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EXPOSED: CGH ‘pervert’ doc Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen is only a resident physician, NOT a specialist

Posted by temasektimes on March 30, 2012

Contrary to earlier media reports that Dr Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen is a ‘specialist’ in Geriatric Medicine at Changi General Hospital, he is only a resident physician, albeit a ‘senior’ one.

Dr Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen pleaded guilty two days ago for outrage of modest of a NUS student by exposing his genitals to her while dressed in the female uniform of Victoria Junior College in broad daylight in 2010.

He reportedly also exposed himself to another girl who agreed to compound the offence in return for a compensation of $5,000.

The case shocked many Singaporeans who asked if Dr Ivan Ngeow, a Malaysian who obtained his medical degree from the University of Melbourne in Australia, is still fit to practice as a doctor in Singapore.

Despite the negative publicity surrounding Dr Ivan Ngeow, CGH continues to stand by him whom it described as a ‘key member of the team’, leading some to speculate that he might be a senior consultant whose services are in demand and it will be a great loss if the hospital were to sack him.

However, a check on the website of CGH revealed that Dr Ivan Ngeow has only a basic M.B.B.S degree and not post-graduate degrees like MRCP in order to qualify and work as a geriatrics specialist:

[Source: CGH website]

As such, he does not have the expertise or experience to manage geriatric patients on his own and he has to follow the written orders of qualified specialists.

Since Dr Ivan Ngeow is only a resident physician and is easily replaceable by any doctor with a basic medical degree, it is strange that CGH has gone to such extreme lengths to retain his services even as he is being treated by a psychiatrist for his unusual sexual fetish.

In contrast, Singaporean doctors who committed minor crimes and infringements in the past were asked to leave immediately by their employers without given a chance to explain themselves like the registrar and medical officer who were sacked by NUH after a patient died from pneumonia following a heart valve replacement operation even before an internal audit is completed.


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CGH stands by PERVERT doc Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen: We want to have him here

Posted by temasektimes on March 29, 2012

Despite the recent negative publicity on one of its doctors being charged in court for outrage of modesty of a young female student from NUS, Changi General Hospital (CGH) continues to stand by the side of Malaysian doctor Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen. (pic right)

The 37 year old medical doctor was loitering at a lift lobby in Clementi while donning a school uniform of Victoria Junior College, comprising a top and a skirt. When he caught the attention of the girl, he lifted his skirt in her direction and expose his genitals as the lift doors were closing. A police report was made and Dr Ngeow was arrested the following month.

The NUS student refused to compound the matter and settle it out of court with Dr Ngeow which led to him being charged in court. Besides her, Dr Ngeow also exposed his PRIVATE PARTS to another young female student who settled the matter with him in private with a ‘compensation’ of $5,000.

Dr Ngeow reportedly has been cross-dressing since he was nine years old and is currently seeing a psychiatrist for his condition. However, it is not revealed if he has a history of exposing himself as well.

In a statement released to the media, a CGH spokesperson praised Dr Ngeow for being an ‘excellent’ doctor loved by his colleagues and patients alike and he remained very much ‘part of the team’.

Dr Ngeow is currently working as a Consultant in Geriatric Medicine at CGH and he will need to teach young female medical students on attachment in CGH as required of his position.

Dr Ngeow should consider himself fortunate to be born in Malaysia and not in Singapore. Last year, two Singaporean doctors were SACKED immediately from NUH after a patient died from pneumonia following a heart-valve replacement operation even before an internal audit was convened.


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