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Indian student on MOE tuition grant raps Singapore netizens for posting ‘xenophobic’ comments about India

Posted by temasektimes on February 25, 2013

ftdanceAn Indian student studying in a local university on MOE scholarship has written to the Straits Times Forum attacking Singapore netizens for posting ‘xenophobic’ comments about India.

In his letter,  Abhinav Mishra admitted that his education is heavily subsidized by MOE:

“My education here has been, to a large extent, subsidised through a Ministry of Education tuition grant. This grant requires me to work for at least three years in Singapore after I graduate. So I would be competing with my Singaporean peers for jobs.”

He wrote that he is sad to read about the ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’ comments online:

“I came here to get a good education. It saddens me to see how netizens paint all immigrants in the same bad light and post racist and xenophobic comments online. Getting more immigrants from New Delhi, for example, would certainly not make Singapore the “rape capital of the world”.

While he did not reveal if he is a new citizen, Mishra urged Singaporeans not to let prejudice and stereotypes guide public policy:

“I hope Singapore’s new citizens are treated in a way that is reflective of the educated, meritocratic and unbiased society that Singapore is. I hope the recent uproar does not create further barriers between citizens and foreigners.”




12 Responses to “Indian student on MOE tuition grant raps Singapore netizens for posting ‘xenophobic’ comments about India”

  1. ken said

    not a rape capital but a rape country

  2. Who’s he kidding? First he wants to compete with us for jobs and then tries to appease us with the ending sentence… ‘ I hope the recent uproar does not create further barriers between citizens and foreigners.’

    I call this types hypocrite

  3. P Koh said

    The trouble is that most people tend to generalize matters. As in this case, a few comments touching on xenophics do not necessarily mean that the majority of Singaporeans are such. It is however, important for those who visit Singapore, to work,
    seek citizenship or study to just respect the rules of the country as well as to respect the rights of Singaporeans and avoid casting asperations that can demean the feelings of the general populace.

    • Eugene Nirvan Anthony / eugene anthony ("Nirvan44" On "The Economist") Of Applecross WA 6153 And Is NOT A Singaporean Is However A Munafik/Munafiq/منافق said said

      @ p koh: You may like to perform a search for these terms:

      ” mralphagun aim like that god insulting “.

  4. Wait said

    Is he a singapore citizen?a PR? If not, how come he gets a subsidy from MOE?

  5. rajan said

    Hey freeloader, you are here at the expense of Singapore tax-payers. You are getting something which your own country failed to give you. So, after you graduate become a Singapore citizen and serve National Service if you have any gratitude. Until then keep your mouth shut.

  6. marcelo said

    We are. But when u bring your own unwritten rules here and attempt to replace the values and culture we hold dear, then we get angry. When u profit at the expense of our fellow citizens, then we get angry, and ask you to first think through what you have to say in that allegedly educated brain of yours

  7. x12831 said

    Abhinav, Singaporeans are NOT xenophobic. They are expressing our anger at govt policies that put the locals at a disadvantage; such as MOE scholarships for foreigners like you. It’s that simple.

  8. Why wasn’t the study grant given to a poor singaporean?
    We welcome foreigners to study here with their own money…our money should be used to help poor singaporeans not foreigners.Charity begins at home.

  9. Agreed with Spotlessleopard – “our money should be used to help poor singaporeans not foreigners.Charity begins at home”. With immediate effect abort your intention to vote the current PAP government in the next general election, VOTE THE OPPOSITION PARTIES INSTEAD!

  10. Ah Lau said

    Wah…..even student ah nei FT also talked big?

  11. rajan said

    What is wrong in being xenophobic?

    India born Indians in Singapore should remember that, Sonia, the widow of assassinated Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi, was victorious in the 2004 Indian General Election and was poised to become Indian PM. However, because she was Italian born (though an Indian citizen), there were strong objections all around that she should not take the post. She eventually made Manmohan Singh as PM. So, if the world’s largest democracy can display xenophobic tendencies, can’t Singaporeans do the same.

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