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Malaysian living in Singapore: Why I will never want to retire here

Posted by temasektimes on October 25, 2012

I’m a Malaysian who has been living in Singapore for the past 13 years and I have to say that Alvin is right. I miss the laid-back easy life back home. But I chose to focus on my career and Singapore is the place to do it. If I want a lil Livin’ and some soulful action i just hop across the border. In SG i switch off. In Malaysia i switch on. It has worked well for me and i simply learn to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The thing I love about Singapore is the Safety factor. The thing I hate about Singapore is how they tend to blow things out of proportion esp about the crime rate. The crime rate in malaysia is the same as what you get in Sydney, New York and London. Singaporeans will pay thousands to fly there for holiday but squeal at the thought of driving across to JB. Seriously, if you keep reading Straits Times, then you will have been thoroughly brainswashed by the bullshit newspaper that scares the crap out of you about driving into Malaysia so that you will spend your money in SG and not in MY.

Both countries have their good and bad. However, I will NEVER want to retire in Singapore simply because I wont be able to afford it and I don’t think i want to be surrounded by concrete jungle when I’m in my 60′s and 70′s.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


59 Responses to “Malaysian living in Singapore: Why I will never want to retire here”

  1. Macker said

    The only thing I believe on Straits Times is the date printed.

    • Jaded said

      i won’t even believe this!

    • Eric Wong said

      The majority of Singaporeans will agree with you.

      Why do you think its circulation is falling so drastically every year?

      Anyway, Singaporeans are not xenophobic.

      We welcome foreigners but not the policy which mass imports foreigners on such a huge scale that our infrastructure cannot cope.

      And not to the extent where it drives up housing prices beyond the reach of ordinary citizens.

      Inflations is so high, despite the global slowdown, that many Singaporeans are struggling to surive and put food on the table.

      SPLITNIC, and other foreigners, are right to say that their home country is much better than Singapore.

      It is the hard truth and Singaporeans agree with it.

      Why else would so many Singaporeans emigrate every year?

      There are probably more than 200,000 Singaporeans living overseas presently.

      That is close to a staggering 9% of the population.

      This figure is probably even more than the percentage of OFW in the Philippines.

      No, there is nothing wrong with what SPLITNIC said.

      It is a fact, and he would be daft to take up give Malaysian citizenship to become a Singaporean.

      Malaysia is 10 times better than Singapore.

      And the growing number of Singaporeans living in JB proves this.

      We should not get upset with foreigners speaking the truth.

      What we need to do is to effect change in Singapore.

      We need political leaders who care about Singaporeans.

      We need the opposition in power.

    • said

      Good one, Macker!

  2. at 60… we would probably be working in a kopitiam in sg… in msia.. at 60 i would have a garden in my backyard and i can plant my own vegetables…

  3. byebye said

    in the midst of shifting to new zealand with family….

  4. PAP Forever said

    i think Singapore is not that bad a place. At least, it is way better that any of the Africa countries:
    1. we have better sanitary facilities for every home
    2. we have roads with no potholes
    3. we have a larger middle class base than all the Africa countries.
    4. Sure, it is common to see our 60 yrs old working at coffee shops etc but at least in Singapore, you don’t read of people dying of hunger like in Africa.
    5. Average Singaporean no matter how poor earns a much higher salary than average Africans.
    6. our public transport system no matter how overloaded, at least we have a public transport system that connects to almost all parts of Singapore. You can’t boast the same of any of the African countries.

    Whether Singapore is good or bad country, depends on your point of reference. If you compare Singapore to Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, US, UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and basically developed countries, sure we are no match. BUT we are certainly not bottom of the world. At least when we compare ourselves to whole Africa continent, we can stand proud that no country in Africa come anyway close to Singapore!

    So please, pls appreciative of what our PAP government has done for us!

    • Jaded said

      you waste so much writing this just to troll? some people really damn free sia…

    • See-Buay-Song said

      Wah lau eh. If we are going to compare ourselves to Africa, might as well commit suicide man. No point carrying on pheng yew!! Instead of Spore Majulah become Spore gostan backward lah!

    • haha said

      Please compare with better countries.
      Can you ask your pap ministers to compare their pay with African countries? Then they will appreciate what we taxpayers have given them, will they?

