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Man jailed for having sex with underage prostitute after friend ‘passed’ her to him

Posted by temasektimes on October 25, 2012

He did not seek the services of an underage prostitute, but ended up in jail after his friend ‘passed’ her to him.

36 year old Lee Vin Sen has been sentenced to ten weeks jail after pleading guilty to paying the girl S$450 for sex at Marina Bay Sands Hotel on 23 September 2010.

He is the 13th man to be sentenced for having paid sex with an underage girl in a high-profile online vice ring case.

Lee’s friend was the one who contacted the pimp and arranged a session with the girl, but he was unable to pay for her services after losing money at a casino.

He then ‘passed’ the girl to Lee who agreed and proceeded to have sex with the girl, who was 17 years old at that time.

District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt called Lee an “accidental client” and gave him a shorter sentence than the other men who were jailed 12 weeks.

The court also heard that Lee has been “mentally unstable” since he was charged and has been “receiving treatment for the past six months.”

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20 Responses to “Man jailed for having sex with underage prostitute after friend ‘passed’ her to him”

  1. Alamak said

    So now we know where-where can go after Rowel Road, Keong Saik Kai and Geylang.. Where can gambel, drink, and oso tender chicken all ‘Under One Roof’
    Only pay higher. Catch and punish these customer, but where the OKT? Sure still operating free somewhere.

    • Alamak said

      Forget ask 17-year can go enter MBS no have under-age? What for young girl going so hot spot, and young girl oso hot.. Just for look-see? Hahahar. What kind security guard they have?

  2. Ron said

    I feel sorry for those who are jailed and those who will be going to jail next. I have no pity for the young witch that has now destroyed so many lives. Having sex with a prostitute is not a crime but the underaged sex is. Unfortunately the Spore laws also provided a loophole for underaged prostitutes to operate and to trap so many.

    The trauma of being arrested, the shame of being jailed and the emotional consequences will last for years and for some a lifetime. I am not even sure how may will end their marriages, lose their jobs or even commit suicide. A life time of regret for a human failing. And I do not think this was the intent of the Law in this case but the hands of the judges are tied by the letter of the law. There is no discretion.

    It is time Spore review the law and tighten up its implementation. And there should be compassion exercised. This is not about rape, about grevious injury to someone, etc. It is about a human failing and yet our Society and our Laws have no room for compassion for this crime.

    • PedoBear said

      I concur. The defendants only have bad luck to blame.

    • Davi said

      You got the point. Support!

    • Naivety said

      This is a lucrative profession to encourage aspiring woman prostitutes wannabe to start from a young & tender age with the implementation & protection from the Women’s Charter Act…Lol

    • Peter Koh said

      Come to think about it, perhaps the law on having sex with an underaged girl is originally intended to protect innocent young girls who fall prey to unscrupulous men but when a young girl who does it for money knowing that it is illegal, the situation is somewhat changed and the law should allow some leeway on such occasions. I sympathize with those who unfortunately are caught up by this law and have to suffer the shame and emotional baggage for a long time as a result.

  3. Anon said

    And did the girl get any punishment at all? Not a mention of it. This is the problem here. Girls reaching their 18th birthday get so impatient that they decide not to wait to become legal. And there’s absolutely no incentive towards waiting which makes it worthless to wait.

    An underage girl who prostitutes herself must be punished equally and more than the man involved. There’s no use chopping the branches when you let the root of the problem go completely unchecked. As being caught as an underage prostitute doesn’t get anything more than a “don’t do it again hor,” more and more girls will be attracted to the money. You gain a lot and lose nothing (except maybe exposure).

    Men on the other hand (who are unfortunately programmed by evolution to forget everything else when horny, let alone conforming the girl’s age) stand to lose a lot. But their blood only flows to one of the two vital organs of their body at a given time.

    Would you punish the consumer if the company of a product he consumes engages in illegal activity? The company is the one that must be punished. What use punishing the consumer to deter him from purchasing the product when the company is allowed to run free and find other consumers? Same logic here.

    Solve the problem at the root. Discourage underage girls from engaging in prostitution by punishing offending girls fairly. Encourage them to wait for legal age by giving them the incentive of avoiding harsh punishments. Only then the problem of underage prostitutes will truly start to reduce.

  4. Main Bola said

    Where does TT get all their pictures?

  5. Pink Panty Loong said

    How come the stupid girl that hide her age was not penalized? First, she lied. That’s dishonesty. Secondly, she sold her pussy for monetary gains – IS THAT LEGAL???

  6. Singapuraboi said

    They should follow the wisdom of American law. If a girl regardless of age goes into prostitution knowingly and willingly, and in this case, she did, then the girl is not covered by laws and statutes. Furthermore she is a prostitute under a sophisticated system where is represented by a pimp which deliberately hid her age from clients. The girl was not forced into prostitution, she was a willing party privy in a wicked scheme. And why is the pimp not dragged thru the mud and prosecuted and jailed for knowingly representing an underage prostitute plus the premeditated notion to conceal and beguile customers.

  7. ying said

    mm Regardless of any gender, they should know better than to have sex with an underage. First, if one allowed underage sex, there be many pimps bullying innocent girls into such trade and there be countless moral society issues. The issue here is simple, having sex is fine but when you knew or had reason to belief that the person is undreage, you shouldnt be reckless and say hey I thought she was 18. If everyone is allowed to say hey I really think shes 18, what will happen to the countless of young boys and girls who are being preyed by the older and more experienced predators in the society? This sentencing serves a good reminder to all in the society, that justice is here to protect the young. The older and mature man or woman should know better.
    What if the scenario will be such that your daughter was lured to have sex by an older man and then told her to have sex with countless man cos he needs the money? Your stand will be very much different then

    • stay focused said

      Agree with your sense of righteousness but you tell me who is worse ?
      A prostitute regardless of age who sells herself for money or
      a politician who sells his/her integrity and betrays those who voted for him/her ?

  8. Geo said

    Time to review this section of law, why take so long? Underage prositues should be dealt with separately, maybe put them in home for re-education for at least few years. Serve as a deterrent.

  9. ellery chua said

    hiaz should have made the loan to that buddy. cheaper.

  10. you get what you give said

    If the teen is more guilty than the Johns, what about the pimp who exploited both parties and what’s more ratted on the clients to save his skin (what’s his sentence?)
    The girl might have kept a record of her appts but could not have access to the men’s particulars or she could have carried out the business herself without having to take a cut in her fees.

  11. Daft Peasant said

    i don fuck care those who go jail lah…….i’m very concern about the girl aka the prositute…….

    How is she huh?
    Now she legal age already right?
    Is she still doing paid sex service?
    How to contact her if i want her service huh?
    The rate still the same?

  12. Commando Pants said

    What is the legal age here ? 18 ? WTF

    • Commando Pants said

      gay is illegal here – wow I see more gays here than any other country I have ever been to….. hey its cool I’m not gripe about it bout seen the most here, especially female..

  13. Green Peasant said

    from all the media reports, almost all the “accused” (clients) have pointed to the underage prostitute who lied about her age. Every client who asked her directly about her age, she said she is 19 and to some, she said she is 20. I am surprised she is not punished for misleading the clients. It seems in the whole saga, she is the only person who goes unpunished and went away unscathed after earning so much money.

    And her identity is protected like as if she is the victim?? She should be exposed!

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