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GP Lui Weng Sun charged for touching nipple of 24 year old female patient

Posted by temasektimes on August 20, 2019

A 46 year old General Practitioner Lui Weng Sun was charged in court today for molesting a 24 year old female patient during a consultation.

Dr Lui Weng Sun of The Family Practice@Skyville

He is accused of pulling down a bra cup of the woman, whose identity is protected by gag order, placing a stethoscope on her left breast, and touching her nipple with his finger.

The incident is said to have occurred at Northeast Medical Group clinic in Block 39, Jalan Tiga at 2.42pm on Nov 6, 2017.

The female patient consulted Lui for flu and fever and was shocked when he pulled down her bra cup and touched her nipple.

When confronted by the woman’s boyfriend over the phone. Lui said he needs to pull down her bra and touch her breasts in order to check her “things” inside.

However, he was not convinced by the explanation and lodged a police report the next day.

If found guilty of using criminal force to outrage the woman’s modesty, Lui could be jailed for up to two years, fined, caned, or given any combination of such penalties.

According to a Northeast Medical Group spokesperson, Lui is no longer employed by the group since the incident. A check on the SMC Register of doctors reveals that Lui is currently working at:

The Family Practice@Skyville

85 Dawson Road


Singapore 141085

One Response to “GP Lui Weng Sun charged for touching nipple of 24 year old female patient”

  1. Whatever happened to journalist standards in Singapore? Published an article that drags a mans name and career through the slime and the mud but never gave him a chance to defend himself.

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