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Famous plastic surgeon Woffles Wu’s abetting case was exposed by his ex-staff only in January this year

Posted by temasektimes on May 8, 2014

Famous Singaporean plastic surgeon Dr Woffles Wu Tze Liang was charged in court two weeks ago for abetting an elderly employee to take the rap for him for two speeding offences.

Woffles had allegedly abetted 83 year old Kuan Yit Wah to provide misleading information to the police. He had then lied to the police that he was the driver of a car caught speeding on Lornie Road at 4pm on Sept 11 2005 when the driver was Woffles.

If convicted, Woffles could be fined up to $1,000, jailed for up to six months, or sentenced to both.

The case raised some eyebrows over the length of time – seven years to be exact taken for Woffles Wu to be charged in court leading some to question the efficiency of the Singapore police.

However, the offence would not have come to light at all if not for one persistent ex-staff of Woffles Wu who lodged a police report in January this year.

Below is an excerpt of an email we received from her:

Teresa Wong (TW) was a former staff of Woffles Wu who was jailed for one year and three months in 2010 for criminal breach of trust. Our informant claimed that she was a former colleague of Teresa Wong.

“TW lodged her complaint in 2009/2010 and nothing came of it. I lodged my complaint to the proper channel (via) the Traffic Police in January 2012 and within three months, in April 2012, WW has been charged. So if I had not personally pursued this case, despite TW warning me not to, perhaps WW would have got off scot free.”

We are unable to verify her identity, but she has given us many other detailed information which we are unable to reveal here as we have received lawyers’ letters from Dr Woffles Wu to delete comments posted here earlier by other parties.

Getting a fall guy for traffic offences is a serious crime and it is absolutely shocking that the traffic police is unable to detect it earlier and fined the wrong person instead (Kuah Yit Wah)

Dr Woffles Wu will be attending a court hearing tomorrow and we wish him best of luck.

113 Responses to “Famous plastic surgeon Woffles Wu’s abetting case was exposed by his ex-staff only in January this year”

  1. Stirrer said

    SPF is never known for efficiency.

  2. spotlessleopard said

    i as a citizen want to see him punshed to the full extent of the Law.

  3. Jamie said

    Even though Temasek Times is unable to reveal further details, we all know that there is one website that we can count on and not even the lawyers and SPF are able to do anything about it. Priest try harder, SPF and lawyers of Woffles Wu, priest! Now, if only somebody will send those juicy bits of info to gutter.

  4. 83 year old man speeding. haha.

    • mr bean said

      WofflesW should have got the 88+ yr old man at the istana to take the rap in return for unlimited free face-lift .
      In fact Woffles should offer this deal to Nathan, TT, ChanSK and all the elites, using his skills to make the whole lot look like him.
      Eventually he can speed around the island all he wants…..

  5. Melissa said

    If there was no substance to this mysterious person’s post, why should he get his lawyers to write TT to delete the posts? And if the postings that TT were asked to delete were false, it is very suspicious why the doctor did not get his lawyers to pursue that person? Unless what that person posted is the truth! I wonder what ‘on-going ons’ were happening at his clinic!

  6. jaded said

    dig dig dig! get the truth out!

  7. Freemakan said

    SPF & ICA ..liao liao

  8. spotlessleopard said

    Afterall his forte is “Making you look good when you are not”?….”I dont know what to say (Stomping my feet)….This is the tip of the Iceberg?

  9. Why isn’t the CPIB also into this 2 c whether anyone was bribed to cover this up?

  10. KempeitaiTransLEEtors said

    cause WW is elite class living in District 9, 10. these are the capitalist cronies of the Pappies.

    • Florence LL said

      Hmm I denote a little resentment here. We are who we are regardless of the district in which we live. Capitalist cronies? Singapore is a successful capitalist nation and you should be proud of it. If you prefer a more socialist environment you could always try a communist nation that is if you could still find a country that still adheres to Marxist and Maoist thinking. This sounds a little outdated, comrade. Is the issue about where he lives or what he does for a living that upsets you bloggers dear.

    • Baogong said

      And they are protected in this protected areas? Is WW a PAP member too?

      • justine said

        hey, stupid, what does the case have anything to do with District 9, 10? and with capitalists and “Pappies” (you meant PAP right? then say it if you are brave enough… why drag the whole world into it? if you don’t like Singapore so much, just leave the country LAH !!!

  11. Florence LL said

    I still wonder why none of you see the revenge angle here. Former employee embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars including some of my payment back then, loses job, goes to jail, now gets out and suddenly gossip abounds. Are you telling me that embezzlement is a less serious offense than two minor traffic offenses. Look, if a gorilla was driving the car, said offenses are long over and paid for. Even if the car was driving itself lah!!! Defamation of character is also a legal offense. Just because the fellow happens to be a famous M.D doesn’t give us the right to carry on with this abuse. On the contrary. Majulah Singapura. Out with the jealousy in with the brotherhood!

    • Oracle said

      Do you actually know what defamation is? Look it up properly please. What is defamation, slander and libel… every word I say is the full unexaggerated truth….all verifiable by interview with the said anesthetist, former and present staff( there is a Nepali nurse too) plus audit of WW’s books.
      The only thing that I am guilty of is that I did not make enough effort to bring the matter to the authorities. I had my report all ready for submission to the Singapore Medical Council and made appointments twice to meet the personnel to lodge my complaint. The first appointment fell through as the officer was unavailable at the last minute. The second time I was busy and forgot the appointment. I still have the report on my hard disk, and have also forwarded it to some persons for safe keeping.
      By the way, what does all this have to do with Majulah Singapura and what brotherhood?
      I read your previous postings – you claim WW saved your life by operating on your ears twice, while the rest of Singapore turned you away – too dramatic! Would you have perished if he did not operate on your ears, was it something critical and possibly fatal? And by your ‘ the rest of Singapore’ – that would point the guilt factor at millions of innocent Singaporeans including me – I do not remember turning you away, so perhaps you could refresh our memories?