    • SianzSG said

      hello if those that you have mentioned were not done or realized do you still think you have the luxury to sit behind your pc and type the above shit? the progress of SG is not the pap alone. it takes all to work together and to blindly follow pap is just plain stupid. look at other countries, which one of them is still as “obedient” as the 60% even when they have progressed so much so far.

      None, all has a change of government, why? this is because the government is paid to served the pple NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

      So use your brain and think before say “appreciative”

    • Not Swiss Yet said

      If what you said is correct, then the PAP govt shld not boast that we are living like Swiss standard, that show that PAP govt. is bulls…ting.

    • compatriot said

      I envisaged that you are one of those conceited goons or perhapas an ill-gotten opportunistic foreign thrash that Singaporeans would find joy to bury you deep without trace but then,the PAP would love to have the likes of you and squeeze your ass so deep as you allow them without hesitations

      A king wants to rule and it needs its subject,so how is he going to rule without a subject

      Do you think that can the PAP government makes progress with the support and blessings of Singaporeans

      So instead be more appreciative for the blessings of Singaporeans that makes this PAP being the government of the day,sadly that has behaved being abject and pernicious

    • HiEverybody said

      Argument is invalid

    • G said

      Isn’t it sad that you have to compare S’pore with Africa instaed of countries like UK, USA, Japan and Australia? Wow, why not just compare S’pore to North Korea?

      Apparently, you don’t think of us as a first world country. Well, can’t blame you, most of us don’t have that standard of living.

      • Julie Ong said

        Hello, G.

        It’s getting more bizarre! PAP Forever has just given us another version of PAP – People’s African Party! Or does he/she know something we don’t – maybe more Africans are coming!

        We’ve heard ‘Mee Siam Mai Hum’ (weird), so it shouldn’t surprise if the unexpected happen. Also, I think many of us would have listened or read with stunned disbelief at some of the farcical/nonsensical statements made by several of the ministers. Interesting times indeed. Just imagine how much more so in 20 years’ time!

    • jamesteopy said

      Are Middle eastern countries or even South Africa part of Africa! No too correct to say Africa as awhole worst off than this tiny island republic especially the unemployed retirees!!

      • NoPointLah said

        hmm….while our people may be unemployed, but none had to starve to death. So in that sense, we are still better than Africa.

    • Bob said

      Obiviously, comparing a supposed 1st world country to the majority of Africa (3rd world) is plain stupid.

      I’ve lived in South Africa for 18 years and it’s way better then the crap happening here.

      Don’t go and group all african countries together when you probably know jack shit about it

    • fair play said

      I agree. I think if we double the minister salary may be got chance to be as good if not better than Malaysia.

    • 5vvaper said

      Mr PAP supporter,

      From you words I can tell you are appreciative of what the PAP govt has done. Indeed many achivements are indeed commendable. But pray tell which country in the to top 10 GDP in the world has the following:

      1. No social security
      2. Free if not heavily subsidise public healthcare
      3. Retirement funds locked up
      4. Lease hold public housing
      5. Old folks slogging it out as janitors and security for a paltry salary
      6. No mandatory minimum wage
      7. Pay to buy a license to buy a car
      8. Union chief who is also the labour minister
      9. Discrimination of LGBT
      10. Suppression of expression

      The list is endless. So please educate daft me on which countries in the top 10% ranked GDP has the above? Wake up and smell the flower. Being obscenely paid does not mean they are equally competant.

    • fair play said

      Agreed. We should the minister top 10% Malaysian, HK. ……. pay then got chance to be like them or better.

    • Thomas said

      Just like Judas who have gained another follower adeksayangkudisciple “Betrayer”

  5. People Inaction PArty said

    Most singaporeans will have to work all the way into their coffin. This is a reality. I emigrated some years back. No regrets.

  6. Zam said

    very well written.

    Sing corp is not a good place to retire

  7. give others a chance said

    Those holding PRs who do not convert should be pay higher taxes. Give them 7 years. If not happy, go home. Give other Malaysian & Singaporean a chance to take over his job. PR is a privilege not a right. Also PR should not be allowed to buy HDB Flat. They could rent from HDB. Many SER flats were taken over & not demolished. Need fresh thinking in this area.

  8. Daft Peasant said

    @ SPLITNIC, you are different….you are maraysian……buay song can go back maraysia relac….. me sinkie lan lan must stay in Sin……

    even i renounce citizenship, i cannot live in west maraysia……so go where??

