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Sexy model Melissa Yeo rants at elderly Grab driver: “So what if he is an old man?” Next

Posted by temasektimes on February 23, 2019

A sexy Singaporean model Melissa Faith Yeo has ranted at an elderly Grab driver for making her wait for 24 minutes for her ride.

Melissa with her Caucasian boyfriend

In a post on her Facebook, she also posted the driver’s photo and particulars to shame him.

When exhorted by a netizen to let the matter rest because of the driver’s age, she retorted in a curt tone:

“So what if he is an old man? Old people privilege should never be a thing!”

Her post has since been removed by Facebook as it breached its “community standards”:

Here is a snapshot of her original post:

However Grab claims that there was no booking made under her name:

Her insensitive post sparked an outcry with many netizens lampooning her on her Facebook:

The comments have not been deleted yet, guess that all publicity is good publicity especially for one with limited fame.

3 Responses to “Sexy model Melissa Yeo rants at elderly Grab driver: “So what if he is an old man?” Next”

  1. Ttm said

    Has she commit suicide yet !? Wait this is Singapore .

  2. This is just another bitch woman like Joivina Choi who likes to create problem for Private Hire Vehicle. Should banned all these trouble maker from taking Pte Hire Vehicle.

  3. I gotta bookmark this website it seems invaluable invaluable

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