.

  19. anakin said

    how much $ u give to FT Scholars, Can i have that amount please Mr PM…..

  20. SianzSG said

    Well convert these complains to votes. Throw them out including wayang party. Simple as that.
    Vote anything that is not PAP and WP. Even it is monkey or snakes. WTF care

  21. fpc said

    do a count, what we get is less than 90 million. what happen to the remaining 10 million?

  22. Cher said

    $100 bucks worth of voucher for 24-30 months of national service starting at $90 per month??? Foreigner scholars with free education without bond!!! Singaporeans are damn cheap. Is this another insult?

  23. Annoymous said

    Why TT mod never come out and praise your master?

  24. fpc said

    notice… it is the same scheme as the donate to poor families but they only get shitty times scheme. i.e. they claim you get this and that amount but it is in vouchers that you cannot convert into cash… so the actual cash out lay is smaller than 100 million. much smaller and is primarily done to prop up those TH companies that couldn’t make monies.

  25. cc chia said

    Pinky Lee can keep his stupid vouchers that we’ll probably not use anyway. They’ll probably be for like those vouchers we regularly receive from the credit card companies for spa treatments or for fancy restaurants, otherwise they could be for purchases in PAP/Temasek linked companies such as Singtel or NTUC.

    We would prefer cash payments or other monetary discounts, such as permanent travel rebates or free travel on public transport such as bus and train.

    Too little, done too late, for someone who did not really go thru NS like most of us.

  26. Ron said

    With due respect, the money should have gone into disbility and death benefits to take take of those who suffered serious accidents, died or suffered health disabilities while on NS or in service.

    A hundred or so is not worth much these days but the number of those who died or were diasbled have been few. Those are the ones the nation should show its gratitude.

  27. KK said

    $100 voucher to us is not even close to compensate our personal Sacrifice. Might as well donate the $100mil to the charity and help out the needy.

  28. True BLUE Sinkie said

    NS men serve to defend the country and do regular ICT. FTs no need to do NS or serve time. After work, 7 days a week, go relax and drink in pubs, discos, etc. $100 million to buy our loyalty and try to con us??

  29. Woopie said

    Got give something also complain….Dont give anything also complain….

    • ST said

      if you are sincere about ‘owing’ these NS Man, do it sincerely & wholeheartedly…give them a decent allowance, the present allowance is at par with a maid salary

      • Daft Peasant said

        now buay pai liao…… when i ns that time, which is 17 years ago, my ns pay less than 250!!!

        jiak seow……..

  30. nie said

    i THINK IS IS BETER FOR pap to keep the AngPow. it all rublish talk.

  31. ashamed said

    Fuck. Life is hard enough for me, a taxpayer, and PAP wants to burn 100million on vouchers that means nothing to the NS men?

    Save it for your salaries and don’t make life harder.

  32. szewee96 said

    EH,as a secondary 4 student,i really look forward to NS,,but i think giving such things are like we are paid merceneries,just give a fix salary ty,then i maybe consider joining the elites,the SOF.

  33. Cher said

    I propose that the ministers (past and present) should divide the amount among themselves, for their National Service to the country. But then, it’s peanuts to these millionaire ministers. Insulting 900,000 servicemen will has its consequences. Dream on………….

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