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Tan Jee Say: PAP giving foreigners citizenship to vote for it

Posted by temasektimes on February 17, 2013

popprotest08The Singapore government is giving citizenship liberally to foreigners to boost its flagging support base, said former presidential candidate Tan Jee Say.

A population White Paper endorsed by the government last week aimed to increase Singapore’s population to 6.9 million people in 2030 with 25,000 foreigners projected to be granted Singapore citizenship yearly.

“The only reason to give them citizenship is political, not economical. Immigrants tend to vote for the government of the day,” said Mr Tan at a protest held at Speakers’ Corner yesterday evening.

Mr Tan also rubbished the White Paper’s claims that Singapore’s economy will slow down in the absence of immigration, saying that the government has run out of ideas to grow the economy.

It was reported that during the 2011 General Election in the United Kingdom, 80 percent of immigrants voted for the incumbent Labor Party which eventually lost the election.

The ruling coalition in Malaysia is reportedly giving Malaysian citizenship to immigrants ahead of the General Election due to be held this year.



19 Responses to “Tan Jee Say: PAP giving foreigners citizenship to vote for it”

  1. Yeow Siew PAP! said

    Anything, moral or immoral, good or bad, even legal or illegal, just to remain in power and wallow in great wealth and influence. Now you know why politics is dirty! They have no sympathy, empathy or compassion to their own fellow citizens who suffer as a consequence!
    In fact, I’ve said what TJS has just said, years ago in various blogs. But of course I’m a nobody and nobody wants to believe me. Never mind, I’m glad
    TJS has said it boldly and now people will believe it!
    Always rember desperadoes do desperate things always!

  2. Tan Tee Jay is not the first one to make this observation. I remember former NMP Professor Straughan making the staement (reported in the ST) that the 90,00 new citizens were likely to vote for the PAP. New citizens tend to vote for the government that gave them the citizenship out of gratitude, amongst other reasons. In Singapore there is the added element of fear – fear of reprisals like loss of citizenship. This behaviour may be irrational but is a fact of life whatever view one may have of the government`s agenda because the same was said about Hispanics and Asians at every Presidential election in the US.

  3. NO to growing population further said

    Many years ago, a Malaysian friend of mine married a Singapore citizen, she subsequently became a citizen after a few attempts of applying for citizenship.. During election, her Malaysia father advised her to vote for the ruling party, saying that if not, Govt. may revoke her citizenship. But she voted otherwise and now, after almost 2 decades, she is still a citizen. So to all new Citizen, if you also don’t like the growing population or a monopoly Govt., please do not be afraid to vote for opposition, your citizenship will not be revoked.

  4. Geo said

    well, politics is never fair and clean…..however, the PAP is still the only viable party to rule, WP not ready to form alternative. I dread to think of next election, if somehow, freak results, PAP not majority and no other party can be the government…..

    Hope WP and any other do a by election stragedy, then we have more views in and hopefully, the ruling party will be more careful in planning and governing.

    • Saint said


    • Concerned citizen said

      BTW, any country is run by their civil service not quite the government.

      The system is almost on auto gear, government tweak here and there to milk more cows only.

      • Except that totalitarian governments (like that of the DPR of Singapore) so thoroughly cow their civil servants that the arrogant flea ends up wagging the fearful dog. The civil servants, being afraid (often under explicit threat) of losing their employment and employability, follow the dictates of the Party Leeaders rather than the rule of law. Once at least one of the traditional defences of the State against the Government of the day ā€” the civil service, the military and the judiciary ā€” are suborned by the autarch, the others quickly topple. So it has been since long before the days of Rome.

        If, however, those institutions collectively realise that their loyalties and duties to the nation and its people outweigh any fear of the autarch, then his remaining time in power is limited indeed. The damage he can do to the country, unfortunately, is much less so.

  5. Virgorian said

    Damn !it wanna give , give to the Malaysian !mot to the dirty Indian rapist or the stinko Pinoy pig that they think they’ve big fuck n thinks without them we can’t survive !tell u what u all dirty rapist Indian n Pinoy !its our forefather which built the foundation n that’s why singapore got what it is by okay for u diet pig to survive here !if not u think that u can survive in your corrupted third world country ?!

  6. Singapuraboi said

    Goh Chok Tong just called the protest political and emotional. I call it nationalistic and passionate. Hey, we r just seeing things from different sides of the coin.

    • Lawyers are familiar with this type of statements – you are stubborn if you are on the other side but steadfast if you are on his side. Cheap trick.Nothing cerebral.

      • And with the power of universally-regime-controlled mass media, the average Singaporean has little defence against the papaganda, and too often even less understanding of why he needs such defences. To win this no-win scenario, we have to change the conditions of the test; we have to effectively reach enough people through means other than the hostile regime media to dispel the carefully cultivated fear of change.

  7. Notgiving said

    The works of them has lead to this final moment where we lost our homeland to others. So much for being sincere and building our country man. THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACy

  8. Fadeaway said

    u are all going to fade away, yr children next time will find it hard to find jobs because they have no connections , friends and relatives to help them climb the career ladder.
    Worst still if u have daughters they will become pros. servicing these Fts

  9. Better vote the PAP out quickly in GE2016, before the new citizens votes swarm away the native votes !

    • First we’ve got to get enough of the “natives” to vote against the PAP in 2016. Given the 2011 GE results outside of Aljunied-Hougang and the traditional Opposition strongholds, that’s a big challenge. If the opposition vote is divided too broadly, then the regime won’t need 50^+1 vote. Given that we have enough opposition parties who disagree with each other’s leaders and proposed policies as much as they do, our best chance is a coalition. We’ve got three years to spin up enough of one to hold Aljunied and ideally free a few more GRCs; we’ve got 8 years to make the coalition strong enough, and popular enough, to take a majority in the Parliament to be elected in 2021. That’s not a lot of time, in the face of an efficient, hostile regime with the power and resources this one has.

      Time to get active!

  10. Tiger said

    SACK PAP in 2016 is everyone duty for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

  11. Pai Sei said

    In history, not even one dynasty cld last forever….maybe it’s time for wake-up citizen to chart their own destiny lor

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