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Pritam Singh: WP supporters should never feel embarrassed being called “PAP-lite”

Posted by temasektimes on September 22, 2018

WP Chief Pritam Singh has made a stunning admission on his Facebook page that his party has been criticized by some Singaporeans for being “PAP-lite” and WP supporters should not be embarrassed about it!

Pritam has received brickbats recently from some netizens for supporting the PAP in the Select Committee on Deliberate online falsehoods including its “unanimous” decision to disregard the input of internationally renown historian Thum Ping Tjin as he was found to have “lied.”

When confronted by freelance journalist Kirsten Han on his tacit support for the PAP’s bullying tactics, Pritam made a lame attempt to deflect the issue:

“Dear Kirsten – in my mind, the issues the Select Committee raises are much more significant that PJ. I cannot say anything on the deliberations in Committee on the matter as those are confidential and I will be in breach of Parliamentary rules if I did. So let me leave it at that.”

One netizen pointed out that he was confused by Pritam’s stance which appears no different from the PAP to which Pritam replied that WP will continue to agree with the PAP in the “best interest” of Singapore and WP supporters should never feel embarrassed about being called “PAP-lite”

Source: Pritam Singh’s Facebook page


Despite being the only “opposition” party in Parliament, the present WP seldom dare to hold the PAP accountable, leading many frustrated Singaporeans to dismiss it as the “PAP’s B team” or worse, a “lapdog” of the PAP.

Having an “opposition” which does not oppose is WORSE than having no opposition in Parliament at all as it lends a veneer of legitimacy and respectability to the autocratic rule of the PAP allowing it to portray Singapore as a “democracy” to the world.

Russia has many “opposition” parties in Parliament too, all of which are directly or indirectly controlled by President Vladimir Putin. In Singapore, the continued charade of a fake opposition party masquerading itself as a “credible” opposition in Parliament will only serve to entrench PAP rule for many years to come.


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