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PRC FT raped 5 Singaporean girls between ages of 14 and 19

Posted by temasektimes on August 20, 2019

A 31 year old PRC FT raped 5 teenage Singaporean girls between last September and June this year on a monthly basis!

According to reports from the state media, the rapist Lin Rongxin first raped an 18 year old girl in a cubicle of a man’s toilet in an industrial building in September las year.

He also raped a 14 year old girl in October and performed oral sex forcefully on another girl of the same age the following month.

Despite his horrific crimes, Lin was only arrested by the police last month which enabled him to rape another three girls.

2 Responses to “PRC FT raped 5 Singaporean girls between ages of 14 and 19”

  1. HoChingy said

    Typical PRC, Chinese

  2. Clever Tan said

    What the fuck is Singapore police doing?Everyday sit down in police station shake legs wait for payday come is it? How can PRC idiot come to Singapore to rape girls?I really look down on Singapore police. Singapore police must get someone to explain to the public why Singpore police so stupid.

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