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NUS warned victim of voyeurism not to pursue case as pervert has a bright future!

Posted by temasektimes on April 26, 2019

In a shocking exposure of how NUS dealt with perverts on its campus, one victim of voyeurism revealed that she was warned by NUS not to pursue the case!

NUS was forced to hold a townhall meeting yesterday with students to address their concerns about its handling sexual misconduct cases on its campus following a massive public outcry over the light punishment it meted out on a voyeur Nicholas Lim Jun Kai who was caught filming another student showering.

During the meeting, one man read a powerful personal statement from his friend, who was also the victim of a voyeur in a residential college bathroom. She reported it and nothing happened. Then another young woman was violated in the same way.

NUS Office of Campus Security gave the young woman a rape whistle and NUS Counsellors warned her in a demeaning tone not to report the case to give the man who committed the violation a chance for “rehabilitation” as if it was her fault.

“I was utterly failed by the administration… Overall there is a systemic failure in the way that NUS handles these cases… NUS leadership does not understand the trauma that victims face.”

She added that her friends now wait for her to shower in the communal toilets and that she is wracked with anxiety and fear.

“I’m angry, scared, and most importantly I no longer feel safe here.”


One Response to “NUS warned victim of voyeurism not to pursue case as pervert has a bright future!”

  1. Seiko Spore said

    Extremely and very disappointed with NUS and the Police!!!

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