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Goh Chok Tong: Speakers’ rhetoric at White Paper protest too ‘political’

Posted by temasektimes on February 18, 2013

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has criticized the speakers at the White Paper protest held on Saturday evening as indulging in mere rhetoric and being too ‘political’.

The protest was organized by ordinary Singaporeans one week after the government released and endorsed a White Paper to increase Singapore’s population to 6.9 million people by 2030 via immigration, sparking an unprecedented public outcry.



In a reply to a query from a netizen on his Facebook page, ESM Goh said he did not think out of the speakers’ rhetoric:

“Too political, too one-sided, appealing to emotions only and not shedding light on important issues,” he wrote.

A former Prime Minister of Singapore from 1991 to 2002, ESM Goh promised Singaporeans a ‘Swiss standard of living’, but it appears that they are now burdened with a Swiss cost of living minus its quality of life instead.


9 Responses to “Goh Chok Tong: Speakers’ rhetoric at White Paper protest too ‘political’”

  1. x12831 said

    Seriously, GCT, how is it Too political? As citizens we have the right to comment on issues that affect our lives. And population increase is One such issue. Where is your promised Swiss standard of living? You are a ‘disgrace’ to all SIN. Idiot!

    • Bai Hu said

      Precisely!!! He is just a puppet of LKY so as to say. He can’t even control what his wife said during the NKF saga, so what makes him OK to comment on our bread & butter issues?

  2. TC Chua said

    Anythng against them is political!

  3. Never mind, in GE2016, I will vote you out of my constituency !

  4. Malaysian PR said

    We have Swiss standard of per capita GDP after adjusting for purchasing power parity. However, the trouble is that the top bottom 20% income is till stagnant. Most of our old generation of Singaporean does not have proper education. It is a challenge to deliver the swiss standard of living for these group of Singaporean


    I expect you to walk the talk..

    And We have not forgotten your “Swiss Standard of Living”

    You should retire or risign now as you are a total failure.

  6. Arul Ghosh said

    I just want to ask him where is our Swiss standard of living.

    And he still believes that people will listen to him.

  7. Tiger said

    To him, everything is too political, \why he did not mentioned that he is getting million dollars salary is not too greedy.
    He better resign and enjoy his final days rather the speak nonsense. and wasting tax-payer money !1

  8. jim said

    pap has become a liability to singaporeans and it is high time singaporean take a relook at the future

    of pap,

    it has become to arrogant for its own good, and like history repeats itself, it is the decline of this regime to oblivion

    many dynasties had fallen into this trap because it is in the nature of things

    the old dog has become senile, unable to keep up with changes on the ground, greed takes over after having tasted the

    sweetness of money and power,

    with it comes the decline of the quality of ministers ,who have no soul for the country but wanting to squeeze every bit

    from the state to keep up with the high living

    has history taught them any lessons

    no , of course not

    just look at the history of all the dictators, i.e. marcos, mubarak, gaddafi, sadam, Nicolai Cseasesu of rumanian

    Shah of Iran, Ben ali of tunisia, thanom kittikachom of thailand

    all these dictators are once good leaders, brought peace and development but along the way , greed took the better of

    them, a few were summarily executed by their citizen, some had to fled the country,,

    t think we should send pap leaders to study history, just to refresh their position

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