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GP Ho Ting Fei wants full CPF payout at 70

Posted by temasektimes on February 26, 2019

A respected General Practitioner Dr Ho Ting Fei has written to the Straits Times Forum suggesting that CPF Board returns the entire CPF savings of Singaporeans in full at the age of 70.

Dr Ho Ting Fei

In her letter published on 23 Feb, Dr Ho took issue with Manpower Minister Josephine Teo’s recent explanation in Parliament that the CPF payout age is set automatically at 70 as some holders want to earn extra interest.

Dr Ho argued that the payout should start at 65 automatically instead since according to Teo, there is no advantage for the CPF Board to hold on to the savings of Singaporeans:

“So why not make payouts automatically start at 65, or even earlier, especially since Mrs Teo said there was no advantage for the CPF Board or the Government to want members to defer payouts beyond 65? Let those who need the money receive it, and the rest can opt for the deferred payout and enjoy the attractive interest rate.”

She added that there are also compelling reasons for not extending the final payout age beyond 70 as according to the Department of Statistics (SingStat), the survival rates for Singapore residents drop steeply after 70.

“The payout at age 70 should include the entire Retirement Sum. The CPF Board should not hold on to the sums of every person who turns 70 and dispense it in monthly portions over the next 23 years until the person turns 93,” she wrote.

The constant changing of rules and shifting of goalposts by the CPF Board has caused much angst and anger among elderly Singaporeans, many of whom depend on their CPF savings to fund their retirement needs.

The PAP is able to force such an unpopular policy down the throats of Singaporeans because of the lack of an effective opposition in Parliament to serve as a check on its autocratic rule, enabling it to do as it likes and wishes to with no accountability or transparency.

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Unrepentant Melissa Faith Yeo lashed back at critics: I don’t engage with illogical empty vessels!

Posted by temasektimes on February 25, 2019

After maintaining a “noble silence” for days, embattled Singaporean model Melissa Faith Yeo has finally emerged out of “hiding” to launch a tirade at her critics on social media.

Melissa was widely lampooned by netizens for posting the particulars of an elderly Grab driver on her Facebook page and attacking him mercilessly for being late for 24 minutes.

When advised by fellow netizens to let the matter rest because of his age, she retorted curtly:

“So what if he is elderly. Old age privilege should never be a thing.”

Her insensitive remarks sparked a further outcry with many netizens attacking her for being disrespectful to the elderly.

Instead of apologizing for her remarks, Melissa appears unrepentant and attacks her critics.

Besides modelling, Melissa is also a property agent with ERA:

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SMU Don defends Jovina Choi and attacks Abang Kamarruzaman for uploading video

Posted by temasektimes on February 25, 2019

A prominent Singapore Management University (SMU) don Dr Gary Low has lashed out at Gojek driver Abang Kamarruzaman for uploading and sharing his viral video recording the encounter between him and the now infamous passenger Jovina Choi.

In a commentary published in Channel News Asia, Dr Low criticised Abang for infringing on the privacy of Jovina Choi by uploading the video.

He also insinuated that Abang might have done so to win public sympathy and to invite others to judge Jovina:

“Allowed to stew over a couple of days, the memory simply became more distasteful. And the act of uploading is either a manifestation of catharsis or vendetta or both. He must have wanted sympathy from the wider community or endorsement for his actions, and, at the same time, re-probation for that of his passenger’s. In other words, he was inviting judgment.”

He argued that by doing so, Abang has subjected Jovina to unjustified social vilification by the “online mob”.

“Publicising the passenger’s ugly behaviour seems to beget even more ugly behaviour,” he added.

Jovina Choi has yet to apologize to Abang for hurling false accusations that he “kidnapped” her during the fateful journey.

She is reportedly enjoying her life in Australia now and has no plans to return to Singapore soon.

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Ex-NMP Calvin Cheng wants retirement age to be increased to 75

Posted by temasektimes on February 24, 2019

Former nominated MP Calvin Cheng, a well known PAP apologist has proposed increasing the retirement age of Singaporeans to 75!

In a post on his Facebook page, Cheng wrote that the “CPF problem cannot be solved merely by pushing back drawdown dates, or stretching it out.”

According to Cheng, Singaporeans are living “longer” and it is no longer realistic to expect them to retire at the same age as previous generations. As such, they must be prepared to work longer to support themselves in order not to become a burden to the state.

He added:

“People must be encouraged to work longer, since we are also healthier as we age. If people are to live till 90, retirement should not be till at least 70, or even 75 for CPF savings to last.”

Perhaps Cheng is not aware of government statistics which show that survival rates of Singaporeans decrease sharply after 70 years old and though we may be living longer, we may not be necessarily in the best state of health to continue working in a job which pays a decent living wage.

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Sexy model Melissa Yeo rants at elderly Grab driver: “So what if he is an old man?” Next

Posted by temasektimes on February 23, 2019

A sexy Singaporean model Melissa Faith Yeo has ranted at an elderly Grab driver for making her wait for 24 minutes for her ride.