      • Jalan Besar Man said

        Oracle I am sad that after what WW has done for you and you still did not appreciate.( giving you a better paying job and gave you a few chance to do good) and yet you go around trying to destroy WW. I personally knows him from sec 2 A in school and if not for him i would have became a very bad person. living in district 8 and also red light area it was ww in school that guided me, otherwise I would have became someone in section 55. In life we should try and do good and live peacefully there is always KARMA. Anyhow I am known as Jalan Besar man.

      • justine said

        oh, become very sensitive ya when things hit home, oracle (small cap deliberate) !!! now you could feel it when you are being countered. It hurts? of course lah. i don’t think “the rest of Singapore” meant to include you because you are a nobody. Why so self included, so vain. i love it when you are on the defensive, oracle.

    • Jane Wong said

      I fully agree with Florence that this ex employee is trying to spite WW since been caught for embezzling company’s funds as reported in the ST earlier. It clearly showed how they are trying to cause a storm in a tea-cup!! I support Noni’s comment too that TT should stopped all these comments.

  12. Oracle said

    WW had my comments removed. He knows full well who I am, and that what I said is the truth, that is very easily verifiable in court..through evidence of an anesthetist who works regularly with him, and through subpoenas to previous nurses who have worked in his clinic and were definitely aware of the going-ons. Even his clinic supervisor, a nurse who has worked with him for several years, can be subpoenaed – only that she is complicit to the going-ons, so she would be in trouble too.

    • PATRIOT said

      There isn’t a factual comment in your post. It contains ignorance and lacks any credibility . Clearly you have no critical thinking skills. Its always the ignorant who speak first…you should really learn to think before slandering GOOD and HARD WORKING Singaporeans, like the prominent plastic surgeon Woffles Wu. You are jealous of a successful Doctor’s reputation and career, someone who has done far… far….more for others than I bet you have. A responsible writer would not write opinions, because opinions are rarely based on fact.

  13. Oracle said

    The one good thing I can say about him : he is very good with Botox. He does it subtly, so one does not end up with the horrible frozen look with the tell-tale super shiny and tight forehead. His frontline staff get free Botox if they wish, from the leftovers of what was used for his clients. Of course his rates are far higher than others.
    I have shared what I know about WW and the reason why I could not continue working for him, with some acquaintances. I have been very brutally honest in my opinion of him, when sharing my brief 6 weeks experience in his Camden Clinic. Even up till today, I am shocked by the low opinion many medical professionals have of him – as they are privy to his past.
    Some have wanted to post what I have revealed to them, over sites like GutterUncensored. But I have told them to hold back.
    I prefer to do it the legit way if I want to – I would make a statutory declaration with a lawyer and then submit my report to the Singapore Medical Council. If and when I do that, I will share copies of the report with all and sundry.

    • justine said

      oh, you have evidence to support your accusation? oh, yeah, so you are joining those “medical professionals” who wanted to “reveal” something? talk is cheap !!! i have been monitoring all these smear campaign from irresponsible people like you and i cannot stand the injustice from all your “dirty” talks, don’t you have any conscience? or are you just another irresponsible netizens who say what you want behind a name called “Oracle”?

    • Florence LL said

      What’s the personal vendetta, Oracle? I disagree with your assessment of Dr. Wu. I know medical professionals here who have a high regard for his skills, particularly fellow plastic surgeons. That statement couldn’t be more incorrect. If you had an employment issue at the time you worked there why didn’t you take it to the appropriate department. Being a competent plastic surgeon is not a crime. Are you watching too much Fox Crime? Where are subpoenas necessary here? Throwing around legal jargon without any purpose other than slander is a dangerous game. You do not seem to have adequate knowledge of the Law or Plastic Surgery to proclaim yourself fit to criticize the practice of a well known plastic surgeon. Although you may not approve of every little detail of how Dr. Wu runs his office, it is not your right to tell him how you would. I find it interesting that in your six brief weeks working in the clinic that youknow consider yourself qualified to comment on the correct way that all plastic surgery should be run. Could it be that in this short time that you discovered such dark secrets and became so acquainted with his anasthesiologist that you are ready to tell all in an upcoming book?

      Let’s get a few things straight, Oracle. You are human and certainly not an oracle. I am personally acquainted with several top,plastic surgeons in the United States, Brazil and here in Singapore due to medical research in the field of aesthetic surgery. Free Botox is offered to staff members in every clinic where they work as is cosmetic surgery. Nothing new here. As for going ons all offices have their goings on. I have been on the table in that theatre there several times and know Dr. Phua, the anesthesiologist, personally. Frankly, these secrets must be so dark that they are invisible. It takes a lot to work in a plastic surgery clinic. Patient confidentiality and discreetness are of the utmost and respect for the surgeon in charge is essential. You did yourself a favor, Oracle, you were not fit to work there. It’s time to find something else to do rather than throw darts at this doctor.

      • Oracle said

        Florence LL, what I am raising does not contravene patient confidentiality. It is about safe practices that are there to ensure patient safety. Please check with WW. Details were available in previous posts in a previous TT dialogue.

      • justine said

        oracle, try again lah!!! so much nonsense.

    • Delphi said

      Hello Sarah Jessica
      What did WW ever do to you?

      • justine said

        oh, her name is Sarah Jessica?! i remember that name, i think you are the un-certained gender person who so unkempt and unsanitized while working in the clinic. Geez, thank God you were fired before you got the chance of jeopardizing any patient.

