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Arrogant WP supporters call on Singaporeans to boycott other opposition parties in Punggol East by-election

Posted by temasektimes on January 10, 2013

Even before the election campaign for the Punggol East by-election is kicked off, arrogant supporters of the Workers Party are launching a smear campaign against other opposition parties which have indicated their intention to contest in the election.

The by-election was called after its former MP Michael Palmer resigned over an extramarital affair and will be held on 26 January 2013.

The Workers Party contested in Punggol East in the 2011 General Election where its candidate Lee Lilian garnered 41 percent of the votes.

One hardcore WP supporter Bob Ang urges Singaporeans to support only WP to cause other parties to lose their deposits:


Some other snide remarks made by WP supporters on social media:

“SDP should step back n let WP contest.. Dun behave like an opportunist.. If SDP comes in n lost, lost deposit small matter but comes 2016 might lose again wholesale.. So be cooperative n mature..” – Teong Man

“DP has only do 1 walkabout in Punggol East while WP has do the walkabout for the past 1 year. SDP should concentrate their walkabout in their stronghold Bukit Timah and not PE.” – Wong Hong Teng

Given its dismal performance in parliament so far where its MPs are well known for asking frivolous questions on PSLE textbooks, use of construction materials, private carparks, overseas voting and BIRD DROPPINGS, one cannot helping what difference one more pro-PAP WP MP will make.

In the aftermath of the General Election in 2011, WP newbie MP Pritam Singh publicly declared of WP’s intention to form a coalition government with the PAP in the future:

“If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next election, the Workers Party will form a coalition government with it (to keep it in power)”


10 Responses to “Arrogant WP supporters call on Singaporeans to boycott other opposition parties in Punggol East by-election”

  1. Jacob Gooi said

    So? Nothing new

    There’s always crooks around, anywhere Even pap dogs Sdp as well

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. This kind of fighting will only benefit PAP. If the opposition parties don’t compromise among themselves, it will be just a waste of time and energy to take part in this meaningless by-election.

  3. Observer said


  4. Pay & Pay said

    Good. Let them fight with each other. If these naughty boys don’t know the meaning of “cooperation” and “compromise, I will be the eventual winner. Then, I will continue to raise COEs, jack up housing prices, step up transport & medical bills and import more foreign goodies to replace their jobs, on the pretext of “growing the economy”.

  5. Lucinda Goh said

    Who knows if this could be put up by the regime themselves to sow discord among all others so that they can emerge the winner again.

  6. ip man said

    Assuming NSP have 20%, Wp have 40%, and PAP have 40%
    u mean u dare put singapore into the hands of WP n NSP in 2016 ?
    The ground -> still wants pap but hope more oppositions can keep them in driver…

  7. Beware said

    Well for Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong to accept Chee’s 30K offer,
    Something is FISHY.
    What do you think?

  8. Rocker said

    As time goes by, WP and its supporters are showing it’s true color. The feeling is stronger for me that WP is nonetheless just another PAP. SDP should enter Punggol East and offer the residents more choices. Many Singaporeans are naive that it’s between PAP vs. opposition…. it’s not! It is also naive to think that “who comes first” the other should not compete.

    This silly attitude of some WP supporter is just so childish. How much different these WP supporters are compared to doggies of MIW? Those arrogant WP supporters please look at yourself in the mirror, there is a deep white in you.

    Freedom is not free.

    If there is PAP vs WP, I’ll pick WP.
    If there is PAP vs SDP vs WP, I’ll pick SDP!

  9. Annoymous said

    This is a PAP website. Wonder why people still come here, to get brainwash?

  10. Annoymous said

    This PAP website didn’t post WP victory and congrats her? Be gentleman and sporty.

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