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Police: Nicholas Lim has high likelihood of ‘rehabilitation’ and was ‘remorseful’

Posted by temasektimes on April 23, 2019

After maintaining a strange silence for four days over the public disquiet in the NUS sex scandal during which a NUS male student Nicholas Lim from Chemical Engineering was let off the hook literally by the law for filming a fellow student showering in hostel, the police has issued a statement to defend its decision to give him only a 12 month conditional warning.

Despite widespread public disgust over the light “punishment” received by the student, the police is adamant that its decision not to recommend prosecution is correct.

It explained that Nicholas was assessed to have a “high likelihood of rehabilitation” and was “remorseful”. In addition, no other obscene materials are found on his devices.”

“A prosecution, with a possible jail sentence, will likely ruin his entire future, with a permanent criminal record….The approach in this case is consistent with the approach taken in other cases…where conditional warnings have been given,” it added.

However, it failed to address why many other first time offenders including some NTU students were jailed without giving them a second chance. Perhaps they are deemed not “remorseful” enough and have a low likelihood of rehabilitation.

It also did not explain why NUS pedophile who filmed children relieving themselves in toilets on multiple occasions with multiple videos found on his devices in 2016 was only given a 24 month conditional warning without being charged in court.

With such a half-baked response to protect the offender instead of the victim, the police appears to be sending a message to would be perverts that they will be dealt with leniently under the law so long they have a bright future ahead of them which must not be ruined with a criminal charge.

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