      • Oracle said

        Whatever my ‘uncertain gender’, it is non of your business, and it just speaks of your bigotry if you need to raise that. Talking about being ‘unsanitary’, that adjective should be applied to practices that were happening in his clinic. I tendered my resignation after three weeks, and was asked to stay on until his Nepali nurse returned from home leave.
        WW should thank Sheila his clinic co-ordinator for all this – Sheila, who had along with WW, been carrying on certain unconscionable practices that I had raised concerns with WW – who dared to accuse me of blackmailing WW!
        It seems this blog is getting to a point of no return, with even the name of his anesthetist being revealed.

      • justine said

        oracle, you are on the defensive again here. it really hurts, isn’t it? one cannot be called a bigot when one is uncertain. i think you are self conscious here. i feel sorry for you. Are you really that “kempt” and “sanitary” now? tell us about it, oh, please.

  14. Medusa said

    WW had my comments removed. He knows full well who I am, and that what I said is the truth, that is very easily verifiable in court..through evidence of an anesthetist who works regularly with him, and through subpoenas to previous nurses who have worked in his clinic and were definitely aware of the going-ons. Even his clinic supervisor, a nurse who has worked with him for several years, can be subpoenaed – only that she is complicit to the going-ons, so she would be in trouble too.
    The one good thing I can say about him : he is very good with Botox. He does it subtly, so one does not end up with the horrible frozen look with the tell-tale super shiny and tight forehead. His frontline staff get free Botox if they wish, from the leftovers of what was used for his clients. Of course his rates are far higher than others.
    I have shared what I know about WW and the reason why I could not continue working for him, with some acquaintances. I have been very brutally honest in my opinion of him, when sharing my brief 6 weeks experience in his Camden Clinic. Even up till today, I am shocked by the low opinion many medical professionals have of him – as they are privy to his past.
    Some have wanted to post what I have revealed to them, over sites like GutterUncensored. But I have told them to hold back.
    I prefer to do it the legit way if I want to – I would make a statutory declaration with a lawyer and then submit my report to the Singapore Medical Council. If and when I do that, I will share copies of the report with all and sundry.
    I am not out for personal gain or fame. I am 58 years old and a cancer survivor – my regret and guilt is that I did not try hard enough to alert the Singapore Medical Council so many years ago.
    I am posting this under a new name Medusa – as I am aware that TT is unable to post any more comments under my previous Oracle.

    • Florence LL said

      Medusa, you have gone far enough with this. I shall not respond to you any further. I take personal offense to what you said about my damaged ear. Whatever you have against this man only God knows. Continue with whatever you wish to do. I know how responsive Singapore Medical Council can be …. Not very even to a malpractice victim like me. I thought this was all about traffic violations to begin with. How did it turn into questioning the competence of a plastic surgeon? Since you seem to know all details of this man’s life and practice you needn’t use Temasek Times as a forum. After all who could argue with you if you are privy to so much information. The rest of us don’t get your beef. Do as you may.

    • PATRIOT said

      @Medusa…You shouldn’t write a post with blatant lies and inaccuracies. Your post involves a combination of revenge, criminality and stupidity. You are not even in the same league as Dr W. Wu which he is in the TOP of his field GLOBALLY, has awards NAMED AFTER HIM all over the world , etc He provides the best, the BEST treatments, the BEST experience, the BEST RESULTS. He has EARNED THE RIGHT to charge whatever he wants because he’s AT THE TOP. Dr.W. Wu WILL be proved innocent and the VICTIM of all this at the end of this traffic trial. You should be careful the accusations you make.. Please go away !

    • justine said

      Medussa, you really enough snakes full of venom in you head, you chose an appropriate name for yourself, congrats !!!

  15. 阿兵 said

    All alone I do not think our govt is efgicient (from my psdt experience). A lot of things you would nit know until they are ecposed. And if they are not exposed, many will think the govt has done the good jobs.

  16. Baogong said

    I think the authority should investigate further as they may be coverup, threatening and corruption involved.

    • justine said

      this is a very serious accusations and the authorities should hold you responsible for what you said and they will. Just hold on to your last breath, the day of reckoning will come for sure. you will be responsible for what you say.

  17. Florence LL said

    The only fall guy here is the person who has written to Temasek Times as an alleged friend of Teresa Wong. I appeal to her to consider that she is in actuality and perhaps unknowingly being used by Ms. Wong for her own uncharitable purposes. I also assure her that there is a more sour side to revenge in the harming of an innocent person such as Dr. Wu. Albeit the traffic offenses may indeed be legitimate but the rest of the public slander that she is participating in makes her all the more foolish for what has she to gain personally from this cemantic Kung fu? She indeed never worked for the doctor nor was an eyewitness to any circumstances surrounding the traffic incidents in question. She therefore should not allow herself to be used any further in a game of public defamation and personal revenge. I surely hope that she will listen to this appeal.

    • Mel said

      Florence LL. I notice you have been making several unsupported assumptions all in your endevour to salvage WW’s reputation? Why do you presume that that person has never worked for WW? If I were you, I would encourage him to engage his high powered attorneys to track down this person making all these so called ‘slanders’ and bring the person to court! That’s what an innocent person would do, more so someone as prominent as your hero!
      And the correct word is ‘semantic’, not ‘cemantic’!

      • Florence LL said

        I have no idea if they have or have not worked for the doctor. Despite that, this bickering has to stop. Thanks for correction of typo but it still amounts to verbal martial arts.

    • Oracle said

      I was a colleague to Teresa Wong for 6 weeks, and after I left, we never kept in touch till our serendipitous meeting in January 2012. I suggest you better check with WW to ascertain whether he appreciates your inane mutterings supposedly to defend him… you may end up stirring up a hornet’s nest!!!! So be forewarned!

      • justine said

        oh, i believe the “warnings” are mutual LAH !!! you too should be FOREWARNED !!! So you have known all these “things” and kept quiet until now and you think your pal was jailed for having stolen money which you think she was unjustly jailed?! it sounds like nothing but an act of revenge and nothing else.

