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13 Responses to “Contributors”

  1. Paul Thong said

    It’s time to bring this matter to a close. All the cries for blood will do no one any good especially for us Singaporeans.

    Firstly we must understand that our government doled out these scholarships with ulterior motives and not for altruistic reasons. As many would have expected, publicly funded scholarships are or should be given to deserving students who would otherwise not be able to enjoy a good tertiary education. If given to overseas students then surely the poorer countries with limited education facilities should be the one targeted. Upon graduation these scholars must be returned to their own countries to help in their development. In this way Singapore, in the eyes of these people, would be seen as a sincere, generous and helpful neighbour and friend.

    But when it is done as a solution to our declining birth rate and selectively enough to maintain the racial status quo, then you tell me how would they view our intentions? When tops schools each year compete with one another to send out their recruiters to selected countries to scout for ‘meritorious’ students so that they (the schools) can maintain or improve on their ranking. (Note: neighbourhood schools do not have this privilege!) For scholarships up to ‘A’ level there are no bonds required. These targeted prestigious schools overseas are naturally also schools where the rich and influential professionals, businessmen, civil servants and politicians send their children. They are people who can afford to send their children overseas on their own and many will do so after this useful stint in Singapore.

    Sure…education in Singapore is considered world class and it’s free (to them scholars), throw in return air tickets every 2 years, free school fees, board and lodging, pocket money and MOE officers and school teachers specially designated to look after their welfare! Oh yes also free English tuition to help them level up with our locals. So will they not grab at our scholarships offers? But at the end of the day will they be grateful to us?

    Now you know why we end up with the likes of Sun Xu and many others who after enjoying our largesse still turn around and scoff at us? Yes they view us as being hard up thinking we can lure them with peanuts! So you think they will have respect for us?

    But then why do I think we should just forgive and forget? Yes we are only a little red dot…no hinterland and natural resources to talk about. We don’t even have the land and airspace to train our army and air force. So what we are No. 3 in per capita GDP. How vulnerable is our economy to what’s happening elsewhere in ASEAN, Asia and the world? Don’t many of our people have to travel to China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia to do their business and run their factories? Don’t many of us still have living relatives in these countries? Don’t we need their cheap labour? Don’t we need their investments…their tourist dollars for our shopping malls and casinos? Don’t we need their paying children in our private and public schools as well as the spin-offs?

    Are we not a first world country with world-class education and a well- educated citizenry? Don’t we pride ourselves as well-mannered and respectable in the eyes of the world? So let us not stoop to the level of those who don’t deserve our graciousness and generosity. But I do appeal to our government to get our priorities right.

    • loopedlogic said

      Totally agree with you, Mr Thong. Let the madness stop, and rise above this drivel to something more noble.

      More sense in your words than TPH’s. Who let him in PAP anyway?

    • Victor said

      Agree with Mr. Tong on the motives of granting these scholarships to foreigners, however, I would like to take a step back before we even come to granting scholarships to these foreign scholars.

      Should we not take care of our very own Singaporeans first? I am sure that there are many students out there who can do well enough but cant afford a university education due to family financial standing. I am sure the government should take care of this group first. I am sure some government officer is gonna respond by providing some statics on the number of such students being granted scholarship, subsidies or being helped in 1 way or another. However, the difference is the process to the assistance. Many are not able to complete the process to be granted such assistance, but…. these foreigners were all GIVEN, ENTICED to accept these scholarship.

      If the government still believes that a good education will be able to help these students get out of the proverty trap, why are we not helping our very own students first?

      Back to basics, if the government knows that our economy needs so many talents, why cant we just increase the student numbers for each intake? Just like a recent sighted article which highlight the hiring of medical doctors from China for work in Singapore Public Health Services.

      I’m sure the ministers who are receiving world class salaries can surely come up with better ideas / strategies which will not compromise the welfare of Singaporeans while attracting foreign talents.

      However, I must admit, I do not see any of these changes taking place with the current batch of ministers we have in our cabinet. They are all pro-foreigners.


  2. Dyksdyks said

    /Appreciate TemasekTimes do not spam my newly created Inbox with Spam/


    1. Thank you for publishing this news. I am a Singaporean.
    If I hadn’t read from your website, I wouldn’t know this had happened.
    Indeed I believe Sun Xu is low on his EQ.
    Be it PRC, Singaporean or any other nationality, I disapprove these people making such unfounded accusations and callous remarks.
    They should provide exact details why they say such things. (Maybe we don’t know, it might be some Singaporeans who antagonise Sun Xu first?)
    With no proof, Sun Xu’s words to me are just plain rubbish. Now Sun Xu has to face the consequences, and I’m sure it’s a lesson he will never forget.

    2. I read about this sentence in the post at the last paragraph. “They are also guaranteed a well-paying job upon graduation as part of their bond …”
    Could you clarify on this part on your website?
    Because based on my understanding and through my interaction back in my University days with scholars of different nationalities (PRC, Vietnam, Indian) :-
    a) There are different kinds of scholarships that MOE offered => typically the bond is about 5 or 6 years
    b) MOE scholarships for foreigners do NOT guaranteed them a job, let alone a well-paying one => they go through the same job application process as locals…send resume, go for interviews etc etc

    3. The only time I heard when jobs are “guaranteed” are:-
    a) when foreigners are offered jobs during/after their internship/attachment to a company/firm => this process is not exclusive to foreigners, Singaporeans are being offered too if they are deemed worthy. Depending on the economy, it’s usually quite difficult to be “guaranteed” a job after internship/attachment.
    b) when a person takes up a specific scholarship from a company/firm (eg. DSO, DBS), they are required to be bonded to that company for 5-6 years. These are generally non-MOE scholarships.

