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“Champion grumblers” Singaporeans are getting the government they deserve

Posted by temasektimes on November 23, 2017

The late Supreme leader of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew once infamously dismissed Singaporeans as “champion grumblers” condescendingly. Judging from the torrent of criticisms leveled at the PAP and its beleaguered transport minister Khaw Boon Wan online lately, there appears to be an element of truth in his jibe.

A foreigner not familiar with Singapore might get the erroneous impression that Singapore’s ruling PAP will lose the next General election based on the widespread negative comments hurled against it online, but when it comes to the crunch, Singaporeans by and large will still vote for the PAP though they may not really love or support it.

The PAP has ruled Singapore since 1959 and in all elections since 1980, there was never once in which its percentage of votes drop below 60%. Even during the 2011 General Election when the nation is plagued by an litany of problems such as high cost of living, exorbitant prices of public housing and yes, persistent MRT breakdowns, the PAP still manages to garner 61% of the votes and win a disproportionate 81 out of 88 seats in Parliament.

In 2015, buoyed by sympathy votes after the demise of Lee Kuan Yew, the PAP romped to an impressive 70% of the votes which is more than any political party in a democratic country can garner.

The next General election may be a few years away, but even before a single vote is cast, the PAP is guaranteed a victory  thanks largely to an unthinking electorate which has been brainwashed by years of relentless propaganda in the state-controlled media that they cannot do without the PAP.

So my fellow Singaporeans, please cut the hypocrisy and stop the endless whining, grumbling and ranting of the recent spate of MRT breakdowns within the safe confines of the virtual world because you are the ones who gave the PAP an overwhelming ‘mandate’ in the last General Election. You got what you truly deserve and it is time to “savor”it!

In Singapore, there are three things certain in life – death, taxes and an eternal PAP government. Even if you put a monkey as a candidate in white, Singaporeans will still vote it into Parliament.


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PHOTOS: BUSTY DJ model Angie Vu Ha coming to Singapore’s ‘Escape Chapel Party’ this Saturday

Posted by temasektimes on April 3, 2012

Angie Vu Ha (born 1 June 1987) is a Vietnamese Model, DJ and Producer. Angie started modeling in the fashion industry when she was 17. Shortly after that a film director discovered her and gave her the leading role in a TV series. Angie is one of a few Vietnamese models who have been given the title of International Super Model.

Not content with that, she decided to look at the music industry. She’s best known as Asia’s Sexiest DJ and recently featured in the Top 10 Sexiest Supermodel DJs in the world.



Angie Vu Ha will be headlining the ‘Escape Chapel Party’ this coming Saturday 7 April at 9pm, CHIJMES Chapel.

View more photos of this stunning beauty on her Facebook here.

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EXPOSED: PRC punk who scolds Singaporeans ‘stupid cunt’ after punching a Singapore man is also a student like Sun Xu

Posted by temasektimes on March 1, 2012

The notorious PRC man who hurled vulgarities at Singaporeans after beating up a Singaporean uncle at Chinatown last weekend is actually a student studying in Singapore.

Using the moniker of ‘Ares Lin’ on a local Chinese locum, he vented his anger online after being involved in a brawl with a group of Singaporeans over a staring incident:

In the title of the thread, Aries described Singaporeans as ‘sb’ , which stands for “Sha Bi” (傻逼) – meaning ‘stupid cunt’ in mainland Chinese slang.

He also rant at Singaporeans as if the entire nation has offended him:

“Please be reminded Singaporeans, you are all descendants of Chinese and the Chinese blood flow in you. Don’t think you have been transformed to ‘Singaporeans’ from ‘Chinese you can be arrogant. Actually you are not even worth a fart!”


When asked by fellow PRC netizens to cool down, Aries retorted:

“If all the mainland Chinese return home, you Singaporeans will have to eat porridge at home everyday.”


Ares revealed in another post on the same forum that he is a student, describing himself as having ‘good living habits’ and does not ‘unhealthy hobbies.’

