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How Weng Fan: Sylvia Lim is “hopeless” !!!

Posted by temasektimes on October 31, 2018

More dirty linen from the Workers’ Party continued to be aired out for public view in the latest proceedings of the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) trial during which its former deputy secretary How Weng Fan described its Chairman Sylvia Lim as being “hopeless” in a phone conversation recorded in 2016 with a KPMG executive!


Ms How also accused Ms Lim of being “inexperienced” and “so scared of everything”, adding that the town council would “sure die” under her watch.

Parts of the conversation were read out by Mr Davinder Singh, with Ms How saying that Ms Sylvia Lim, AHTC’s chairperson and WP chairman, was a “hopeless” town council chairperson who was . She added that the town council would “sure die” under Ms Lim’s watch.

She also blamed Ms Lim for her husband’s death in 2015:

“You know, I had to lose my husband in the process. I think you read in the papers you should know. And because of her.”

When asked by Mr Singh who is the “her”, Ms How answered “Sylvia”:

“My husband was under a lot of pressure. We went through a lot of hell having to set up the town council properly, amidst all the problems that we had and at the end of the day we deal with audit, then AGO, then we have to deal with audit again, PwC, and nobody wants to listen to the problems we were facing and going through and at the end of the day, the town council accepts the AGO’s report just like that. Which cannot.”

How’s damning testimony put the already embattled Sylvia Lim in a bad spotlight with many Singaporeans harboring doubts about her handling of the takeover of AHTC such as appointing a completely new and inexperienced company FMSS to take over the town council without calling for an open tender.

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