    4. Perhaps Temasek Times would like to clarify what kind of scholarships “guaranteed a well-paying job upon graduation as part of their bond …”
    Is it MOE scholarships or other company/firm scholarships?
    It will be good if Temasek Times can provide more information to help paint a more complete and accurate picture.
    Otherwise, wouldn’t Temasek Times be misrepresenting MOE and misinforming the general public?

    Thank you, and looking forward to see more quality and accurate news!

    p.s. I am NOT from MOE.

    • SS said

      u r not fm MOE, and also not a Singaporean. u don’t seem to know, if u don’t believe what others been saying, then u got to find yr own answer. Not sure then pls don’t comments.

  3. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Prof Tommy Koh’s – What Singapore can learn from Europe

    My fellow Singaporeans, please share/spread this story far and wide. Hope this story open up a few eyes to PAP’s lies and decent. Even if one person changes his vote for the upcoming GE2016 it’s also worth it. PAP has been in power so long that we are totally brainwashed into thinking;

    1) Academic result, not character defines how good a person is at life/work/relationship/family/everything
    2) Money, not creative thinking is everything
    3) health care/transport is privatize instead of universal healthcare/subsidized transport
    (Both are for the public use and should be subsidized by the Government to take care of their boss, after all WE VOTE THEM INTO OFFICE)
    4) Lastly, cheap foreigner labors are good for Singapore

    After I studied aboard and came back to work my homeland, I’m surprised to see the most common response to (failed) Government policies are “Aiya compare to (insert third world country), we already very good liao.”

    Our PAP MP’s are getting FIRST WORLD SALARY. They claim that Singapore is a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY. In fact salaries most MP’s are getting, is more than the president of USA! Yet whenever someone mentions why first world countries have so and so policy to take care of their people and Singapore doesn’t, PAP can only say “Don’t compare Singapore with other First world countries!!”

    It really takes GENERATIONS of brain-washing from the PAP to achieve this. So please we have to open the eyes of the 60.1% to take back our beloved land before it’s too late!

    • Aiyoh...Aiyoh. said

      Fully agree…. Please the 60.1% (maybe over 50% for true blue Singaporeans), please wake up or else it’s going to be too late (comes 2016)…too much (sacrifices) and too little (benefits) or all true Singaporeans. SO please wake up wake up wakeup…..

      • Francischuanghli said

        Yap, yap yap,Yap yap yap. PAP, Pick A Peanut made monkey. Tricky monkey acts get peanut. They gotten peanut of coz have to act MONKEY.

    • ss said

      well said Fed up. agree with you. I am a working mother with hearing impair gal whom are now 3+ year. AVT in hospital advise to sent her to special school in Salim Road, coz, her speach is really slow now. I have called the school, was told that regulation required us to go through (CEL) central of enable living. so, went back to hospital and gotten the help from AVT, and was told that a social worker was assign; then social worker given a appt. date at least 3 weeks of waiting. Called to change app due to last min i need to admit to hospital, then called to change appt, kept calling and left message, noone from that socail worker department call back and not even able to leave message. then social worker manage to squeze out her time to see us coz, i purposely took a day off to get my gal AVT follow up and at the same time to wait for social worker. Was told to wait for at least one or two months to get into the school. After one month of submission of my documents and application, social worker told me is done, so, i called school, school told me they don’t have my gal application. Called social worker, she said not done and need to see a general doctor for report. I ask her why can’t the doctor that seen my daughter to write the report. and by seeing a doctor, we need to take time off from work and pay to see doctor just to get the report. was told is the requirement to ensure the child is able to attend school. it really amaze me with all this inefficient process that i have to go through. Already exhauted and dishearted to have a child with hearing impair, and we did not even submit to get subsidy, the process is super abnormal and not humane. We are paying and keep on paying for the hospital. plus i have another daughter whom are normal needed to attend normal school too. Inflation and with everything increases and increases. also my health is also not going well due to the home stress and work stress, lately, i have the thought of ending our life to stop this suffering for staying in Singapore. The current government do nothing but earning high pay and suck our hard earn money without doing any good to us singaporean.
      REASON i wrote this is to share my own experience and how government import FT and paid for them with us Tax payer money. But, they have forgotten about family like mine with children with impairment that also needed their support. FT nvr ask for financial help, they give without any problem. Whereas, i did not ask them to pay for my daughter school fee; and yet, i have to go through all trouble and they really make it so difficult for us native singaporean to survive in our homeland.

      • Flora Tan said

        To SS, sorry to hear your plight. Why not call up local newspapers like The New Paper or Sin Ming Daily and tell them your story. Once your story is publicised, tonnes of efficient help will be rendered to you very very soon.

      • SS said

        Thank you Flora, This will only ease one problem that I am facing. I strongly believe that there are more such families having the same problem like mine, but what more can I alone do to wake those sleeping MP up. High pay high salary. Young and carry branded goods. Get them to produce more baby. we commone with peanuts salary can’t. Only thing is wait for our current government face us out of singapore and let those FT be the native singaporean.
        Why and what our government are waiting?

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