  18. PATRIOT said

    Dr.Woffles Wu has done more for others than any of you will in your lifetime, and continues to. He’s SAVING LIVES . I really feel sorry for him but I know he will come out on top like all good people do. You have nothing that’s why you must tear down those who are successful even when you think you’re right ! or sound like you can’t afford it & simply jealous you can’t get your ugly face fixed by the best in town

    • Mel said

      Please don’t talk shit nonsense! How does a plastic surgeon save lives? Plastic surgeons cater mostly to surgical enhancement, which is mostly cosmetic! Even surgery to repair cleft palates or even to th extreme, a face transplant, are not considered life saving! So shaddup and don waste space here!

      • justine said

        your comments are just to show you how ignorant you are and you don’t know SHIT (a repeat of the word you used) about how plastic surgeries save life. If you are allowed to take up space here, so are the others, stupid !!!

    • justine said

      bravo !!! we must voice our displeasure to this smear campaign by irresponsible people who have nothing to say but wild talk and accusation. I am not surprise if they even accused Dr WW started the WW II.

    • Linna said

      Agreed, well said ! I’m just standing up for Dr.W Wu because here has been using the anonymity of the internet to bully him based on only the facts they want to hear. they rather post negative, hurtful things than actually know what they are talking about. Dr. Wu was a victim of serious embezzlement by what he thought was a trusted employee who recently served a prison sentence for this crime. If you ever meet Dr W Wu you’ll know how good a person he is, and how little he deserved all this crap.

  19. PATRIOT said

    @spotlessleopard,@mr bean@Melissa ..etc You are basing what your saying only on newspaper accusations ONLY. You have no idea what actually went on. Damn you for slandering such a good person as Dr.Woffles Wu. What do you even do for a living? He has been saving and improving the live of others his whole career. People like you make me sick.

    • mr bean said

      An idiot like you should not call yourself patriot, definitely not from the way you comment.
      What we do for a living is of no concern here. You give yourself away asking this.
      And you really ought to change your nick to ‘sick Parrot’.

      • justine said

        Hey, Bean, so you don’t like what Patriot said?! now how do you feel? hurt? oh, i am so glad. did you get the name Bean from Mr. Bean the comedian?

      • PATRIOT said

        @Mr Bean….there you going spouting ignorance here! You being called Mr Bean should be an insult to Mr Bean comedy drama.. Stop shaming yourself please. Oh, I forgot, you have Successful Singaporean Derangement Syndrome… excuse me

      • mr bean not joking now said

        @Patriot n @Justine,
        how can I ever be hurt dealing with morons….LOL
        I am glad Patriot replied again, it simply proves that he is indeed a sick parrot.
        By the way I excuse you, since you sound like a bloody dumbfuck.

        It’s obvious both you morons have absolutely no sense of humour after reading my original post.
        Then It’s best that you Justine watch Patriot the dumbfuck jerk himself off.

        ps: ok Justine, at least you don’t go around cursing others who have different opinions

      • justine said

        Hey, Bean, i don’t need to curse others or use obscene words (unless it was started by others). Your “Not Joking Now” sounds like you are mad and upset when someone counter you. We all have our rights to write in this space and be responsible and accountable for it. thanks for the compliment but if I may even suggest, save your beans lah !!!

      • mr bean said

        Ok lah I will save my beans for those who appreciate it. Maybe WW can take to my jokes when we catch up one of these days before we all go to our graves.

    • spotlessleopard said

      Patriot We as citizens have a right to know the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and as for you cursing others …you will served your just deserts in due course…..When A “Upright” Man “uses” an 80+ year whole man to take a “traffic rap” for him it does tell his character.

  20. justine said

    i for one would like Temasek Times to hold this people responsible and accountable to their smear campaign. Please do not let their “any” comments get posted just like that, unless they truly have something to support what they accused Dr Wu on. At first i ignored what they posted, and now my conscience takes over. this is total injustice for irresponsible people shooting their mouths with impunity. I want them to be held responsible. What they said they better have evidence to support it when the police come knocking on their doors.

  21. justine said

    Pardon me, let my conscience speaks. Dr Wu is one successful human asset of Singapore, he is one of the best surgeons in the world and many associates him with the hard-earned Singapore medical reputation. I know personally he took patients, who have been malpracticed by other doctors and rejected by other “kia su” doctors, off the street and try to help heal them. any decent Singaporean (including non-citizen residents) should be proud of him and value him instead of launch a smear campaign to destroy him. He didn’t kill anyone. He is a good decent doctor with conscience. People accused him of charging higher prices, so what? The Germans make excellent products and do you find quality products of Germany at cheap prices? We do the same in our business, higher prices for better food, higher prices for better quality furniture. Clients who know quality will be willing to pay more. Nothing wrong with that. i have know him to cut prices (without being asked) on patients who have spent so much for medical care. He is not just doing cosmetic which he is good at, he is also correcting what have been done wrong by others. Please remember, try to grow taller if you want to be taller than others, don’t cut the legs of the others so they become shorter than you. If this smear campaign does not stop, i may be the one report to the police for defamation. it is sort of like citizen arrest !!!

    • spartacus said

      If you are WW himself, then I must say you are not very clever here although I admire WW’s skills in surgery and the way he carries himself. On the otherhand if you are his pal, you and the dumbass Patriot are making more enemies for him. It is about using EQ to convince your readers not threats of lawsuits aka oldman Lee’s style of engagement.

      • justine said

        spartacus, me WW?! good guess, but sorry you are dead wrong ! try again. me his pal?! again, you are dead wrong TWICE. want to guess more, go ahead. you are quite authoritarian because you can attack others but don’t like to be attached. In the shooting war, the bullets go both ways, you know. If i am allowed (by you, Heil Spartacus aka Hitler), i would leave the “oldman Lee” out of this. Without him, you won’t have the Singapore you have today and you may have lived a third world country without the affordability to buy the computer you used to type on. So, leave him out, ok?! (why are smear campaigners like to drag the whole world into this?

