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Nicole Seah’s boyfriend (or husband?) Belmont Lay slams Christians for making police reports against FHM and ‘Escape Chapel Party’ organizers

Posted by temasektimes on April 6, 2012

Nicole Seah’s boyfriend (or husband?) and prominent Yahoo blogger Belmont Lay (left pic) has launched a blistering attack on the Christian community in Singapore for lodging seemingly ‘frivolous’ police reports against FHM Singapore and the organizers of the ‘Escape Chapel Party’ coincidentally on Good Friday.

A month ago, the National National Council of Churches Singapore (NCSS) came out publicly to slam two articles published in the March edition of FHM Singapore which allegedly made fun of Christianity and this week, the Catholic Community was up in arms over an ‘Escape Chapel Party’ which was supposed to be held at CHIJMES tomorrow for using ‘offensive’ publicity materials using girls dressed in short nuns habits.

Belmont sneered at the Christians for ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’ by calling the police when no ‘crime’ has been committed:

“First and foremost, I can never understand why people feel like they have to resort to calling the police, especially when no crime has been committed. If religious people are unhappy with secular event organisers, they should sort it out among themselves privately like adults.”

Belmont also insinuated that Christians have wasted public resources by lodging police reports over the matter:

“The rationale has always been that the police is notified of a problem and they show up to keep the peace and intervene to maintain law and order by arresting culprits and perpetrators of crime. But that is conditional on the fact that there actually exists a crime, or a potential threat of one, that is worth reporting. Any other attempt to get the police involved otherwise, is a waste of taxpayers’ money and an unnecessary strain on resources.”

[Source: Yahoo News]

He ended his tirade by calling on the ‘religious persons’ to leave the police out of such ‘private matters’ next time:

“As a religious person, let’s just assume you’re guaranteed the right to feel offended, although I’m pretty sure not everyone will agree with this….Next time, try to leave the authorities out of things….Especially the police, who should be better off spending their time and precious resources solving real crimes. Let a private matter between citizens be just that — a private matter.”

However, some Yahoo readers questioned if Belmont is being too presumptuous to assume that no laws were broken:

“Obviously you didn’t read the Sedition Act carefully. Oh, wait. Did you know that it even exist, Mr New Nation editor? The only silliness you’ve pointed out is your own ignorance.” – Jay

“I’m sorry, but with all due respect, did you say that ‘no crime has been committed’? Perhaps you are not aware that the Sedition Act has been enforced in Singapore on a few occasions in the last 5 years, even in cases related to online postings.” – Michael

In an earlier statement, the Ministry of Home Affairs has stated explicitly that “there’s no excuse for breaking the law, or for insulting or denigrating any racial group or religion in Singapore”, stressing that it does not condone any behaviour that denigrates any religion in Singapore.

There are no immediate replies from either Belmont Lay or Nicole Seah on the controversy. According to some unverified rumors circulating in cyberspace, they registered their marriage ‘quietly’ last year.


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PHOTOS: BUSTY DJ model Angie Vu Ha

Catholics lodged police report against organizers of ‘Escape Chapel Party’

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‘Escape Chapel Party’ called off after protests from Catholics

Posted by temasektimes on April 4, 2012

The Escape Chapel Party this Saturday at Chijmes has been called off after protests from Catholics who deemed the publicity materials ‘offensive’ and ‘distasteful.’

The party is supposedly helmed by Asia’s Sexiest Supermodel DJ Angie Vu Ha (pic left) longside DJ Martin Dibble, Escape UK resident DJ and host of award-winning radio show Digital Exposure.

The publicity material for the party had depicted sexy models dressed in mini-skirts and nun’s habits, prompting Singapore’s archbishop Nicholas Chia to call for the event to be cancelled entirely.

“Such an event is scandalous to the Church, and should not be held in the chapel,” he was quoted as saying to Yahoo News.

Numerous police reports were also filed against the organizer of the event ‘Creative Insurgence’.

Following a one-hour closed-door meeting between the management of Chijmes and the tenant of Chapel Hall, the venue of the event, on Tuesday, Perennial (Singapore) Retail Management, which manages Chijmes, decided to intervene to prevent the party from happening at its venue.

In response to queries from the media, Director at Creative Insurgence, Aaghir Yadav said:

“Despite our best intentions to move forward – after having apologised for unintentionally offending the Catholic community – and to carry on with an event that aimed to showcase the sounds of one of UK’s most popular recording labels and super-clubs, we will have to cancel the event.”


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Catholics lodged police report against organizers of ‘Escape Chapel Party’

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PHOTOS: BUSTY DJ model Angie Vu Ha coming to Singapore’s ‘Escape Chapel Party’ this Saturday

Posted by temasektimes on April 3, 2012

Angie Vu Ha (born 1 June 1987) is a Vietnamese Model, DJ and Producer. Angie started modeling in the fashion industry when she was 17. Shortly after that a film director discovered her and gave her the leading role in a TV series. Angie is one of a few Vietnamese models who have been given the title of International Super Model.

Not content with that, she decided to look at the music industry. She’s best known as Asia’s Sexiest DJ and recently featured in the Top 10 Sexiest Supermodel DJs in the world.



Angie Vu Ha will be headlining the ‘Escape Chapel Party’ this coming Saturday 7 April at 9pm, CHIJMES Chapel.

View more photos of this stunning beauty on her Facebook here.

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Catholics lodged police reports against organizers of ‘Escape Chapel Party’

Posted by temasektimes on April 3, 2012

Angry Catholics have lodged a series of police reports against the organizers of ‘Escape Chapel Party’ as well as to various ministries including the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Community Development, youth and Sports as well as Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts for ‘insulting’ the Catholic faith.

The event, which was marketed as a ‘sacrilegious night of partying’ had a picture of a model dressed in a nun’s habit and a party dress, alongside other pictures of girls dressed in short skirts. It is supposed to be held this Saturday at the CHIJMES chapel.

Catholics slammed the event and the materials used for its publicity as being ‘offensive’ with Singapore’s archbishop Nicholas Chia calling for the event to be cancelled entirely.

“Such an event is scandalous to the Church, and should not be held in the chapel,” he was quoted as saying to Yahoo News.

However the director of Creative Insurgence Aaghir Yadav which organizes the party, said the event is ‘secular’ in nature.

“We would like to clarify that the images contained no religious symbolism…This also applied to teasers that said nuns will be at the party — we meant the secularised, costume version that contains no religious symbolism. However, in light of these sensitivities we will not be doing this as well,” he added.

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