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SMRT sacks 8 staff over tunnel flooding

Posted by temasektimes on November 28, 2017

In other countries, when things gone wrong, the top leader or executive will usually resign to take responsibility, but in Singapore it is the other way round.

Despite widespread calls from the public for embattled SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek to resign over the recent spate of ïncidents”affecting the train operator, he has adamantly refused to do so, choosing to sack 8 junior staff over the recent tunnel flooding which shut down train operations for up to 21 hours.

According to a statement released by SMRT on Monday, the staff who were dismissed comprised one senior executive, two managers and five technical staff.

Two former SMRT staff – Vice President Tay Tien Seng and Senior Manager Ivan Kok – had failed to exercise sufficient supervision over the period when the falsification of maintenance records occurred. SMRT said it reserves the right to pursue legal action against them.

Another Vice President and two other management executives have also been disciplined for “failing to exercise the due care and diligence expected of them” over the maintenance of the pumps, SMRT said, without specifying the actions taken against them.

In the meantime, Mr Desmond Kuek remains as CEO of SMRT after 5 years and several high profile breakdowns and disruptions which have tested Singaporeans’patience to the limit.



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