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PHOTO: Zaobao mistook Colonel Perry Lim for Colonel Yau Thian Hock and and put wrong photo on its front page and website

Posted by temasektimes on March 11, 2012

Lianhe Zaobao made a big ‘boo-boo’ by putting the wrong photo of Colonel Yau Thian Hock on its front page and website today in an article on Colonel Yau’s resignation as Chairman of National Day Parade 2012 organizing committee:


[Source: MINDEF]

The man is the photo is Colonel Perry Lim Cheng Yeow, Commander of the 3rd Division as pointed out correctly by some amused forumers at Hardwarezone forum:

“fxxking hell, they even put the wrong photo of COL Yau in the news report. That person whom was featured is COL Perry Lim.” – ilovesupermarts

“The picture is wrong. I was stunned when I saw BG perry lim picture and I thought he resigned. Then I realised is another guy.” – 2359 hrs

“ZB journalist simple thing also can get wrong. Seriously doubt whatever else they say.” – sgOne

The photo has since been taken down on


Unfortunately, nothing can be done on the thousands of hard copies of Lianhe Zaobao sold this morning with Colonel Perry Lim’s face mistakenly on the front page.



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