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61 years old die-hard PAP supporter shocked that CPF staff asked him to “save” to top up his CPF

Posted by temasektimes on March 3, 2019

A die-hard PAP supporter Christopher Peirera got the shock of his life when he was told by a CPF staff to start “saving” to top up his CPF savings!

Christopher, who was known for making figurines of the late PAP Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew went to the CPF Board lately to enquire about his monthly CPF payouts when he reached 65 years old.

He was told he needed to have at least $171,000 in his retirement account to get a monthly payout of $458 for 28 years.

When he remarked that $458 monthly is not enough to pay for his expenses, he was told by the CPF counter staff to start saving up!

Christopher was clearly traumatized by his encounter and posted on his Facebook page saying that “looking beyond the future, it seems not promising.”

According to a PAP Minister, Singaporeans currently draw an average of $355 monthly from their CPF retirement account from 65 years old which is insufficient to survive in high cost Singapore, forcing many poor elderly to continue working till they drop dead.

Being disillusioned and disappointed by the PAP, Christopher has since switched his support to the Workers Party and making figurines of its former Secretary-General Low Thia Kiang:


5 Responses to “61 years old die-hard PAP supporter shocked that CPF staff asked him to “save” to top up his CPF”

  1. As everyone had said before:PAP=pay and pay. Now you know the reason why People says PAY AND PAY.

  2. Just curious said

    I think there is a miscommunication between this guy and the cpf staff . The maths truly dun add up .For 171k , no way will get 400+ only there is even lower thn basic sum

  3. Lin Ah Shui said

    Christopher for Heaven’s sake don’t make LTK figurine but JBJ, the founder. This Low is hopeless. Do nothing and get his fat MP allowance every month. Now he is in trouble for mismanaging a town council. He thought switch to Sylvia Lim then he can escape. Whereas JBJ is a fighter to the end.

  4. Albert said

    171000 for 458 monthly are we drawing the interest from 171000 fixed deposit with CPF? 458 true or not?

  5. Albert said

    458 is interest from 171000? Confused true or false?

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