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Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew attends Chinese New Year party after discharge from hospital

Posted by temasektimes on February 25, 2013

A few days after he was discharged from hospital for a suspected stroke, Singapore’s Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew attended a Chinese New Year Garden Party at Istana on Sunday.

In a post on her Facebook, fellow MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC Indranee Rajah wrote:

“Mr Lee Kuan Yew, A/P Koo Tsai Kee with Tanjong Pagar-Tiong Bahru grassroots leaders and myself at the Chinese New Year Garden Party at Istana – 24 Feb 2013”

The post brought forth an outpouring of support from Lee’s subservient subjects:

“Very happy to see Singapore’s founding father Mr Lee appearing at public function. Greatest respect for him.” – Pannisamy Verrapan

“Great to see our founding father in good health, and for those that curse the founding father maythe curse be rebounce to themselves. Without Mr. Lee and the old guards Singapore will never be what it is today.” – Albert Teo

“Is so relief to see my Singapore Idol, uncle Lee in good health, taking pix with the public. This is the greatest celebration (better than striking TOTO) for whole Singapore on 元宵节 !” – Erica Ong

At 89 years of age, Lee is currently the world’s oldest living MP. He is widely regarded as the ‘founding father’ of Singapore without which it will still remain a ‘swamp’.



8 Responses to “Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew attends Chinese New Year party after discharge from hospital”

  1. P Koh said

    Good to see that Mr. LKY has recovered and even able to attend the function at the Istana. What I do not like to read is the use of the word “Supreme Leader” which reminds me of North Korea and I do not think this description is appropriate for our Leader. “Founding father” is a much nicer way to discribe his leadership and what he has done for Singapore and bringing it to what it is today.
    May he continue to have good health.

    • descended said

      He has done his job and got paid in both money and a legacy. Its not right toi idolise anyone and I don’t think he wants to be idolised too. Everybody must die sooner or later and that appies to him also. So lets be realistic. He will not live forever. So what if he dies of the next illness? Its normal to grow old and die. Don’t overdo you idol thing. I am un-easy.

  2. Yeow Siew said

    This 90yo dictator hated more than loved nowsaday is determined to stay alive for as long as possible, maybe past 100, just to outlive his main detractors and also to show his middle finger to all who wished him dead asap!
    As for me, he was my hero for decades. Now this hero of many b4 has turned zero. Thousands are awaiting his demise to celebrate!

  3. Supreme Leader!!? Sounds like Mao of China or Kim of North Korea!

    Kwek S C Kelvin Mobile +65 81001074

  4. Tibits1 said


  5. Not brainwashed said

    ‘Founding father?’ Albert Teo is another brainwashed ‘subject’. Dime a dozen in SIN.

  6. @P Koh, The use of “Supreme Leader” (or “Supreme Leeader”) in the North Korean sense is very apt; that is the only other country in this part of the world where one man, unelected by the country at large, wields such absolute power over its economy and alternate fear and hero-worship of its autarch. After the PAP becomes the parliamentary opposition for a term or two and regains election, I will quite likely revise my views. It would then be a much humbler organisation with real ties to the people… not merely trading on past glories earned by a mostly-different cast of characters. Whereas “The Minister and His Cronies” would make a frabjous name for a failed 80s punk-rock band, it’s not a form of government that serves Singapore particularly well in my long-held opinion.

  7. Max Heng said

    He’s determined to stay alive as long as possible to show his middle finger to all his detractors esp those whose lives he destroyed by using the ISA and others by chasing them out of Singapore. I won’t be surprised he will still be alive in 2016….but maybe bed-ridden.

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