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Drug abuser Dr Damien Yeo Eng Hui from TTSH given only warning for consuming methamphetamine

Posted by temasektimes on September 13, 2019

A doctor working at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital Emergency Department was given only a stern police warning for taking methamphetamine instead of the usual custodial jail term!

Methamphetamine abuser Dr Yeo Eng Hui is currently working as a Resident Physician at TTSH Emergency Department

According to the Straits Times, Dr Yeo was arrested by the Central Narcotics Bureau on 1 Aug 2017 for MULTIPLE drug offences such as taking methamphetamine and being in possession of 2.69g of meth, 3 tablets of Nimetazepam and drug-taking utensils, including a lighter, cut straws and a syringe.

He was only given a stern warning in lieu of prosecution and spent four months in a Drug Rehabilitation Center.

Offenders convicted of methamphetamine consumption can be jailed for up to 10 years and fined up to $20,000.

Dr Yeo’s lawyer argued at a disciplinary tribunal held by the Singapore Medical Council that he committed the offences in a moment of folly due to work pressures and pleaded guilty at the earliest occasion.

Previous offenders such as founder Stuart Koe and metro scion Ong Jenn were charged in court and jailed for consuming and possessing the drug.

The disciplinary tribunal did not even suspend Dr Yeo and only “demoted” his registration status from a doctor with full registration to one with conditional registration where conditions and restrictions upon his practice are imposed.

To compound matters, TTSH appears to make light of his offence by re-employing him as a resident physician at its Emergency Department till 28 December 2021. In contrast, blogger Roy Ngerng was sacked immediately by TTSH for surfing the internet during office hours after he was sued for defamation by PM Lee in 2015.

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