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Kenneth Jeyaretnam lamblasts WP for not doing anything for Punggol East residents

Posted by temasektimes on January 16, 2013

kennethjReform Party Chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam has launched a tirade against the Workers Party for not doing anything for Punggol East residents.

The elder son of the late opposition leader Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam, Kenneth is contesting in the Punggol East by-election against three other candidates including WP’s Lee Li Lian who contested in the single seat ward in the 2011 General Election where she garnered 41% of the votes.

Speaking to the media at the nomination center, Kenneth accused Lee for not doing anything for the stalled renovation works at Rivervale Plaza:

“I’m here to highlight the fact that previously work stopped in February, March, and nothing happened until I raised the issue. Why did it take so long? Where were they in the last 18 months? And why didn’t (Workers’ Party candidate) Lee Li Lian not raise the issue?

He added that his party has done more for Punggol East than the WP MPs in parliament who are often conspicuous by their collective silence:

“The Reform Party has accomplished more for Punggol East than the nine Opposition MPs in Parliament, because we visited Rivervale in September, publisicised it, and got a reaction from the Government.”

Responding to public criticisms that she has been ‘missing in action’ in Punggol East for the past one year, Lee gave a nonchalant reply that she still visited Punggol East “on occasion” despite being “preoccupied” with her duties as legislative assistant to one of the WP MPs.

Kenneth also revealed shocking details of WP Chief Low Thia Kiang’s blatant refusal to meet up with him to discuss a strategy for Punggol East:

“How can there be Opposition unity when one party won’t sit down and talk? The idea that you can ‘chope’ (reserve) a constituency is ridiculous and unfair to the people of Singapore. How will you ever get new parties, new ideas?”

Though it has shamelessly appealed to opposition voters during elections promising to check on the PAP, the Workers Party MPs seldom show any signs of challenging the PAP in parliament.

In the aftermath of the 2011 General Election, WP newbie MP Pritam Singh publicly declared that the Workers Party will form a coalition government with the PAP if it fails to get a majority in the next election. Low Thia Kiang did not condemn or refute his statements.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam graduated with a double honors from the prestigious Cambridge University and works as a hedge fund manager while Lee Li Lian is currently working as a ‘sales manager’.




18 Responses to “Kenneth Jeyaretnam lamblasts WP for not doing anything for Punggol East residents”

  1. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Kenneth Jeyaretnam is definitely a force to be reckoned with in Punggol East.

  2. Robin hood said

    I think RP is better than WP. The latter had tarnished it’s reputation for being silent in Parliament for too long. If that’s not enough , it had disappointed citizens with the statement that it will form a coalition with PAP.

    Let’s give Kenneth a chance to enter Parliament and see what can do. Hopefully this will pave the way for RP to increase it’s strength for GE2016.

  3. R Usha said

    Lets be honest with ourselves.
    This by election has only got one objective
    In 2011 the electorate has already voted in the PAP candidate
    On 26 Jan 2013, the voters have to do nothing but re-vote in the new pap candidate
    The Rivervale Plaza project is not going to see its day unless and until the pap candidate gets re-voted in.
    the residents are not going to get better transport and childcare facilities without re-voting in the pap candidate.
    so my call to the voters of punggol eats- dont waste your time and energy banging your head as to what to do on Jan 26th.
    very simple- just ensure the status quo stays – the pap comes back to contnue whatever is left unattended to.

  4. Carrey said

    KJ is a talented person but I strongly feel that he should not contest, he will definitely lose and lose terribly, so terribly that not only he will lose the deposit but reputation. Even if he thinks WP is not performing, he should not join the race as the end result will be a lose-lose situation for all alternative parties and handing victory to PAP, this is something opposition supporters will not want to see. KJ should have patiently waited for 2016 and in the meantime work harder on the ground to gain trust and support from the people if he wants to be in Parliament to fight for the interest of the people. His such move now is suicidal and is very stupid. Sad to say that I have lost my respect for him…

  5. Letsbefair said

    What has RP and KJ done at West Coast GRC since 2011? Disappeared? Fly by night?

  6. Jack said

    If PAP lost this round, it should do more to win back in 2 years time. It is not a wish move to make the voters repent again. We have seen how Hougang voters resist the temptation and sticks.

  7. really don’t like to see more than one opposition contestant to come up and split up the opposition votes, this is a waste of time and money, if you have so much money to waste as to let the government have it, donate to me !

  8. From the UK said

    I pity you Singaporeans, you say a word in public against these weak useless ludit leaders you have here and you get sued – complete tosh. All the same here in the same pocket, all about the money. Why bother even vote, go have a beer and don’t bother (if you can afford).

  9. Get Real said

    Everyone by now knows that TT is a fervent anti-WP site furthermore with hidden agenda. Not worth a second glance at actually.
    However, since I’m here today, let me add my more than 2 cents worth anyway. KJ in my opinion is an individual who can truly inspire a small band of followers but just can’t truly connect with the rest and the public at large. He’s perceived to be arrogant and not able to see through characters, let alone feel the ground from his lofty perch in the clouds. His intentions may be good and perhaps noble, but its a total fail in execution for the aforementioned reasons. I predict that he will perform abjectly dismally in PE, but lets hope that that gives him a good dose of reality check and to work on his people skills too.

  10. PAP supporter said

    I’m a PAP supporter. I really love this Kenneth J. Thanks for helping PAP increases its chance of winning.
    Please contest all of WP wards in 2016, especially Aljunied GRC, we need you to dilute WP vote so that we can win back Aljunied. Please .. help us. Thanks

  11. fpc said

    KJ is a back stabber

  12. Striking Angel said

    WP is only active during GE and By-Election time. After that, they will just go into hibernation. I totally agreed with what PM Lee said today. WP’s parliamentary performance has so far been very disappointing. Voters of Punggol East should give Kenneth a chance.

  13. James said

    Let’s be realistic. The WP is still overwhelmed in Parliament yet it is still punching above its weight. WP has also been objective in their approach in policies toward the betterment of Singapore. I have listened to RP’s first rally and their speeches were filled with stale rhetorics and raucous rants in stating the obvious. RP offers nothing concillatory in their approach. Their bellicose ways will not go down well with SIngaporeans. Kenneth is not JBJ. His father lived and stood by his beliefs and principles. That is why he is respected even with leaders in the PAP. Kenneth needs to prove himself first. And he can start by reciting the National Pledge in committing it to memory.

  14. said

    KJ is a clown.

  15. Puzzled said

    Before election, some netizens complain say, every election, so unfair, PAP always give out benefits, sure get more votes. Made voters seem like people who can be “bought over” by benefits.

    So why this shopping mall now so impt eh? Whoever who highlighted this = more powerful?

  16. edwin said

    i had a pleasant emission reading all the above comments after the results of the by-election was announced just now.

  17. blunttalk said

    Observing the whole thing as an outsider, I would say that so far WP strategy has worked wonders for them with a stunning victory over the latest BE in Punggol East. They now take the lead in the Opposition whether one likes it or not

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