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Russian ‘FT’ Victor Vassiltov: “NS is another joke”

Posted by temasektimes on February 25, 2013

A comment made by Russian ‘FT’ Victor Vassiltov sparks a massive outcry in cyberspace when he appeared to make snide remarks about National Service.

In a Facebook conversation with some Singaporeans, Victor wrote:

“NS is another joke, wash my tank, baby.”


Victor also boasted that he is working in Singapore because he has ‘higher skills’ than any locals here.

According to his personal profile on Linkedin, Victor currently holds the position of Vice President at Barclays Capital.


10 Responses to “Russian ‘FT’ Victor Vassiltov: “NS is another joke””

  1. ken said

    we need to form a vigilante..hunt down such FThrash and give them a ‘good’ wash….

  2. Wong said

    Japan has over 50% of its nationals who have completed uni education in their country. OECD countries have 39%. Germany has 29% but are working hard on increasing the percentage. Singapore has only 20 – 25% of it’s nationals in local universities. We can’t compete. We have to increase the percentage of Singapore born nationals in university and then let them loose in research and development etc if we want to be a clever country and compete with the big boys on the international stage.

  3. LAWL said

    Even though I’m Singaporean too, but i totally what you had said. NS IS A WASTE OF MY FUCKING TIME

    • Eugene Nirvan Anthony / eugene anthony ("Nirvan44" On "The Economist") Of Applecross WA 6153 And Is NOT A Singaporean Is However A Munafik/Munafiq/منافق said said


      Considering how RAMPANT AND OFFENSIVE C☭MMIES (current and FORMER) are, you axiomatically wonder what the raison d’être for conscription and lifelong reservist are for vis-à-vis NATIONAL (think “city, not country” law and FOREIGN Minister காசிவிஸ்வநாதன் சண்முகம் [கே சண்முகம்]) DEFENCE.

  4. Fast said

    this guy will pay…

    singaporeans, tell your MPs about this

  5. chucky said

    Jsut write to Barclay head office and see what is their reply.

  6. Dylan Ng said

    At least 90% of our population are working compared to 20% to 30% of unemployment rate in some European countries so does that make Europeans lazy bums living on social handouts? So what if 50% of our population don’t pay income tax? At least they work. Just a small fry VP in a bank and you talk like you are a big shot. Tons of VPs everywhere in banking sector. Shame on you.

  7. Youtube User/Jemdude22 Is A MALE Singaporean Who, Like Fellow MALE Compatriot Larry Medina, Will Be Subjected To As Much Conscription And Lifelong Reservist Liability As MALE Compatriot Robert Viswanathan Chandran said said

    @S☭viet gay faggot of an EX-C☭MMIE C☭NVICT ( youtube . com /watch?v=j604lzFjFDY ):

    What I think is a more IGNOMINIOUS legacy is that the CHINESE did a MUCH BETTER JOB AT PROTECTING THE MARXIST-LENINIST legacy than EVEN what was SUPPOSEDLY the “OTHER” superpower other than the United States, victor vassiltov!


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