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VIDEO: Gurmit Singh scolds reality TV show contestants: Don’t be an IDIOT!

Posted by temasektimes on March 16, 2012

MediaCorp artiste Gurmit Singh was heard scolding contestants of a reality TV show – ‘First XI’:




Some responses from Hardwarezone forumers:

“I think he has every right to get angry when people don’t cooperate. If they are paid, then they are not doing their job and he deserve to get angry. If they are free and volunteer, then if you have no heart to help, why bother even showing up to help in the first place? So either way he ask them to go back is valid.” – xiaobai1

“Don’t be an idiot????? by Gurmit Singh. That is too harsh.. even the audience are paid..” – 28VIOA

“I think it’s fair play by Gurmit lor. Those audience are those contestants (ie the potential budding football stars), so this is what they signed up for. As in they play along as the enthusiastic audience in order to be given a chance at the trials. Of course if the audience are really those volunteer people that are just meant to be an audience, then yes, straight away walk out of the stadium after this outburst” – Kiwi8


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