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Chinese university cancelled Japanese AV porn star’s lecture due to ‘safety concerns’

Posted by temasektimes on March 7, 2012

The much anticipated lecture in ‘sexology’ by Japanese porn actress Hotaru Akanei in Central China Normal University has been cancelled due to ‘safety concerns’, according to a report by Wuhan Evening News.

Akanei was earlier invited by Peng Xiaohui, a sexology professor to give a lecture during the course “Introduction of Sexology.”

“Since we cannot stop or refuse anyone into our classroom, even if we have tried everything we can to maintain safety, it is still very difficult to keep the classroom in order and the audience safe,” Peng wrote in a statement.

A well-known figure in the Japanese porn industry, Akanei quitted in 2008 to become an AIDS prevention campaigner. She reportedly met Peng online half a yer ago and was going to pay him a visit in March.

Akanei has made several appearances in Mainland China after associating herself with different AIDS prevention groups where she is said to have donated 5,000 condoms to them at the end of last December.


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Is Stephen Hawking a frequent visitor of Sex Clubs in Califonia?

Posted by temasektimes on February 26, 2012

The recent strings of sex scandals involving a MP, top civil servants and teachers have captured the attention of many Singaporeans who wonder if the moral compass of the nation has gone wrong, but put into a larger context, it appears sexual urge is a basic human instinct, more so in males who often think with their ‘little head’ below rather than the one above, even for one of the world’s smartest man – renowned physicist Stephen Hawking.

Hawkings may be afflicted with the crippling  Lou Gehrig’s disease which left him wheel-chair bound since his early 20s, but that still doesn’t stop him for having some kinky fun now and then.

According to Radar Online, Hawkings is a regular visitor of Devore, California sex club.

“I have seen Stephen Hawking at the club more than a handful of times….He arrives with an entourage of nurses and assistants. Last time I saw him he was in the back ‘play area’ laying on a bed fully clothed with two naked women gyrating all over him,” it reported quoting an anonymous source.

Well, for all of Hawkings’ sexual peccadilloes, it doesn’t stop him from writing classic works like ‘A Brief History of Time’ and ‘The Nature of Space and Time.’

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Father donates sperm to let son and daughter-in-law have children

Posted by temasektimes on November 30, -0001

After three years of trying to conceive with his wife, a man in his early thirties, has turned to his own father to provide the sperm.

This means the child produced from this union of egg and sperm will have a ‘father’ who is his biological half-brother and a ‘grandfather’ who is his biological father.

The couple, who live in the Netherlands, have found a clinic which will honour their unusual request.

Though not common, donations of sperm, egg or womb from family members to couples trying to conceive are not technically illegal, and do happen.

While such arrangements have potential advantages over using donations from strangers, they do bring their own set of complications, such as confusion over who the child’s parent is, say researchers in the journal Human Reproduction.

There are varying views on the issue, but most experts agree so-called intrafamilial assisted reproduction should not necessarily be banned, and can perhaps work in some circumstances.

However, any couples who decided to enter this territory should tread carefully, say experts.

‘I don’t know that laws should encompass forbidding intrafamilial donation,’ said Adrienne Asch, director of the Center for Ethics at Yeshiva University in New York City.

But couples who request it ‘should be very carefully counseled about the psychological pitfalls that could await them,’ said Asch.

Couples may turn to family members to assist with reproduction for many reasons.

Some, like the couple in the Netherlands, want to have a genetic tie with their child.

Others may wish to cut down on the time and money needed for the procedure, according to a position statement from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

However, one concern in these situations is that the person who donates will want to act as a parent to the child.

In the case of the couple from the Netherlands, the ‘grandfather’ may find it hard to resist inserting himself into the family, said Arthur Caplan, bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania.

Another concern is whether someone in the family is being manipulated or pressured to go along with the arrangement.

‘For example, a daughter may feel obligated to donate eggs or be a traditional surrogate to her remarried mother because she is still financially dependent on her or because her mother is especially controlling,’ the ASRM said.

Through counseling sessions with the couple from the Netherlands and the soon-to-be grandfather and grandmother, the researchers concluded that everyone seemed to have made their own, deliberate decision.

Source: Daily Mail

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