      • Shane said

        I agree totally. Look at their jibes at Bean, very childish. This is getting more and more dirty. Hope Justine makes the police report. Then can get the truth. Whether the transgender making up stories. Or Dr Woo is really like that.

      • spartacus said

        go ahead and make the police report, just do it !
        by the way, don’t exaggerate about oldman Lee’s ability, you conveniently left out his team, GohKS, TohCC, LimKS, Raja, Barker, etc.
        you also forgot to say that without oldman Lee much earlier, spore won’t have to put up with his good-for-nothing son unless you care to enlighten me otherwise.
        Want to give credit to oldman, must bear in mind not to over do the BS.

        anyway, this is the forum to speak your mind, so go ahead and continue blasting away, just remember that you and I would not have the space in State Times, undeniably the mouth piece of LKY and son….LOL

      • Florence LL said

        Spartacus, please calm down. You must realize that the old men that you think so unhighly of did make Singapore what it is today. It is easy to criticize others including the government. We have a lot to be thankful for or we wouldn’t be able to voice our opinions here right now. Some old values still work. Look at the world crumbling financially around us particularly in Europe. We have so far been spared some of that. Change for change sake alone is worthless. Look at Obama. Let’s count our blessings. The only utopia we will find is not on Earth but in Heaven. As I said earlier in another site Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. By the way the man that said that was a young man who died at 33. His words still hold true today. He was considered a revolutionary in His day.

      • spartacus said

        @ Florence LL,
        you sound like a person with her heart in the right place,
        but you should spare me the sermon. I am just another ordinary folk who merely has this inner desire to speak up for fellow ordinary sporeans. As for casting stones, your sermon is more appropriate for LKY, because the odds are he will depart first and thus there is urgency for him to make peace with those he has caused much pain and grief. But do you see this happening ?

        Surely you know that LKY did not just cast stones but used his hatchet and knuckle dusters on perceived opponents who have a different view and it should noted they have no means to defend themselves fairly.
        Now tell me which man in spore can be more evil as to put another fellow sporean in detention for 32 yrs and invent stories about marxists so as to incacerate more sporeans ? please face up to this before extending me another sermon.
        By the way, to my close friends my middle name is ‘calm’
        Have a nice day.

  22. dumbdoc said

    hey why all this negative vibes. its obvious there is some malicious elements out there to discredit my good friend .let the court decide what is to done about the case of this good doctor. the comments made against him are too personal and outright degrading .fair comment is one thing but to slam a guy when he has not got a chance to defend himself borders on being a coward . he is a damm good doctor often incurring the wrath of other people for being truthful and speaking his mind . like all normal people he has a good wife and 2 beautiful children . let them be proud of their fathers achievement and let not his success at being at the very top of his field fill us with jealousy . give credit where its due and i daresay all this hype is because he is a famous doc and a bloody good one at that . in the end we have to let justice take its course and hope that the punishment fits the crime . we all may have to face the arm of the law one day and hope that when that day comes or if it ever comes we will have friends to count on .

  23. dumbdoc said

    why all this negative comments about the good doctor . all this is borne of jealousy and revenge . did anyone get hurt by this incident . he is a nice caring doctor and a damm good plastic surgeon . as a colleague and friend i have seen him blossom into a brilliant surgeon . let the legal system take its course and hope that the punishment fits the crime if he is found guilty . in the meantime we should give encouragement and look at all the good things he has done and the good work that he has done . he is down to earth and a very likeable chap if you know him . he has a good wife and 2 beautiful children and let them grow up and continue adoring their father like we adore ours . in the meantime we should give our support to him because it is very traumatic when you are being charged in a court of law . there are some of you who will have been through the same process and will symphatise with him . come on we all have feelings and this is not the way to treat a fellow singaporean . let us be gracious and wish him good luck for the trial

  24. justine said

    Temasek Times, why are my comments still awaiting moderation after so many hours while the smear campaigners’ comments are posted almost immediately? i believe TT is still an unbiased and fair forum.

  25. justine said

  26. Rusty said

    I am a doctor from India, who has visited with Dr Woffles Wu as an observer. I was recommended his name as a surgeon par excellence by a colleague from Mumbai, and happened to come across his name in your blog. I am extremely upset that you can be so irresponsible to allow people to vent such unsubstantiated rubbish in your paper. I have visited Dr Wu at the Camden Medical Centre, and have observed that the medical treatment and care provided by him and his staff adhere to the highest international standards. In fact , I have adopted some of his protocols into my own clinical practice at home. My colleagues and i would not travel all this way to visit his clinic if there were any doubts as to his standards.I do wish that these sort of motivated and vindictive blog entries be screened by responsible editors before publishing them, as they can have a very negative role on both your publication, as well as on the entire medical profession.

    • Florence LL said

      Thank you doctor for the truth. I recall meeting you during your visit. It is good to hear the supportive comments of another surgeon who appreciates Dr. Wu. I urge more medical professionals to come forth.

  27. Boon said

    Seems like a good mash of supporters and detractors here, plus some serious keyboard warriors letting rip!
    Be it the traffic or medical issue, the relevant bodies will be the ones passing judgement in light of whatever evidence available or has been tendered. As such, should we hear or not hear of any punishment dished out for either or both issues, guess that means some parties are guilty of exaggerations and hyperbole?

