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EXPOSED: Was Ramesh’s “apology” was staged?

Posted by temasektimes on October 31, 2019

JP Morgan Director Ramesh Erramalli’s “apology” was staged as a PR stunt to placate public fury, according to an insider source.

A day after the video went viral, the Association of Certified Security Agencies issued a stern statement condemning Ramesh and asking the Attorney-General to press charges.

Notice the stark difference in tone 3 days later:

Steven was supposedly on duty from 7pm to 7am the next day on 30 October 2019. At about 4pm, he received a call from his manager asking him to have an early dinner and meet at the management office for a “briefing” at 6pm.

When he arrived, he was met by Mr Thomas and Mr Gary Harris from the Association of Certified Security Agencies who informed him that Ramesh would be dropping by the office later to resolve the issue and his duties during his absence would be covered by another colleague.

Steven was advised to put his handphone away and all he needs to do is to listen and Mr Thomas will do all the talking on his behalf. No photos were taken at the meeting. If Ramesh had indeed made up with Steven, why wasn’t a photo taken showing both of them smiling and shaking hands?

At 7pm, journalists from SPH and Mediacorp gathered at the condominium’s guard house entrance as if they were waiting for some major announcements and even took photos of Steven, Thomas and Gary:

The entire meeting lasted about 50 minutes. Steven was advised not to divulge details of the meeting and not to speak to the press. The other security guards were also warned not to post anything about the meeting on their social media accounts or to tell a third party.

One hour after the meeting Ramesh’s “apology” was published simultaneously in all the major newspapers at about the same time in a coordinated media blitz.

If Ramesh is really sincere in his apology, he should have visited the guard house to apologize to Steven in person shortly after the incident. Why did he take so long to do so and somemore accompanied by two outsiders?

Furthermore, Ramesh did not pen the apology himself which was broadcast to the public via a third party. It appeared a script was prepared beforehand and the “apology” was meant for the public rather than for Steven.

We want to hear Ramesh’s apology in his OWN WORDS. Anything less is insincere, fake and unacceptable!

11 Responses to “EXPOSED: Was Ramesh’s “apology” was staged?”

  1. Guesser said

    Maybe elections is coming and this issue needs to be forgotten asap so that oppies cannot use this as ammunition.

  2. AWINZ OMAR said

    Just that.So easy like it sounds.How bout humiliation thrown at us Local citizens as we only home like HDB and not 1.5 million condo like he says.At what after this,will the authority check on all his papers wherether it’s A Bogus one or more out there.We strongly condemn the cECa aggrement as we need space for job availability not by letting more influx of rubbish from the third world Rapies Arrogant Countries like his.Get charge and deportation is the best.Let him stay in more than 1.5 million Prison facilities 😠😠

  3. Allfake said

    Can already smell the stench of one gahment authority with 3 initials once I read the news. Its the same technique that this gahment authority uses when one religious preacher condemns another religion & then it goes viral, so this gahment authority steps in with the very heavily orchestrated religious preacher who slandered with a news angle that he went to seek out the accused party offering an apology, all with a big smiling face. Exactly the same technique. Cannot fool us locals too many times.

  4. Heng Too Seah said

    Ramesh, Dont fxxk if u can’t pay $10 fxxking fee. Fxxk off out of Sg & return to your India mountain where u can fxxk Indian gals on the street everyday

  5. Richard said

    No amount of apology would negate the fact that a high powered Corporate executive has abused his powers and position to openly bully a lowly security guard who was actually pretty high up in hierarchy. Imagine what a guy like Ramesh will do to his block cleaners and lowly security officers?

    What has Thomas and Gary Haris to gain from helping a low life like Ramesh saved his job and AxxE.

    Where is our beloved Minister Tharman in this stages applogy? Ain’t he supposedly behind and strongly support security officers like Steven?

    Why taking a step for Ramesh whose Indian qualifications seem suspicious in the first place? I would urged everyone to stop dealing with JP Morgan unless they fire Ramesh abc sent him home to his village in India.

  6. Eli45 said

    Scan his credentials and education back ground, if is fake, report to MOM, CPIB n Immigration.

    Our govt shouldn’t give mercy on him even his wife family ties sponsorship citizen for him.

    Hope our govt step in n investigate his credentials and education back ground.

    Our govt must protect our local graduates n fresh graduates. Because they come to our country n snatch their rice bowl. End out our local study so hard in nus, etc, to earn their credentials with the geninue educations still can’t get any good pay job.

  7. Lau Sai Bing said

    This is victimizing the victim. Uncle Steven kena called in to report to work earlier. Ordered to keep quiet. Let them put words in his mouth. To “accept” the fake apology.
    Uncle Steven is the victim. Let him speak. Let him decide if he accepts any apologies.
    Shame on the manager and the agency. You are supposed to look after the guard, not victimize them.

    • Kamala said

      All scared lah what else? Condo management already supporting this kind of behaviour, who knows most of the condo residents from same company so management scared they all go to other condo.

  8. Derek Siow said

    I’m an ex police investigator from SPF … Had watch the video footage for many times … Such Character & Behaviour can not be tolerance & forgives. If Ramesh is sincere enough … He should make a “ Press Conference “ apology in public on Channel News Asia … Thus, I would says he is sincere enough to renew his mistake done against the Security & to all Singaporeans. As a Singaporean Citizen , We all are humiliated by his words of statement over the viral video had spread across the entire Singapore Social Media . The police department should press charges against him in Court & let the judge to decide in due course. Thanks

  9. Putang ina mo said

    Shame on kh security manager and company. As long got agencies like them for sure we security officers will suffer being bullied by this pundek mfx

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