  9. GaanMaro said

    I do agree with the differences of both countries. However, one similarity is that we have ‘executive thieves’ on both sides of the causeway.

    • thieves and insecurity said

      Agree with you, except the fact one side has made it legal for them to steal and are by far more paranoid and insecure.

  10. Lim said

    I wonder why some like to compare Spore to Africa and then tell us how lucky we are and why we should appreciate the PAP. Why not compare humongus salaries of ministers of SG to Africa or to USA and tell us how obscenely overpaid they are?

    • G said

      Well, some idiots just type without thinking. OR they are so happy with their little pigeon holes and annual rebate from the government that they are grateful to be little frogs in the well. Who knows?

    • Tsa74 said

      They are really ignorant. Contrary to belief and popular culture, African countries are quite developed now.

  11. nothappy said

    Try this
    1) walk alone at 2.00am in malaysia
    2) walk alone at 2.00am in Singapore

    you will know where is better

    • silly comparison said

      try this, walk alone at 2 am in Spore and then do the same in Dubai, Riyadh,..

      try this also, take out $200K and see what you can buy in Malaysia


  12. Oscari said

    We should get rid of all those Malaysia Foreign Trash who have been in Singapore for more than 5 years.

    The ICA should limit their stay in Singapore and slap them with additional taxes each additional year they are in Singapore.

  13. Jenson Ng said

    Well said ……. i for sure will not want to retire here, the idiotic government here will draw out the very last breath of every single citizen living in Singapore. : (

  14. Striking Angel said

    Splitnic, both yourself and Alvin Tan were right. I have many Malaysian friends who have been PRs in Singapore for past 30 years and they still maintained their Malaysian citizenship. They believed that it will be stupid for them to become Singaporeans. Many Singaporeans like us envy your PR status. Given your position, we will do the likewise. We get to enjoy the best of both worlds. So go the PRCs, Indians, Flippinos, Vietnamese, Myanmaness etc. You need not have to be thankful to the Singapore government.
    Just thanks your lucky star!

  15. NSmen said

    To all brothers-in-arms,

    How can you guys be influenced so easily by the negative stories about your own country?

    I think its the expectations of each individual. You have a choice to how you want to live your life in Singapore. Stop talking cock saying that Singaporeans are being treated unfairly, PAP suck your money dry and living in Singapore is like living in a shit-hole. Come on, you guys had your fair share of good stuffs like peace & prosperity, job opportunities & meet-the-people sessions with your MP. You should be thankful you can walk proudly as an asian in your own land. Try taking a stroll past midnight in China, Thailand, Malaysia or even Australia. By the way, have you tried going to the 公安(China Police) and make a police report on a pickpocket case? You will be fxxking angry when they tell you they lack manpower to investigate and tell you don’t bother them.

    Some of you guys made decent profits from your property… so did you contributed your profits back to society? Your children gets proper education & you guys jolly well know every system in Singapore works. No bribery needed to get your police case going, no worries when you make a complaint in Singapore and best of all, how poor you are, you still can get education in Singapore.

    I am not a patriotic Singaporean. I dread serving my NS and my work schedule sometimes gets messed up by reservist. But still, i have no complains about how bad the government or how our country works. I’ve been traveling around the world to work and nothing beats working in Singapore, your own homeland except for a little paycut. I have to admit the government takes a mercenary perspective when making their policies and law but don’t you think you should take a step back and put yourself in their shoes. Would you do a better job than them or be a hero to Singapore and use the national reserve to make everyone happy?

    Please my fellow Singaporeans, stay united and support your own country. Don’t make those FTs laugh at us when they read about our complains.

    • ex reservist said

      Since you proclaim you are not a patriotic Singaporean, then STFU!
      You are the last person to give advice.
      FTs laugh not because of complaints but at Sporeans like you who are so dumb as to swallow every propaganda churned out by PAP politicians.

  16. fuglky said

    this is the reason why PR shoud not be given any privilege cos their loyalty is not with SG, so why deprive singaporeans of jobs or any seats in our school and let these people benefit from them? After they have sucked us dry, they would simply leave the mess for Singaporeans to clear up and sneer at us in their mudland saying how stupid we are and that sporns can never retired, have they conveniently forgotten that they are part of our problem too, so once they use us up like what a parasite does to a host they leave. So no more privilege or anything for PRs anymore, they are simply here to work and earn $$ so why waste our limited resources on them.