  28. boyadine said

    Let me see which side should I believe?… on one side is a sex-changed ex-employee who has been charged and convicted of embezzeling Dr WW. I have nothing against transgendered persons at all, but a transgendered person with a criminal record simply has NOTHING to lose as far as her/his reputation is concerned. By the tone of the posts it is clear to me that an online threat is being made against Dr WW here; and the message to Dr WW is pay me or I will try and ruin your reputation: i.e. blackmail pure and simple

    Another post says that Dr WW is very powerful and influential and that’s why it was so hard to bring action against him for the traffic offence he did seven years ago. Well I beg to differ because what this REALLY shows is that the government took action for a “crime” in which no one was harmed and for which, for the number of years old it was and the good reputation of Dr WW, they could have opted not to proceed with this case. But the government took this opportunity to send a threat to ALL successful and well known professionals in Singapore. This is how the government rules Singapore. This is why good people in Singapore fear standing against the government.

    If Dr WW were truly powerful and influential, the traffic case would not have seen the light of day because it did NOT deserve to. A good doctor may from time to time need to speed to get to a patient or to meet an important personal event such as a child’s birthday after attending to a patient.

    Dr WW may not be saving lives but he is CHANGING LIVES for the BETTER. The Oracle and SpotlessLeopard are intent on RUINING A LIFE.

  29. Jalan Besar Man said

    Fellow students who knows Dr Wu from school be it in primary, secondary, pre university and university days. not forgetting
    his professional days will said that he is a kind, honest and helpful man. I always believe in KARMA and I strongly believe that
    all will be well for him as he has done many good no only for our country Singapore but also mankind. Dr Wu bless you

  30. Noni said

    Boyadine has hit the nail on the head. This is just spiteful revenge by two people who already stole from him and one of them paid for it by going to jail.

    TT has allowed them to publish all their allegations, which they have also given to the police. If these allegations were true, don’t you think the police would have prusued them instead of just the traffic fines? It would have made much better news on the front page of ST if they had. Instead, the best they could come up with was two 7 year old traffic offences.

    I am not surprised he had to use lawyers to get TT to delete comments, if they are not true. Why should he have to go to this costly action? Because of the charracter assasination of for these two. Is that fair?

    Frankly this should stop. TT is allowing two revengeful people to run a campaign ruin a person’s reputation. That is very wrong.

  31. CM said

    Good one Boyadine. First they stole his money, now they are trying to steal his reputation. In the name of justice and fair play, TT should stop this. 😦

  32. Pemimpin said

    I am glad to see that there are a few people coming out in support of Woffles Wu. I know him as a good man, one of the best persons I have ever had the privilege of knowing. The embezzler is just using this forum to further his own sordid agenda, one of hate and revenge. I support Noni’s comment that this should be stopped by TT.

  33. Jalan Besar Man said

    Good people will always win against the bad and evil finally

  34. The manager said

    Dear Oracle,

    This is a letter that I hope will end all your lies and  untruths. As written by  your letter , you claim that you are so righteous and you are pursuing the truth.

    Then why are you NOT  telling the truth about why you were fired ?
    The reasons you were fired are as follows:

    1. You were fired because your operating room skills were way below par. You may be an ‘ okay’ nurse in the ward. But your skills in the operating room were below standards. The word sterile field is lost on you. You contaminated our sterile field again and again.

     2. You were fired because, you liked to ‘ flirt’  with patients husbands especially if the husbands were Caucasian. Though, it was harmless flirting, it left patients very uncomfortable to have you in their presence .

    But even when you did all that we kept you, because Dr Wu always believed that, people can be taught, and he never likes to terminate contracts.So against better advice by this staff and that includes your ally TW, who thought you were totally incompetent  weird and not a woman. he kept telling us to teach you how to do things properly. If you remember, in the last weeks , you were only allowed to work outside without Going into the OR, because we were afraid you will contaminate our surgery. But still Dr Wu ,kept you .

    3. But what really ‘ broke the camel’s back’ was one day, after a staff caught you sterilising an equipment the wrong way, and reported  you to the Boss. You chose to chase her down the hall way of the clinic, in the presence of all his clients and shouted at her in your shrieky voice ” chilaka bitch… You old bitch …..! ”

    Much to the horror of the patients and the staff, when this happened , we could no longer keep you.

    As for all your allegations on the sub standard way we practice our surgery, on this sexy website temasek times…. Who only publish sexy news..

    I reply to all you neitzens , our clinic has had a clean record since 2000.Ministry of Health,(MOH) does checks and spot checks us, for licensing purpose. And we have passed every Year. I am very sure that can be verified easily with MOH. OUr protocols which were written by me , and has been copied by many other plastic surgery clinics ( probably the same ones who will have no qualms about saying things about DR Wu behind our backs)

    So oracle or medusa….or what ever name you are hiding behind, when you say we are practising sub standard practices , are you actually questioning the criteria that MOH uses to check all  clinics in Singapore. Because it would seem to me that, that is exactly what you are doing. You are saying MOH is promoting sub standard practices. I  just surprised that MOH has not taken you to task.

    May be it’s because MOH does not indulge in reading SEXY news . The rest of the world have better things to do.

    So I will conclude by saying, if  you are so righteous in seeking the truth.. Then  may be you want to put a tick and check the boxes 1,2,3  and take some responsibility of how you contributed to your dismissal in his clinic, instead of spending your time writing lies.

    Because , if Life is about results, Then results shows that the clinic is still standing and licensed. It has met local and international standards.

    If i am  in your shoes, I would cherish the second chance GOD has given me , and spend my time being the best person that I can be.

    • Oracle said

      Thank you for your comments. Do not resort to telling lies.
      As to whether the IPL gels were rebottled and reused again and again, that can very easily be confirmed by auditing the number of orders for IPL gels against the number of IPL procedures done each year.
      If it ever comes to that point, witnesses, even the anesthetist that has already been named,can be called in – to confirm if unaccepted reuse of syringes were being reused in the clinic.
      Also, that I resigned of my own accord, and was even asked to stay on to help until the Nepali nurse returned. For your information, I do not know what ‘chilaka’ means, and I would never address an old lady whose practice was to eavesdrop on staff and report to WW, and that WW encouraged me to do the same – ‘Auntie Jo is my eyes and ears so I know what is happening’ – I would never ever address her as a ‘b****’!
      I hope WW appreciates what you are doing again, Sheila.
      This has definitely made me decide to lodge an official complaint with the Singapore Medical Council.