Ares’ original post was deleted after his remarks made the headlines today in a local Chinese tabloid.

Though the rant brought widespread condemnation from netizens, some felt his words should not be taken too seriously as it was written in a fit of anger.

A week earlier, NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu sparked a near nationwide outrage with his now infamous remarks on there ‘being more dogs than humans in Singapore,’ prompting some to call for his MOE scholarship to be revoked.

The recent public backlash against Sun Xu and Ares Lin may be caused by bottled up unhappiness and grievances among Singaporeans, according to prominent local media analyst Chong Tien Siong (钟天祥)

In an interview with BBC News, Mr Chong said:

“The outburst by netizens may also be a reflection of long pent-up frustrations against the government’s immigration and education policies in recent years.”

It is not known if Ares Lin is studying in a local institution or private school. Judging from his residence and hobbies, he appears to be relatively well to do.

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Cherian George speaks to BBC on Sun Xu saga: Real ‘target’ of Singaporeans is the government

Posted by temasektimes on February 25, 2012

Singaporeans are not against immigrants and the real target of their vibes is the government, said Professor in NTU School of Mass Communication Cherian George in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

A final year student in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore, Sun sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans with his offensive remarks on there “being more dogs than humans in Singapore” on his microblog ‘Weibo’ last Saturday, prompting some to call for his scholarship to be revoked.

Mr George felt the reaction from Singaporeans may not be so harsh if the student making the remarks came from elsewhere like Mongolia.

“As there are many new immigrants from China and some Singaporeans also encounter Chinese immigrants who despise them, hence they feel offended by the remarks made by this student,” he said.

However, Mr George argued that netizens are not against the Chinese immigrants, but the immigration policies of the Singapore government:

“People felt some government’s policies are biased towards foreigners and neglected citizens which explain more voices coming from the internet calling on the government to better protect the rights of Singaporeans.”

Read the entire BBC article in Chinese here.


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Breaking News: Yaw Shin Leong expelled from Workers Party; by-election looms for Hougang

Posted by temasektimes on February 15, 2012

Workers Party MP Yaw Shin Leong has been expelled from the Workers Party, said WP Chairman Sylvia Lim at a press conference today. Mr Yaw has been embroiled in an online storm of late over alleged extra-marital affairs with a few women which has tarnished the image of the party.

“We apologise for having to put the people of Hougang through a by-election,” she said in a stern voice to a shocked audience.

She added it is a difficult decision which has to be taken as “he has broken the faith and trust of the party and the people.”

According to party insiders, the decision was taken after an emergency meeting called last night with a few CEC members exerting “great pressure” on WP Secretary-General Low Thia Kiang to sack his protege.

A visibly disappointed Mr Low reprimanded Mr Yaw for being irresponsible in not addressing rumors, stressing that MPs must set an example for the people.

Mr Yaw joined the Workers Party in 2001 and was groomed by Mr Low to take over his seat of Hougang. He was widely regarded as the natural successor to Mr Low when the latter retires from politics.

The move by WP comes after weeks of controversy enshrouding Mr Yaw after his alleged affair with a party member was reported by a local blog with the mainstream media then going on a rampage to dig out his “liaisons” with other women including a married neighbor from China who has been helping him to translate his parliamentary speeches.

Despite the extensive negative media publicity, Mr Yaw has adamantly refused to refute the damaging allegations made against him. His abrupt resignation from the WP leadership council last week only fueled more speculations that there may be an element of truth in the allegations after all.

While party leaders had remained tight-lipped over the ongoing debacle, their patience finally ran out with Mr Yaw’s refusal to explain himself to the party.

In his latest comment on the saga after WP dinner in Hougang last Saturday, Mr Yaw said he would not respond even if there are “six, seven or eight women coming forward accuse him of having affairs with them.”

Under Singapore’s parliamentary rules, a MP must vacate his/her seat if he resigns or is sacked from his/her party. Mr Yaw won Hougang in the 2011 General Election by 64 percent of the votes, trouncing his opponent Desmond Choo from the PAP.


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