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PRC new citizen accuses Low Thia Kiang of ‘inciting xenophobia’

Posted by temasektimes on February 19, 2013

ltkA PRC new citizen has accused WP Chief Low Thia Kiang of ‘inciting xenophobia’ in his speech made in parliament last week during a debate on the White Paper in which he proposed capping the inflow of foreign workers.

In a letter to a Chinese paper yesterday, Mr Li Yeming, vice-chairman of the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, research and publications committee, accused Low of fanning anti-immigrant and anti-foreigner sentiments and dividing Singaporeans by distinguishing between ‘native-born’ Singaporeans and those born overseas.

Low counter-accused Li of selectively interpreting his speech, claiming that he made no distinction in his speech and he had called for equal treatment for all citizens.

No WP MP was present at a protest held at Hong Lim Park last Saturday evening against the White Paper. Speaking to queries from the state media, WP Chairwoman Sylvia Lim said:

“It is healthy for the issue to be canvassed on appropriate and multiple fronts. WP has made its stance in Parliament.”

Low has earlier endorsed the PAP publicly, praising it as a ‘competent’ government and urging Singaporeans to give it ‘more time’ to solve the numerous problems besieging the nation. He also repeated WP’s pledge to work ‘constructively’ with the PAP.

In the aftermath of the 2011 General Election, WP newbie MP Pritam Singh proclaimed proudly that the Workers Party is ready to form a coalition government with the PAP should the latter fail to gain a simple majority in the next general election.


17 Responses to “PRC new citizen accuses Low Thia Kiang of ‘inciting xenophobia’”

  1. PRC comment for PRC benefits, not for Singaporean

    We support worker party reply.
    Joint citizenship then comment. Do not hold PRC status and comment as you are talking on your benefits and not Singaporean benefits.

  2. zz said

    PRC just tiam tiam lah. No one wants to hear your comments.


  4. marcelo said


  5. Zack764 said

    PRC GO BACK!!!! Singapore hate you!!!

    • And he will accuse you next of inciting xenophobia.

    • Youtube User/Jemdude22 is a MALE Singaporean Who, Like Fellow MALE Compatriot larry medina, Will Be As Subjected To As Much Conscription And Lifelong Reservist Liability As MALE Compatriot robert viswanathan chandran said


      If so inclinded, you may like to scintillate this to those (CHARLATAN) C☭MMIES:
      [ youtube . com / watch?v=j604lzFjFDY ]


  6. Wong said

    Singaporeans do not have PRC citizenship. Likewise PRC should not have Singapore citizenship.

  7. Don’t think Low Thia Kiang is this kind of person, after all,some prominent WP members (such as Chen Shao Mao) are also foreign-born !

  8. Arul Ghosh said

    These foreigners are idiots if they think they can silence Singaporeans by labelling us xenophobic.

    Everyone can see for themslves that Singaporeans are the ones being discriminated against in our own homeland.

    But whateer the case, this is an issue for Singaporeans to decide.

    And we will let them know how we feel in GE 2016.

  9. So the clans are now filled with China chinese trash ? A PAP balls carrier, no doubt. As said before, the new citizens in the 6.9 mil package is to safe guard the PAP votes.

    • James said

      Yeah more Prs and foreigners become pap supporters. So what? Chinese richer. Get the votes and can forget about the rest bitching all day about foreigners. Give them their coes, food republic and ah boys 2 enough. Correct right, ya lor. So singaporean

  10. Vin said

    In my opinion, you should be the one ‘inciting xenophobia’ against us(Singaporeans) with your comments. This is a Singapore issue and if you want to share, be a citizen first. If not, we will not said that you are dumb if you keep your mouth shut.

  11. nihon said

    what? now even this ex-prc has become a papigs running dog? today, ex-prc, tomolo, ex-singaporean, then back to prc or go die in australia? these are all economic opportunist, just get lost!

  12. James said

    Blaming foreigners won’t make you guys rich losers. Singapore depends on external economies being inclusive only going to sent us to hell. Only country I know where the population shoots itself on the foot. What a tool. Looking up to WP and Ah Boy 2. Seriously!!! We need pap to be tough and stop giving in to idiots expecting government to provide everything.

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