    • Florence LL said

      Thank you, manager, for the truthful facts that we have all been waiting for finally, the mystery of oracle’s strong bitterness towards Dr. Wu has been revealed. For most of we readers it has been difficult to comprehend what her true issue is all about. Thank you for clarifying things for us. We all hope she takes your advice and goes on to do better things in life. Now I see that there were two fired employees in this story of revenge. Teresa and Sarah Jessica, you made your errors like all human beings, but it’s best to live and let live.

    • PATRIOT said

      @Manager Thank you for your insightful post !

      @Oracle Who cares what you think? Nothing better to do with the your time, except to bash those who were your former employee with fictitious malicious accusation. Go away. Move on. Go do something meaningful and compassionate with your time. There are many charities and organizations who would love to have your energy…………. …Retirement beckons.

  35. Delphi said

    Thank goodness we are getting some enlightenment
    in this saga of venom and cyber space bashing.
    TT I commented before but am told I was on
    the wrong thread.
    So I will say again that I had thought
    your forum stood for FairPlay and an
    arena where reasonable and intelligent
    exchanges could be made as we explore
    alternative choices.

    I am so disappointed to note that your
    forum appears to have become a site
    for venomous attacks hiding behind
    anonymous fancy names.

  36. PATRIOT is Dr WW's former Indonesian woman patient said

    @Mr Bean and others…Please accept my apology if ever I offend you or anyone.

    I just pointed out a few facts about the prominent Dr W. Wu that his Indonesian patients and I admire and respect, you and other commentors on this thread, might not be aware of. Some commentors here heavily biased against Dr.W.Wu, & based only on information released in the papers, don’t even see when people are being slandered on purpose to slant the public view of a Traffic case to pre-determine its outcome, The only stake I have is for the truth, & protecting those who are unjustly treated by a public who love to see others fail… Dr.W.Wu ’s fight would be a lot easier if more Singaporeans actually cared about facts and doing the right thing. Some of commentors here probably won’t care, after all slander and idle gossip is far more interesting than the truth.

    Please get a clue before posting negative comments about people you’ve never met. You might not have any idea what you’re talking about & you’re basing your judgements on sensationalist slander posted in the media. You simply read a few articles online & just believed them without any thought on your own.

    @oracle @medusa you use the internet to cast stones at others. Hence libelous. Dr.W.Wu has spent a lifetime building up his name, just to have people like you try to take it down for no justifiable reason.

    • spotlessleopard said

      I am one of the member of the Public who just want to see justice done on the Dr’s. alleged offence of making his 83year employee take the rap for his Speeding Offences…as for his Medical Professionalism that is another story.

      • Jalan Besar Man said

        How in the first place you know about the matter? I do not understand why you did not report the matter earlier
        and only do it after so long. By knowing it and kept silence and to report after so long really make me think you
        are doing it not for justice by revenge. Thats not very good right and that shows what kind of person yo are.

      • PATRIOT said

        @spotlessleopard … You claimed… – Incorrectly ! Your heart rules your head. The facts will deliver the verdict, not speculation. However, it is absolutely certain The Dr. WOULD NOT be charged, given the TIME ELAPSED and because the accusation is totally untrue, bogus false allegations by a vengeful bitter accuser which is quite unbelievable with no accountability. The fact remains that The Dr is an innocent man !!

  37. justine said

    TT, i am amazed at all those smear campaigners, the language they used, the obscenity they put in writing on your forum, the allegations they assume to know so much, the attacks on government and “old man Lee” etc etc. How on earth they think they could instill any kind of credibility of what they accused Dr WW of. I can only sum it up as follows : they are nothing but a bunch of riffs raffs, low class people, self righteous pals of condemned criminal TW and useless parasites on the big tree that “old man Lee” and his teams had seeded, grew, provided shade, bore fruits and continues to grow stronger against storms. I wish these useless parasites would just go away but i know it is a wishful thinking because these useless parasites will continue to piggyback on your forum to launch smear campaign, now on Dr WW and who knows who is going to be next when these useless parasites decided on whom they don’t like. I also wish these useless parasites will simply just RIP (go away and die).

    • durian seller said

      You give the impresson you are infested with parasites.
      Please go and get some treatment, rest well and come back again. I don’t think anyone here wish for you to rest in peace so soon.

      • justine said

        hi, stinko (durian), you must be one of those parasites i referred to. I give you credit for your ability to choose name that reflects yourself. Congrats.

      • only a hawker said

        to Durian Seller,
        congrats man!
        you are right about this nut case being infested with parasites, and it seems the parasites are in the brains as well.
        looks like gone case, so let the nutcase be. LOL

  38. Sarah Jessica said

    Dear All, for those of you who know Woffles well, he will be the best person who can tell you if I resigned or was asked to leave.
    ‘The manager’ Sheila has accused me of coming on to Caucasian husbands of clients. Again, please check with Woffles. I knew and expected that the fact that I am a transexual would be made known – of which I am not ashamed of. None of the nasty jibes about me being a transgender has hurt me an iota. It does not speak well of Sheila to post such a lie, as by doing so, she is only further propagating the cruel myth that all transgendered are all man-hungry.
    This morning, I have just received new information. I have been unaware that Sheila, who posted under the name The Manager, and was with Woffles for many years – has left the employ of Woffles some years ago. That Sheila herself was caught – as WW trusts her so much, she got him to sign a cheques to pay for her own expenses. This was ultimately discovered. In spite of that, she remained with Woffles for a while more.
    Dear All, please do not rush and jump to the conclusions that what has been claimed by me are lies.
    Like I said, those who know him, please check with. Woffles about the truth. I believe that he will be fair.
    And I trust that once the true facts have been ascertained, to please let all who have been following this blog know the truth.
    Many thanks to all, Sarah Jessica

  39. Noni said

    Oracle and Spotless Leopard, you two are cursed with an all-consuming wish to destroy this man. You may not realise it but it has also destroyed you. Such is your lust for revenge that you have lost all credibility. Frankly I don’t believe a damned word you say anymore because I think you would say anything at all if you thought it would hurt him.

