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WP MPs absent from Singaporean event to protest against White Paper at Hong Lim Park

Posted by temasektimes on February 17, 2013

popprotest07The Workers’ Party may have the largest opposition presence in parliament, but when it comes to supporting Singaporean causes, their leaders are often strangely absent.

A rare protest was held at Hong Lim Park on Saturday evening by ordinary Singaporeans to voice their unhappiness against the population White Paper released by the government last week.

Among the speakers are leaders from the Singapore Democratic Party, National Solidarity Party and Reform Party, but no WP MPs were present at the event.

It is understood that WP has barred its MPs and members from attending the protest out of fear of antagonizing the PAP.

Though the WP claims to ‘oppose’ the White Paper in parliament, it still proposes increasing Singapore’s population to 6 million people in 2030, only 900,000 short of the PAP’s target.

WP Chief Low Thia Kiang recently chided Singaporeans for not giving the PAP enough time to work on the many problems besieging the nation, praising the PAP as a ‘competent’ government, much to the disgust of many Singaporeans.

The Workers Party has publicly pledged to work ‘constructively’ and ‘closely’ with the unpopular PAP, including forming a coalition government with it (Pritam Singh, May 2011) if it fails to win an outright majority in the next General Election. Its MPs have often endorsed the PAP publicly, leading some to label it as the PAP’s ‘B’ team.


14 Responses to “WP MPs absent from Singaporean event to protest against White Paper at Hong Lim Park”

  1. x12831 said

    I suspect this article is written to discredit the WP. WP as an elected opposition party has a tread carefully. It is not impossible for the authorities to create a situation at the protest and arrest the WP MPs if they participate at the protest. Can’t trust the PAP; Operation Cold Store and Operation Spectrum are examples. It is sensible therefore for the WP work through parliament while others could show their objections via other means.

  2. Joker said

    Who is the joker who posted this?

  3. Sgwatcher said

    It is a fact that all WP MPs voted against the Population White Paper in Parliament. Similarly, SPP NCMP voted against it.

    Politicians that do not have any presence in Parliament have no choice but find an alternative outlet, like this. So, it is not surprising that NSP and SDP politicians are out enmass.

    If you wish to argue that ALL SINGAPOREANS who oppose the white paper should be there, then what does this make of ALL PAP MPs, even the “very vocal” Inderjit Singh and Tin Pei Ling?

  4. Please do not post such a heading, “silence is not consensus”. Please do not accept blindly on “silence is consensus” that is wrong

  5. M Khal said

    Trying to discredit the WP? Can try writing in to Straits times la. The publication which all the PAP a** lickers will take in seriously without evaluation.

    Don’t waste time trying to convert opposition citizens. Better off, trying protect whoever a** lickers that is left.

    Good Luck.

  6. P Koh said

    The article is most unwarranted and the writer has no sense of judgement or an iota of what is going on to post such a silly article aimed obviously to discredit the WP Party whose representation in Parliament is proof ample that they have opposed the motion but unfortunately drowned by the majority.

  7. dave said

    This article jokers no brain….anything happen in the protest, WP MP position gone for good and who going to help more Singaporean if WP MP position gone ? 孙子兵法, when enemy is still strong, do not direct confrontation. PAP still very strong.

  8. R Usha said

    It is a good decision that the workers’ party did not lend its name to this stupid protest organised by a bunch of loose characters. If the wp wants to be counted as a cedible opposition party it must stay away from all these rubbish protests which will mean nothing at the end of the day!

  9. silence is not consensus, please be neutral in publishing such an article.

  10. No Can Do said

    This is a PAP site masquerading as an opp site to divide the opp. Period.

  11. jeffinous said

    Like any other politician, they save their skin first. If they truly believe in the cause, they will be there whether going to be arrested or not. Would like to see 7000 get arrested! A simmering pot will not get noticed. An overboiled one gets more attention.

  12. Singapuraboi said

    Stop living in fear! This is so ridiculous. A word of caution to WP followers, don’t blindly worship ur leaders. Do constant reflection. Don’t be like our forefathers who worshipped PAP and think they can do no wrong and see where that landed us.

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