Melissa with her Caucasian boyfriend

In a post on her Facebook, she also posted the driver’s photo and particulars to shame him.

When exhorted by a netizen to let the matter rest because of the driver’s age, she retorted in a curt tone:

“So what if he is an old man? Old people privilege should never be a thing!”

Her post has since been removed by Facebook as it breached its “community standards”:

Here is a snapshot of her original post:

However Grab claims that there was no booking made under her name:

Her insensitive post sparked an outcry with many netizens lampooning her on her Facebook:

The comments have not been deleted yet, guess that all publicity is good publicity especially for one with limited fame.

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Cedar Girls School clarifies: Girl in sex video not our “current” student

Posted by temasektimes on February 18, 2019

The girl in Cedars’ Girls School uniform who was filmed having anal sex with a man on a HDB staircase is not a “current” student of the school.

In a Facebook reply to The Temasek Times, the admin of the school’s Facebook page wrote:

It added that the police is now investigating the matter and it will not comment on it further.

The video has been circulating in Singapore forums for the past one week before we reported on it which prompted the authorities to take action.

Under Singapore law, it is a criminal offence to sex with a girl below the age of 16 and to share obscene materials with another person.

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Police report lodged against Jovina Choi for making false accusation of being kidnapped!

Posted by temasektimes on February 18, 2019

A police report was lodged last week by a concerned Singaporean against controversial Go-jek passenger Jovina Choi:

The report accused Jovina Choi of ‘misleading’ the police by shouting that she was ‘kidnapped’ by the Malay driver.

Jovina has been maintaining a low profile since she returned from Taiwan last week.

Though she initially told the state media she is contemplating taking further action, she had not attended the interview with LTA yet.

There were unverified rumors going around in cyberspace that she has resigned from her job as a paralegal at the Singapore Academy of Law and is now in Australia.

It is not known if the police will investigate the report as it is made by a third party and the driver had already indicated he will not pursue the matter.

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Video of girl in Cedar girls uniform having anal sex circulating in Singapore forums!

Posted by temasektimes on February 17, 2019

A video of a young girl in Cedar girls secondary school uniform having anal sex with an older man has been circulating in the Singapore bikes forum and Hardwarezone forum in the past one week.

In the 30 minutes video, the man could be heard laughing as he pumped the girl from behind while she moaned loudly in ecstasy.

It is understood that the principal of Cedar girls secondary school Cheng Hwee Yeang was aware of the video, but has not commented publicly on it yet.

However, the state media reported that the girl in the video is not a current student of Cedar girls secondary school.

It is a criminal offence in Singapore to have sex with a girl below the age of 16 years old and to distribute pornographic materials.

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Chan Chun Sing admonished Jovina Choi’s racist remark: “Is it because I am Chinese?”

Posted by temasektimes on February 16, 2019

Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing has weighed in on the controversy involving an altercation between a Malay Go-jek driver and a Chinese female passenger Jovina Choi over a $1.50 ERP fee which ended with the latter muttering the now infamous remark – “Is it because I am Chinese?”

Responding to a question from the audience after a public forum on Friday, Chan called the remark a “classic statement”:

“We may laugh at it. But sometimes, whenever pressure comes to the crunch, people fall to certain markers of their identity which perhaps reveal certain things that we should be aware of.”

Chan added that if this remark was made back in the 1960s, there would have been “very different consequences”.

That was when racial riots broke out due to tensions between the ethnic Chinese and ethnic Malays.

Jovina Choi’s overt racist statement has prompted some netizens to call for her to be investigated under the Sedition Act. However, as no police report was made against her, she is allowed to remain scot-free.

Jovina Choi is rumoured to be currently in Australia where she is looking for a job after resigning from her position as a paralegal at the Singapore Academy of Law.

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Rumour: Jovina Choi has resigned from her job and plans to find work in Australia

Posted by temasektimes on February 15, 2019

According to unverified rumours circulating in cyberspace, Singapore’s unofficial CNY ‘celebrity’ Jovina Choi has resigned from her job in Singapore and is planning to relocate to Australia!

Jovina Choi shot into fame after she was caught on video in an altercation with a Gojek driver over a $1.50 ERP which she refused to pay during which she falsely accused him of ‘kidnapping’ her and discriminating her because she is Chinese.

Her antics sparked a massive public outcry with many Singaporeans condemning her and poking fun at her with memes featuring her.

In an unverified post on hardwarezone forum, one former claimed that she has resigned from the Singapore Academy of Law where she was working as a paralegal:

Another added that Jovina is feeling stressed with all the public attention she is getting from her ‘fame’ and is seeking a change in environment in Australia where she has relatives and friends.

Jovina has supposedly returned from Taiwan and is scheduled to have an interview with LTA regarding the incident.

However, there has been no news about her since her last email interview with the state media in which she insists there is ‘no misunderstanding to begin with’.

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