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Khaw Boon Wan attacks Yaw Shin Leong: He is utterly irresponsible and arrogant

Posted by temasektimes on May 17, 2012

PAP Chairman Khaw Boon Wan has fired the first salvo in the election campaign for the Hougang by-election by launching a blistering attack on disgraced ex-WP MP Yaw Shin Leong.

Before his fall from grace, Yaw was considered as a ‘protege’ of WP Chief Low Thia Kiang who has painstakingly groomed him for more than ten years to take over his place in Hougang.

Yaw did not disappoint him by winning Hougang easily last year as Mr Low went on to contest in Aljunied GRC, but less than a year later, Hougang was left without a MP after he was sacked by WP for his failure to address swirling rumors about his alleged extramarital affairs with multiple married women, including two key WP female leaders who contested in the General Election last year.

Speaking to queries from the media at the Nomination Center yesterday, Mr Yaw said it is unfortunate that Mr Low handed over Hougang to an irresponsible man:

“Last year, he moved on and handed it over to Yaw Shin Leong. Unfortunately, Mr Yaw got into trouble, disgraced himself and disappointed all the voters. And the worse thing is leave just like that without a word – not a single word of explanation or apology. I find that utterly irresponsible and in fact, arrogant, taking the voters for granted,” said Mr Khaw.

He also raised serious questions on the internal politics brewing within WP:

“It sounds very complicated and it sounds exciting too for people looking in. One by one, some resign, some get sacked for whatever the reason, some become unhappy with the leadership. It’s too complicated for us. For us, we come to politics to serve. So we have a common cause. So you decide what’s important for Singaporeans and as a party, we stay united.”

The Workers Party appears to be falling apart and imploding from within with a recent spate of resignations and missteps by party members which forced the usually quiet Mr Low to issue a public statement that the party remains ‘united’ and is in no danger of ‘splitting’.



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