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Over 5000 Singaporeans turned up at Hong Lim Park to protest against population White Paper

Posted by temasektimes on February 16, 2013

Despite a rainy afternoon, more than 5,000 Singaporeans turned up at Hong Lim Park to protest against the population White Paper released by the government last week which sparked a massive public outcry.



The White Paper proposes increasing Singapore’s population to 6.9 million people by the year 2030 which will relegate native Singaporeans to a minority in their own country.

The protest was called by social activist Gilbert Goh who contested in the General Election in 2011 under the banner of the National Solidarity Party.

Though the event was given extensive coverage by the foreign media such as Reuters, Bloomberg and BBC, the mainstream media has been strangely silent on it.

The speakers who spoke today are mostly ordinary Singaporeans who took turns to lamblast the government’s immigration and labor policies which has led to a widening income gap, sky-rocketing property prices, rampant inflation and stagnant wages in recent years.

Singapore has been under the iron-fisted control of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) since attaining self-rule from the British in 1957. The PAP holds 80 out of 87 seats in parliament, with the remaining seats being held by its subsidiary party, the Workers Party whose Secretary-General Low Thia Kiang recently publicly praised and endorsed the PAP as a ‘competent’ government.



6 Responses to “Over 5000 Singaporeans turned up at Hong Lim Park to protest against population White Paper”

  1. Confessor said

    Way to go,Singies ! This is what I say the Lion spirit ! Those PAP bastards backtracked on their promise to cut no.of foreigners.

  2. Lawrence Lim said

    I would like to visit the Singapore that I knew.

  3. jhk said

    Such encouraging turn up, but sadly the reply will be TKK; tan ku ku

  4. leonard said

    a country like singapore where allalong citizens like myself have never like to interfere/meddle / get involve with politic,irregardless of what our leader of PAP decides on our lives, rules, and changes of policy-but its seems different now-from this event onwards-looks like whether any changes our garment wants to make nowadays- peoples will start to protest here if they feels their rights are affected-

  5. Hope this is just the beginning wave that will eventually sweep the PAP out of the parliament !

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