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5 Choa Chu Kang families have NO ISSUES with pinoy drumming

Posted by temasektimes on April 17, 2012

The ‘pinoy drummer’ saga may have sparked a massive outcry in cyberspace, but Choa Chu Kang residents seem to be taking it in their stride, at least according to five families interviewed by a local English tabloid.

For weeks, a Filipino teenager Kenneth Milana (pic left) has been irritating residents living in Block 608 Choa Chu Kang Street 62 with his loud drumming and blast music despite repeated requests from neighbors and HDB officers to lower his volume.

He eventually ‘compromised’ by limiting his playing hours to between 12 – 1pm and 6 – 7pm each day, but according to one resident Chong Liling who posted on MP Alex Yam’s Facebook, though the playing frequency has decreased, the volume has gone up by a notch.

However, two neighbors who were quoted in the tabloid claimed otherwise.

“We all have the right to play what we want in our own home as long as we don’t break the regulations set by HDB.” – Valerie Ng

“We can put up with it. We are staying in a flat after all. We have to try to be understanding.” – Sapurah Suib

In an interview with the tabloid, Mr Alex Yam said he was concerned about the discussion becoming focused on locals versus foreigners.

“People assume it’s because of a lack of integration, but that is really not the issue here. This is about a noise disturbance that needs to resolved by people being willing to engage each other,” he added.


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