    TT should stop this nonsense. Or Dr Wu should sue the ass off the owners of TT too.

  40. spotlessleopard said

    Noni, please note in none of my postings in this case did i EVER suggest that Dr. Woffles is bad in his work or his Professionalism has been put on the line…Please do not brush everyone who has an opinion as BAD…All I wanted was to have Dr. Woffles punished in accordance owiththe LAW for using his employee to take the RAP of speeding…for that if he is found guilty He must be rightfully punished.(for this i am puzzled why such an upright person did what he did)..for his Professionalism and his Medical Practice I SAID nothing of it and I do not care a damm if he is Wrong or Bad…let the Medical Council and those who have an axe to grind take up the cudgels..

    • Noni said

      The law will deal with him. What you are doing here is destroying a person’s reputation. You are not the law.

      • spotlessleopard said

        I have done nothing of that sort please vindicate youuself and quote one line one sentence where I am “destroying” a person’s reputation……all I maintained so far is : If the good Dr. WW did use his 83+year old employee to take the rap for his speeding offences …then He should not go unpunished if He is found guilty so he is guilty and if not then He is not…nothing less nothing more..the other allegations of his ex employees and his professionalism and quality of his Plastic surgery does not interest me at all…and I do not pass any judgement i leave it to the Court….I agree with you 100% “You are not the law”….Let the Court and Justice System run its course.

  41. jaymeng said

    I have known ww for some years and he has always stand up for the under privileges as well as those in need. Others just talk; whereas ww will backup his words with actions and his own money, if need be. So I would say this is a classic case of spotless leopard and oracle trying to get even at all course. One is a transsexual (and wanting to be a nurse) and the other a criminal (whom had embezzled money and was punished by the law) trying their best to defame ww.

    I hope the Sg Med Council and Sg Nursing Board will look at the appropriateness of transsexual as nurse and police force should also restrict criminals using the law to inconvenience the innocent, especially one that they had stolen from.

    • spotlessleopard said

      Jaymeng, You are BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE………I am not concerned whether Dr. WW. is kind or unkind, or his work is world renowned……..I am ONLY CONCERNED and just want JUSTICE DONE….that is; if DR. WW is guilty of the Offence then He should be punished in accordance with the Law…AND IF HE IS FOUND NOT GUILTY….so let the LAW and JUSTICE take its course…I REPEAT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS PRACTICE AS A PLASTIC SURGEON….HERE WE ARE DEALING WITH A GUY WHO MADE HIS 83YEAR OLD EMPLOYEE TAKE HIS SPEEDING RAP…..that is alll….I am not Involved with the other/s who accuse him of other misdeeds and I do not know them from Adams…..please mind what u write of me….do not put words in my mounth nor lump me with others….read all my postings and maybe you may wish to apologise for your intransigence.towards me.

  42. littlewen said

    Did W Wu also pay everyone here to write all these suspiciously ‘good’ reviews about him in an attempt to save what’s left of his reputation?

    One cant help thinking that, as he paid a 83 yr old man to take the rap for his speeding offences.

    • Peksanteng said

      Why is it suspicious? You are motivated to destroy his reputation for money, is it? Not everyone is like you. Spotless leopard wants justice to be done. Hahaha. Make me laugh you bunch of perverts

      • spotlessleopard said

        It takes a doubly perverted person to spot a perverted person……What is wrong in wanting to see justice done?…..If He is innocent then he is innocent if he is guilty then he is guilty…of the alleged offence of using his 83 year old employee to take his speeding ticket rap….. We are not talking about how good his skills are nor about his reputation as a world renown plastic surgeon…the issue is very specific…He has been charged for an offence and let the Law take its course…Perversion, jealousies, vendettas has no place in this regard.

      • littlewen said

        And what motivates you to be nasty?

        See if you want to paint a guy to be nice, stand-up whatever…. then it’s not right for a person like yourself (calling others perverts) to defend him.
        Do him a favor, stop being nasty here, it dont look good on W Wu to be assosciated with you -not at this moment anyway.

      • Peksanteng said

        Who said I am associated with him? You and Spotmylanchiao and Oralblowjob are all perverted. Pervert everything altready then want to be high and mighty.

    • justine said

      perhaps because you get paid to post therefore you assume everyone get paid too. Conscience and fairness do not need money.

      • Peksanteng said

        You are the perverts who just want revenge. Steal from him not enough is it? Just because I post you think I am his employee. He don’t even know who am I.

  43. Ms Ho said

    I have been a patient of both Dr Wu and the best aesthetic doctor in the US and I would most definitely say their artistic and aesthetic skills are in a class of their own. He was kind, warm and professional and the finished work was harmonious and beautiful without a single hint of scarring.

    The controversy surrounding the man does not detract from his skill and his warmth as a person. Simply put , how many of us have not known of someone doing the same thing as Dr Wu did? How many of us have not heard of friends getting friends or relatives to take the rap for a speeding ticket or two because of an issue over points and perhaps to claim on an insurance rebate ?

    The issue as can be seen from various posts has grown beyond that of just a plain speeding ticket to one amounting to a personal vendetta by two disgruntled ex-employees. For me at least the credibility of his loudest accusers has been vastly diminished by a criminal record for embezzlement. A thief and a liar will remain as always a thief and a lair.

    Whatever happens in the case, my trust in the good doctor and his good work remains.

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