    • hongkies three (3) passports said

      “These aliens are [in Singapore] to work and contribute economically. [… and] WHO WOULD WANT TO COME [to Singapore if we compel them to adhere to a passport with nine (9) months of validity with subsequent extensions of the tantamount duration until sixteen (16)-and-half years of age, years of full-time military conscription (‘NSF’), lifelong reservist (‘NSman’) liability and exit permit applications as well as restrictions that we IMPOSE on ALL our local lads, no matter how many MALE children the parents conceive]?

      – [ parliament . gov . sg / mp / alvin-yeo ? viewcv=Alvin%20Yeo ]

  17. basawan said

    i don’t blame Malaysian as most of my relatives are . My wife is also a Chew Hu Lang. i am retired and lived with my wife in a landed property in JB. i can only had my dream in JB, where i had a 6 years old Volvo, my wife’s Honda, my Malaysian son Subaru Sport cars to chose from when i go to Sg once a month to collect my pension payment from DBS and rental pyt for my HDB flat. My Singaporean daugher and my Malaysian Son in Law lived in and owned a 5RMs HDB. They also worked in SG of course. My My’s son is currently applying to be a banker in sg soon. They would follow my example and live happily thereafter. Sure win

  18. JeoJeo said

    can we give up our sg citizenship and be a malaysian? then, we become a PR to work in sg,
    and we can retire in malaya

    anyone has done that, and both government accepted this arrangement??

    • Daft Peasant said

      you can give up your citizenship and become a malaysia citizen, provided they want you….. but the problem is you cannot live in west malaysia !!!

      iirc, a renounced fellow are unable to obtain pr or wp in singapore for the rest of your life…….

      pappies long long time already plan this……

  19. Djkhemical said

    Spore is not a bloody 1st world…… Look at how they treat their own ppl.

  20. fair play said

    People in Sydney are not afraid to walk at night. Well at least in most areas. The few JB folks I know have self impose curfew. I think that already speaks alot.
    I do go to JB and other parts of Malaysia and so far alright.
    I keep my figure crossed my future trips are safe.
    Since the locals are carefull I think tourist need to take extra care.
    I do not think JB is as safe as Sydney in general but it is also not as bad as many Singaporeans’ perception.

  21. Ron said

    Each one is free to choose where he wants to stay or retire too. If one is comfortable with his standard of living in Spore, then it should be okay. Otherwise Malaysia offers plenty of choices.

    Is Spore a highly stressed place? It depends on whether one is in that kind of work environment and whether one undertakes effort to mitigate the stress.

    As for old people working, it is not a pitiful sight. In Japan they work well into their 70s and I know of Americans who do the same. The old Uncle who drives the golf buggy with its blue security light, in a large shopping mall parkpark in USA, is doing it for my safety. He is unarmed and is there to spot suspicious people and report in. And he makes sure I get into my car safely before he moves on.

    So age is not a barrier if one’s health is good enough.

  22. eugene nirvan anthony ("nirvan44" on "The Economist") of Applecross WA 6153 and is NOT a Singaporean is however a munafik/munafiq/منافق said

    @ splitnic (the writer of this article):
    You may like to do a search on these terms:
    ” good riddance bad baggage milked kindness routine leeches fight sinking ship consolation “.

    You may also like to search this: [ topix . com / forum / world / malaysia / TON9C7FMNT8EAB2HP ].

    Condign imprecations,
    ‘ eugene nirvan anthony (“nirvan44” on “The Economist”) of Applecross WA 6153 and is NOT a Singaporean is however a munafik/munafiq/منافق ‘

  23. True BLUE Sinkie said

    when I went to the Polyclinic to see the doctor for flu treatment, the fee came to about $15.00 ($10.50 for consultation & $4.00 for medication). I could not pay the money on the spot as I was broke and not working. After collecting the medication from the pharmacy, I walked off without paying. Two weeks later, I received a letter asking me to pay up within a certain period of time or else interests will be charge. How to retire in Singapore if one cannot even afford to pay for the medical fees at the Polyclinic for a simple ailment? I was also fortunate to pick up a packet of Panadol which someone has thrown away. It came into good use as a box of panadol costs around $4.65.

  24. Nostaglia said

    Retiring and living in M’ysia beat S’pore hands down. Pace of life is slower and a lot cheaper too. It’s like going back to my childhood days in the 1960’s and I love it!

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